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  • The World Is Becoming More Equal

    People in the middle of the global income distribution, whose incomes grew substantially (more than doubling or tripling in many cases), overwhelmingly lived in Asia, many of them in China. People farther to the right, who were richer than the Asians but experienced much lower income growth rates, mainly lived in the advanced economies of Japan, the United States, and the countries of western Europe. Finally, people at the far right end of the graph, the richest one percent (mostly composed of citizens of industrialized countries), enjoyed high income growth rates much like those in the middle of the global income distribution.

    What happens when you redistribute wealth? Costs rise to the middle, because those are the ones paying the income that they need into the program; the really wealthy pay more, but are less affected by the loss, since most of their income consists of owning companies, investments, and real estate anyway. The middle class bleeds to fund the underclass and the permanent bureaucrat class, and the money flows upward to the very wealthy because all of those underclass people buy their products. Globalism has made the third world richer, but only to the point where it can become a threat; it knows that it cannot generate this wealth without the first world, so following its long train of stupid decisions, it decides to simply seize the first world. Remember those Mongol and Moorish invasions of Europe? Same idea. Globalism just used a pen instead of a sword. However, now globalism goes into its endgame because while it has made them wealthier, it has not made them wealthy, in the sense of having the kind of productivity-generating society that the first world has, hence the need to seize what they cannot develop for themselves. If they succeed, the third world will simply impoverish everyone and then return to misery.

    As measured by the Gini coefficient, which ranges from zero (a hypothetical situation in which every person has the same income) to one (a hypothetical situation in which one person receives all income), global inequality fell from 0.70 in 1988 to 0.67 in 2008 and then further to 0.62 in 2013. There has probably never been an individual country with a Gini coefficient as high as 0.70, while a Gini coefficient of around 0.62 is akin to the inequality levels that are found today in Honduras, Namibia, and South Africa.

    These idiots love to fascinate with the symbol of equality, where everyone has approximately the same wealth, and think this is an ideal to strive for despite knowing that the Bell Curve means that a few people have most of the brains and everyone else has relatively little. If you give your best people the money, they turn out OK; if you give your average people money, you get a society dedicated to selfishness while the proles spend their money on trivialities. The only sane societies are those which suppress the lower 90% because these people have appalling judgment, awful taste, questionable morals, and dubious mental powers.

  • British man pleads guilty to killing 39 Vietnamese immigrants found in back of refrigerated truck

    For those who want “legal” immigration:

    If you let any in, others will cheat. They will work around your rules.

    Then they will die in locked freezer trucks.

    If you let none in, none can cheat, so none will come.

    It is the only solution.

  • K-12 Parents’ Satisfaction With Child’s Education Slips

    Still, more than seven in 10 parents of students in kindergarten through high school are currently satisfied — either completely (32%) or somewhat (40%) — with the quality of their child’s education.

    Anyone who is satisfied with American education is either a moron or a liar. The morons live in the lower middle class neighborhoods and have no actual use for education other than as a credential program and a catch-all solution to social problems: “just educate them.” The liars have moved into expensive neighborhoods “for the good schools” — this is most likely a lie; they moved their for social status but will tell you it was for the children, all for the children — and therefore are going to rationalize their decisions as good because of course it must be good, they paid for it. In reality, 90% of students need nothing more than a fifth grade education in reading, math, and writing; they are impervious to history, oblivious to art and literature, and ignorant of politics. The remaining 10% should complete high school, but then splits into two groups: a couple percent should go to private colleges, and the rest need a professional certification or community college degree. You can find out all of these outcomes by IQ testing them as youngsters. This is taboo in an egalitarian society. Denial of this taboo has forced one-size-fits-all education which bores the smart kids and delights the morons, probably so their moronic parents keep voting for more free money for teachers.

    While parents’ satisfaction with their child’s education has fallen, there has been a five-point uptick (to 10%) in the percentage of parents who say their child will be home-schooled this year.

    These are the life winners. Dad works, and Mom stays home with the kids, the home, a strong friend group, and some significant hobbies. Instead of playing the martyr like a 1980s housewife, she has chosen this course because everything else leads to breakdown and misery. Would she rather be a cog in the machine, or preside over a thriving house? The choice is obvious. Husbands on the other hand are choosing to get jobs outside of tech (loser magnet) which reward their ability to make choices correctly, since this is what masculine men need, and are taking less money in order to have a better work environment. Then they all work side hustles for cash under the table. This is how people are beating the American consumerist system, which turns out to be as dumb as the European market socialist system or the Russian communist system because all of them are based on the idea of the system, or forcing people to conform to a set of behaviors so they become good tools of the system, instead of the eternal Platonic wisdom of “good to the good, bad to the bad,” which is the root of both morality and natural selection.

  • Thousands gather at March on Washington commemorations

    An estimated thousands have gathered Friday near the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historic “I Have A Dream” address, a vision of racial equality that remains elusive for millions of Americans.

    Talking to votards in a democracy is like talking to a vole.

    Interrogator: Why is the vision of racial equality elusive for millions of Americans?
    Vole: ….

    Let us first ask: what is the dream of racial equality, and how has it not been realized? It turns out that you are not legally being discriminated against at all any more and in fact receive many advantages for being a minority, homosexual, or woman. Even more, it turns out that different economic and legal outcomes have much to do with you, namely your innate abilities including IQ and genetically-encoded traits, and the decisions you make as a result. George Floyd could have gone home a free man if he had not passed a bad check, and he could have gone home alive if he had not eaten his stash and attacked police. That right there is the nexus of frustration; minorities are trapped in a society where they are outsiders, because another far different group created it, and by their own inability to have the innate traits specific to Western Europeans. This applies as much to the Irish and Japanese as it does to African-Americans. Racial equality is just that… a dream… not reality.

  • AP FACT CHECK: Trump distorts record; BLM falsely accused

    There’s no evidence that Black Lives Matter or antifa, or any political group for that matter, is infiltrating racial injustice protests with violence.

    No, because the protesters are the same ones who are committing the violence, and they are just generalized Leftists. BLM and Antifa are not fully organized groups, more like a label one sticks on oneself when it’s time for some violence, theft, rape, and pedophilia on the weekends. So this is a fact check? Apparently, “fact check” means “Leftist propaganda” in nü-America.

  • COVID-19 Death Data and Resources: Weekly Updates by Select Demographic and Geographic Characteristics

    For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.

    The face of COVID-19: someone elderly, with 2.6 additional conditions or causes, and obese as well as most likely from an ethnic minority, shuffling into the grave six months earlier than would have happened had they not gotten a flu-like disease.

  • Statue of John A. Macdonald toppled during defund the police protest

    Montreal police (SPVM) spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant confirmed that at around 2:45 p.m. the statue was toppled by protesters though police do not have any suspects at the moment.

    The point of these protests was never about racism or the evil Confederacy. It was always to conquer you. They want the ragged misfits to dominate over the people who have succeeded. That way, success and failure become equal and everyone feels accepted. “Accepted” is different from “included,” by the way. Accepted means that you are part of the group and no one values you less because you do something insane, criminal, perverse, disgusting, weird, and so on. For us to all be accepted, there cannot be any behavioral taboos… therefore, there cannot be any culture, and from that, we learn that there cannot be an ethnic group preserved. This means that the White majority must be destroyed, and so all of its culture, history, behaviors, and people are targets. It was never about injustice. They just said that so that the middle class women would go “oh, okay” and stand aside to let them wreck things.

  • Melania Trump ‘refused to move into White House until the Obamas’ toilet had been ripped out & a new one installed’

    “In fact she seemed to be much more concerned about the decor than she did about allegations of her husband’s alleged infidelity, according to Stephanie.”

    Leftist logic: all people are equal, so if someone makes an allegation, we must take it seriously simply because a person said it. In reality, Melania knew that the accusations were politically-motivated gibberish and so she ignored them and focused on important things, like not living in the feces-impregnated hovel that the Obamas had made out of the White House.

  • Bellevue looting update: 46 arrested or charged, police still working to identify suspects

    “Our detectives are combing through more than 10,000 pieces of video evidence from store security cameras or the public,” Maj. Travess Forbush said. “It’s a tedious and time-consuming process but an important one. We will continue to investigate, identify and hold those responsible for the destruction in downtown Bellevue.”

    The suspects seem to come from two camps: violent Black criminals who do this kind of thing as a matter of course anyway and violent White loser nerds who are basically enraged at life and want to make it all burn. Basically, if we put all these people on a boat to Venezuela, nothing of value will be lost and nothing will be worse.

  • People hurl racist epithets at protesters outside Confederate memorial in Clark County

    letha Wade-Matthews and John Thomas, who are Black, were talking with an OPB reporter when a white man from the counterprotest drove up to them, leaned out his window and said, ’Hey, fuck you, n—–.” The man quickly drove off.

    “Make sure you put that in,” Wade-Matthews told OPB.

    “That’s somebody’s boss,” she added.

    After the last six weeks, your average White or Asian person mentally uses racial slurs to refer to certain groups because these groups at the protests behaved exactly like the stereotype. The same is true of the baizuo (pronounced: peggable metrosexual) who wiggled their loser sweaty quasi-white male selves down to the protests to vandalize, burn, loot, and otherwise act out all the things that Mommy told them were bad, shortly before she fled with her third husband and left them in the back seat of the trailer.

  • Russia ‘Hopes’ It Won’t Have to Send Force to Belarus, Where Unrest Is Blamed on West

    Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged for the first time on Thursday that he had established “a reserve group of law enforcement personnel” at the request of his embattled Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, who faces widespread protests against his latest re-election. Putin said this unit would only be deployed should opposition elements “overstep the mark” and resort to violence and destruction.

    The Leftist cries out as he strikes you. Russia hopes it will be able to send security forces and seize Belarus, as has been planned since the beginning when Russia fomented this “color revolution” in Belarus.

  • Ethnic Mongolian Parents Strike Over China’s New Language Policy in Schools

    A directive from the Inner Mongolia education department recently ordered an end to Mongolian-language classes for first-year primary students and an end to Mongolian-medium teaching and materials in favor of the Chinese language, teachers in the region have told RFA.

    Diversity works nowhere. Anywhere there is more than one identifiable group, they will fight for control. They do this because they rightfully fear each other. There is no solution except to end diversity.

  • Ben Shapiro loses free speech lawsuit against UMN over venue change

    “Consistent with the law that governs ‘limited public forums,’ University officials put reasonable restrictions in place to insure the event was secure,” Nelson wrote.

    Leftists are going to support one another. Then again, since the Leftists are the ones doing all the violence, Leftist speakers never really need much security. Shapiro may not be to your taste — some see him as a neoconservative — but he is clearer about conservatism and Leftism than most of our politicians and seems to work tirelessly to subvert the narrative.

  • No charges for Florida man who pulled out gun during confrontation with protesters, police say

    Tallahassee police said a white man in a blue checkered shirt entered the crowd and started “documenting” the protest. He was pushed from behind by a white protester. The altercation escalated and the man was pushed to the ground by several other white demonstrators, police said. The man then brandished a firearm and officers intervened, taking him into custody.

    Look how quickly civility broke down once we saw what the Left were really about.

  • Detroit officers shot at by passing car during traffic stop, 14-year-old girl among three arrested

    The suspects under arrest include two men, a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old, as well as a 14-year-old girl. They were arrested in the area of Outer Drive and Blackstone.

    Must be lockdown boredom.


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