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  • Restaurant accused of racism because it’s called Foreign Muck

    Dean and Danny Thomas opened Foreign Muck in Saltash, Cornwall, serving Mexican and American food.

    ‘As a chef, I look at all this as a celebration of how far most of us have come, and obviously a little jab at the old man, and anyone who still does, or used to mutter, “I ain’t eating that foreign muck”.

    Our society has become self-parodic as it crawls further into ideological conformity as a means of avoiding noticing the elephant in the room, which is that none of our egalitarian plans are working and as a result, we are an empire in its late stages.

  • Brighton Pride: Beach covered with laughing gas canisters

    Our new political holidays appear to be all about hedonism. (Gay) Pride parades came out of the 1960s and received their new Soviet-style name, “Pride” (without “gay” or “parade”), in the early 2000s. Their biggest degeneracy is political, namely that they insist that people go out there to celebrate something which is not exactly an embrace of the life instinct. Homosexuality means the end of your line, since no children will come of it, and represents a rejection of both the natural urge to family and the desire to be a conqueror, since passivity is one of its hallmarks. Most likely, nature creates homosexuals in order to dead-end genetic profiles where something has gone awry, and instead of killing them off makes support staff that, because they are not breeders, can assist breeders without competing with them. However, in a Leftist time, every minority group is encouraged to revolt against the natural majority and its natural leaders, which causes the politicization of everything and makes us all enemies. Besides, as everyone knows, public acceptance of weird sexuality is one of those “fall of Rome” things that your mother warned you to avoid.

  • ‘Beer and hockey:’ The government’s step-by-step guide to Canadian culture

    Government will trivialize your culture until it means nothing more than ideology and product preferences, and then turn your land into a “hotel nation” because doing so benefits the careerists in government. Work hard — millions of bureaucrats earning $200k/yr depend on you.

  • Security cut off for ‘cesspool of hate’ 8chan forum

    8chan gets deplatformed. Ironically, this community provided a space for many different types of voices and fulfilled the promise of the internet, in that people from radically divergent backgrounds and viewpoints could coexist and only semi-regularly call each other sexual and ethnic slurs.

    We are going to have to redecentralize the net, which means no more big central sites, but instead an organically-arising mesh of smaller sites, as would happen in nature. That way, no one punch can take out everything that we are doing.

  • Lincolnshire non-Muslim girls asked to wear hijab for a day

    Diversity requires conformity to whichever group is the most out of step with the former historical majority. And if you oppose? Then you must be a yt supreeeeeemist.

  • 2020 Democrats lay blame on Trump’s rhetoric for shootings

    Words are bad. Our problems are not our problems, but the people noticing our problems. The only way to be good is to stop noticing problems and accept your own extinction, much like most of nature will once we let the yahoos take over.

  • Mexico vows to take legal action against U.S. after El Paso massacre

    If all of the Mexicans already in the US started shooting, they could conquer the place in forty minutes, tops.

  • The superrich are selling stocks, buying properties and keeping cash ready

    Humans are agents of entropy. We set everything up in “perfect” little orders that then ensures there is no room to maneuver, as there is in nature. At that point, the whole system goes down together. People with money are getting ready for the great Asian market crash, followed by the European market crash, followed by the dot-com collapse and then the American market kissing pavement. What does this mean? Do as they do: move to the country, set up a homestead, and invest in real stuff that generates more money. Things that you own simply to have other people buy them for a higher price, like Bitcoin and Amazon stock, are not real. House flipping is not real. A job at a corporation that you hope stays in business is not real. Social security is not real. In fact, our society is based on taking power from the real and transferring it to the unreal, because in the false and over-valued, great profits are made — and then promptly transferred into real and actual assets. Think it was coincidental that Jeff Bezos keeps selling off stock and buying land and blue chip style investments?

  • Kenny Marchant becomes fourth Texas congressman to retire as GOP exodus grows

    Conservatives sunk themselves as soon as they embraced individualism. That drew to them the Libertarian-style people who want to make their own career, generate their own profit, and then buy their way into some seasteading or patchwork community where they can watch their former civilization and then the rest of humanity burn. They figure that if they live in a bubble with enough oxygen, water, food, and electricity, they can wait for our species to ecocide the Earth and autogenocide itself, and then… well, they do not have an “and then.” They just want to survive. There is no planning for the long-term future when the crowd is in control.

  • Biden mounts fierce defense of Obama legacy after debate attacks

    If Obama was our greatest president, as Leftists keep telling me, his legacy would not need defending. Instead, even candidates in his party realize that he left behind a ruined country. In the future, people will realize that Clinton — while much praised in the media! — did the same thing, just more subtly because he was ultimately more competent and more intelligent than Obama. However, we should ask ourselves this question: if the diversity president who took us farthest Left did not succeed, what makes us think that more diversity and Leftism is the answer? More people every day are coming to the conclusion that these things were the cause of our misery, and the problem for the Democratic candidates is that Leftists can only double down. Trump is a moderate, and this presents a problem for them, because if they retreat to a moderate position, they will be seen as “far Right” because that is what they have been saying that Trump is. They can only go farther Left, and that means doubling down on what Obama has done, so this “criticism” exists only to visually differentiate themselves from the man America now recognizes as its worst president. In terms of actual policy, they intend to do exactly what he did: advance minority rights and wealth transfer tax-and-spend entitlements (a.k.a. “free stuff” or “socialism” depending on who you talk to).

  • Harvard Law prof accuses Trump of ‘terrorism,’ calls for impeachment after shootings

    The Left possesses only one weapon, which is accusing us of not being egalitarian enough. That in turn rests upon the assumption that egalitarianism is good, instead of — as common sense and experience dictate — a human illusion that we are projecting onto a reality that does not support it. Trump never told anyone to go shoot up a Walmart; he simply noticed where we are in history, which is the failure of internationalism (diversity/globalism) and the liberal democracy model, since it has spent itself into oblivion trying to buy votes. We have a choice coming up, and one path involves more of the rainbow army and its free stuff plan to take money from the naturally talented and transfer it to everyone else, but the other path is more like populism, which is a variant of realism: we need talented leaders, not popular celeb-style leaders; we need hard supply-side economics, not games of manipulating our currency value; we need social order, not anarchy with grocery stores. Of course they blame Trump; after years of the Left attacking, belittling, bullying, and harassing white people, the white people are fighting back. The real problem here comes from the Left.

  • Trade row slams stocks, yuan slumps to lowest in over a decade

    “Markets had not been expecting the latest US-China trade talks to conclude with any significant breakthrough last week, but very few expected President Trump to slap 10% tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods,” said Hussein Sayed, chief market strategist at FXTM.

    We have fools in charge of assessing our markets if they thought this was a surprise. After several months of bad faith negotiating by the Chinese, Trump went ahead and did what he said he would, which was win the trade war. China has retaliated by deflating its currency, making imports more expensive. This will effectively savage Europe, which has experienced a boom in its overly expensive manufacturing because the Chinese will buy Western brands like BMW. However, Trump does not care what happens to Europe; after a few years of seeing these bickering monkeys constantly criticize him and try to work around him by forming alliances with Russia and China, he will be glad to see their economies smite sand at the same time he demands they spend more on defense. Nor does he care what happens to China. In fact, his agenda will be fulfilled if China stumbles into the trap he has laid, which is of taking its economy out of the globalist order by making imports expensive at the same time Trump reduces their number of exports to America. This will force the Paper Tiger economy to collapse on itself at the same time America becomes more self-sufficient, so when the followup to 2008 happens, the rest of the world will fall in ruins and America will by dint of relative position rise.

  • Hate crimes in schools in region affected by anti-LGBT+ protests surge

    The rise comes as one of the schools at the centre of a row over equality lessons has reported “homophobic” footage and far-right “Islamophobic” mail to the police.

    We told you that diversity would not work. But you “knew better.” Now it turns out that teaching one dogma to varied groups simply makes alienated groups, and instead of turning on each other, they are turning on the State, since it has made this bungle in the first place. The State, after all, consists merely of people who want power by telling other people things that flatter them; it is the empire of salesmen and actors, of prostitutes and nannies. Luckily, this dovetails with the other failings of liberal democracy. We are going to get a new system soon because liberal democracy — democratic republics plus entitlements and civil rights — has collapsed from its own ineptitude and made civil war inevitable. When we get done burying the dead and bulldozing the ruined cities, we will restart from a simpler way of life, and try to avoid adding the parasitic and neurotic elements of utilitarianism as we renew.

  • Italian Jewish leaders criticize deputy PM for insulting Roma people

    These people must have head injuries. At this stage in history, for Jews to defend diversity is to ensure their doom. It will come to them as Palestinians are mainstreamed in Israel and outbreed them, and then in the West, where people will side with the “new” diversity which — among Africans, Muslims, and Asians at least — is highly distrustful of Jews. Then again, each human loves nothing more than that which will destroy him, and so it is not surprising that these Italian Jewish leaders have embraced their own inevitable destruction. The end days of modernity provide a great debunking. Just as your average white nationalist shows us a nervous only partially-white person, your average pro-Jewish activist shows us a neurotic, unintelligent Leftist instead of someone actually concerned with the future of Judaism or its people.

  • Woman at Banff National Park says man told her to ‘go back to your own country’

    Just another attempt to shake down the white people. Some idiot woman badgers a group because she thinks one of them cut in line — who knows how real that is — and then records everything but the statement she claims they made. Diversity will never work because ultimately, for any group to feel secure, it will need to be able to criticize others. Instead, we have operated from the egalitarian victimhood narrative which says that whoever has power (like the kings) is bad and needs to be replaced by the lower classes.

  • $100,000 Per Year Is Now The Bare Minimum To Live Alone In New York

    The Leftist agenda is based on destroying your society in order to profit from it. You tax the heck out of everyone, dump money on the underclasses, and raise costs across the board, but then when you retire, you sell your house for a ton of money and get free checks from the government. It is the ideology of parasitism, and it works up until a point. When some threshold that remains unknown to us is reached, people simply go elsewhere and then the ruin collapses on itself. What is scary is that this plan seems to make sense to most human beings, which just points out how much we need wise elders in charge again instead of the ravening mob.

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