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  • 30 years after Berlin Wall fell, dashed hopes boost far-right

    Liberal democracy acquired a nice patch of time between the end of WW2 and the post-Obama backlash in which liberal democracy could have achieved what it promised. Its fans claimed that it would bring wealth, stability, an end to racial strife, peace, freedom, and more leisure time for all. Instead we find a society so miserable that in Europe and America, our people are not having children at replacement levels. They hate their jobs, even when they consider them “good” jobs, and detest their ugly cities. For them, the highest goal is to find a gated community and seal away the accumulated inanity, stupidity, delusion, and parasitism that is the hallmark of a democratic society. We have done it again: destroyed civilization. We did it by pursuing the same symbol that always leads us into the darkness, “equality.” It makes everyone feel warm fuzzies so we chase it like an addiction, cult, or obsession. Then it turns out that while we were racing around after the time-wasting unrealistic illusion, we got further from reality and so civilization fell apart. Now people are turning to themselves, noticing that liberal democracy has made our societies into a wasteland, and reconsidering whether The Enlightenment,™ the French Revolution, written religion, the Constitution, social mobility, Martin Luther King Jr., affirmative action, the NWO, and political correctness were really good things after all. The next step will be to realize that they are not good, and even more, they are not survivable. If we want to make civilization rebirth anew, we must first remove all of these cloying and manipulative symbolic realities.

  • Poland plans no budget deficit for first time in 30 years

    Like every other first world nation, Poland went broke funding entitlements, and is now trying to figure out how much to cut in order to remain solvent. As usual, dumping money into the economy in a Keynesian scam devalues the currency at the same time it increases demand:

    The government’s high spending has caused concern among some economists and ordinary Poles about the condition of state finances, especially after inflation started to rise this year.

  • Mosque shooting video: White supremacist Philip Arps’ appeal against jail dismissed

    Democracy promised freedom, but you go to jail for a couple years for approvingly sharing a video. They talked a lot about freedom, equality, and justice in the French and Russian revolutions, too, and similarly ended up jailing people for pointing out that the official illusions were unrealistic. It turns out that negative morality — freedom (from what), equality (despite being unequal), and justice (life is not unjust, just unfair) — tends to collapse because it has no goal or object, only a desire to avoid things. That collapse means that soon you are forced to be free, just like you cannot vote to end democracy. In any other context, we would see Late Stage Democracy as intense comedy: people talking about how tolerant, open, pluralistic, free, equal, and representative their society is while voting for what to censor, ban, criminalize, and make taboo for its failure to echo the artificial narrative required by the ideology of egalitarianism.

  • Reflecting a demographic shift, 109 U.S. counties have become majority nonwhite since 2000

    Every ethnic group acts only in its own self-interest alone. This means that instead of voting for “muh Constitution” and traditional American values, they are going to vote to make these places just like their homelands. Any white people who remain will be taxed into self-destruction in order to pay for it.

  • Rich school, poor school: Australia’s great education divide

    We keep denying the obvious that The Bell Curve revealed: social classes have different IQ bands. Rich schools do well because wealthier kids, on average, are smarter than poor kids. These students also have parents who tend toward more intellectual pursuits and value education more than the average citizen. Throwing money at the problem has not fixed it in America or Europe, so the cries for more funding in Australia will similarly just waste the money, tax the productive, and leave the unproductive in the same rough state that they have always been in.

  • Channel migrants: Man ‘drowns trying to swim to UK’

    If you want to stop all migrant deaths, simply refuse to accept any of them. They will stop coming, because then there is no reward in it. If you let some in, especially by methods that the migrants do not understand, they will show up for the chance to possibly be one of the lucky few.

  • Uh-oh: Silicon Valley is building a Chinese-style social credit system

    Why do you think they want to track your web usage so much? They want to know who the good obedient consumers and workers are so that they can focus on that group and exclude everyone else. As America becomes more unstable, customers will do the same. Early experiments in ranking like Angie’s List for contractors and Yelp for restaurants showed that with enough user opinion, the bad, controversial, and difficult can be weeded out and replaced with the simple and customer-friendly. Silicon Valley shares with Genghis Khan a belief in the bureaucratic society that selects the obedient and crushes the rest.

  • Rosa Parks: Mattel releases doll in honour of activist

    Public education prefers simplistic interpretations of history and attracts the type of person who wants power over young minds; this is why so many teachers and coaches turn out to be pedophiles or crazy ideologues. Since the 1960s, the Leftists — empowered by victories in the 1950s, like immigration — have taught a Leftist view of history where we are moving toward “Progress” through civil rights and human rights. Their students know that they will be rewarded for parroting this viewpoint but in the process, they come to adopt it. Now they are in the working world, effectively Communist in their outlook, and companies are advertising to them. Luckily, this provides a starting point for normal and sane people (The Remnant) to break away from these toxic companies and let them fail. Even a ten percent loss of customer base can send a company into free fall and later collapse. Let’s get those headstones out there.

  • Latino Community Largely Ignored in Hollywood Films, New Study Finds

    Making films diverse was easier when it was Black and White. Just add a minority character — maybe a Lando Calrissian — and suddenly your film was politically correct. Now we have hundreds of different ethnic minority groups in America, plus other elective and non-elective special interest groups like transgenders, the fat, SJWs, and people with disabilities. Soon every film will have to add 200 extra main characters who do nothing in order to remain diverse. As it is now, films tend to focus on meta-tokenism, in that there will be a nerdy/weak white character, a black character, a generic brown character (usually Indian), a woman (usually Asian), a gay or transgender character, an “unconventionally attractive” (usually fat) character, and at least one dogmatic Communist disguised as a normal-ish human being. This combines all groups who are not Caucasian, African, or Asian into a symbolic “brown” category, even though no one really thinks this way. Just as modernity replaced Africans with Hispanics, it will replace Hispanics with Asians, Indians, and Muslims.

  • China’s Spies Are on the Offensive

    Looks like the Nu-Cold War is out of the closet finally. How do we stop foreign spying when so many of our citizens are foreign, and almost no one has allegiance to anything but their own careers?

  • Big Tech Shares Lose Their Luster

    Investors have discovered that the FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google) stocks are not as valuable as they thought. The dot-com crash will savage the value of our currency.

  • Polish officials insist Germany should compensate their homeland for WW II

    Poland started this war by provoking Germany from under the aegis of British protection, and then objected when the Germans retaliated by allowing the Soviets to savage Poland. Are they suing Russia? No, they want to squeeze more money out of wealthy Germany because Poland has made itself sick and bankrupt with its social welfare state. When Germany has to pay the appropriate amount for its defense again, it will find it has no spare money, either.

  • Candidate who wanted city as white ‘as possible’ ends run

    Nice older Jewish lady pointed out the obvious, which is that white communities have more value than diverse ones. She did not identify any specific race, only suggests that “no foreign-born, no foreign people” be allowed in. However, for whatever reason, this has provoked the Left into furiously denying that what she said had legitimacy, even as they all search for 98% white gated communities in which to house themselves.

  • German right-wing extremists planned ‘hunt’ of migrants: reports

    Just like in the years between the world wars, government seemed unable to do anything about everyday problems that normal people witnessed. As a result, violence increased until people desired a strong leader to kill off the Communists, get rid of liberal democracy, and restore sane and normal order. Hitler did not achieve this fully but got close in some areas. To really do it well, he would have needed the power of a Stalin, or the aristocracy. This time, instead of mucking about with middlemen, we should simply go to the source and find some aristocrats to replace failing democracy, equality, and diversity.

  • Why climate change is so hard to tackle: Our stubborn energy system

    In 1987, 81% of our world’s energy consumption came from oil, natural gas and coal. Thirty years later, it is still 81% — despite the incredible increase in wind and solar energy, according to the International Energy Agency.

    It turns out that oil and gas simply work very well at delivering power in a compact form. If we want to reduce our energy expenditure, how about sending back the immigrants, removing our entitlements state, and disposing of useless businesses like check cashing, fast food, and nail salons. We are using lots of energy simply because we need to generate economic activity, when it would be better if we all ate local food, worked locally instead of commuting, and made more of our food and consumer items at home. To do that, we are going to have to lose a lot of useless people, and this scares the voters because it will require a strong leader to keep the useless from rioting, vandalism, and starting revolutions.

  • Google defends tracking cookies—some experts aren’t buying it

    Google wants to know everything about you so that it can sell you as a customer to advertisers. Our economy has contracted because we have not invented anything particularly useful in a long time, which means that old inventions — refrigerators, cars, computers, phones, air conditioning, waterbeds — are no longer wide margin products. Industry desperately needs to invent more income, and it is finding it hard to do this with the impoverished, chaotic, and disunified multiculture.

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