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  • The fires in the Amazon were likely set intentionally

    Our old friend slash & burn agriculture returns with a series of devastating fires made worse by local drought conditions. In other words, The People — especially The Poor — are responsible for this nightmare, but in the meantime the herd of neurotics, idiots, and armchair activists want to rage at their leaders, apparently for not being oppressive enough. Do we need to point out here that the voters are permanently schizoid?

  • Xenophobic bullying souring lives of eastern European pupils in UK

    No one wants diversity. To a member of a national group, diversity means, “you’re getting replaced.” It is one of the many ways that nature says “you’re fired!” like Trump in his pre-presidency golden maned and orange glory. Naturally our people resent the intrusion of others, and this is a form of benevolent xenophobia that recognizes that no two groups can occupy the same space, so that if another group arrives, it will be as conqueror or conquered, with every instance of the latter attempting to be the former. Good fences make good neighbors after all. Repatriating the Eastern Europeans (Eurasians), Africans, Asians, and hybrids (Middle Eastern, South American, people from California) will allow Britain to be Britain again, instead of a world hotel/mall where people stop in to stay, get paid for make-work jobs, pay taxes, and buy stuff. Luckily Brexit sends a strong signal of WE’RE FULL GO HOME to the Euro-diversity, at least.

  • Hundreds of protesters march on Jacinda Ardern’s office over Māori land dispute

    The few white people who realize this are generally too polite to say it, but to diversity fans, non-whites are pets that can be used to occupy oneself after another boring, unfulfilling, and stressful day working to flatter others and manipulate them so that they buy your stuff. Like Europe, white people are just cruising on the strength of the past, making BMWs and Toblerone invented by ancestors far smarter than us and sharing the wealth because we have no other direction, no more mountains left to climb. Consequently we love adopting the diversity, so we can fuss over it when it pees on the floor or chews the shoe, and then show others how rich and vibrant and fulfilling our lives are because we love so, so much our pets. Unfortunately, when diversity pees the floor or chews the shoe, it tends to be through rape, violence, parasitism, vandalism, and the constant low-grade crime, alcoholism, neglect, and drug abuse we associate with ghettos and third world nations. The diversity know they are pets, and like gigolos recognize the shame in this, so they retaliate by shaking us down at every chance they get. This is just the latest shakedown, and Ardern has made her career on being nice to the pets, so she will have to cave eventually. She will hold out just long enough to remind the pets who is in charge. Then again, one of my cats will not eat unless the plate is moved exactly four inches in front of her. If you asked her who her “owner” was, she would probably reply that she does not have owners, but she has a couple human slave punks that serve her needs adequately, for now. Who really is the master and who is the slave?

  • ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’ backlash

    American industry used to be able to count on a “mainstream” or “majority” audience. This group of ethnic Western Europeans wanted to buy quality products and would respond to advertising. Then came diversity, and soon they were advertising one set of products to WASPs, one to Eastern/Southern Europeans (including The Irish), and one for the “urban audience.” WASPs bought Michelob, off-whites bought Old Milwaukee, and the racial diversity bought Olde English 800 and MD 20/20. With the rise of Bill Clinton, the diversity — both ethnic and racial — was brought into majority focus. Now, advertisers realized, they had to target “niches,” which meant behavior groups that partially mapped to religious, ethnic, cultural, racial, and social class boundaries. That means that instead of running one ad campaign, they had to run a dozen, so advertisers have been “cool chasing” ever since, or looking for whatever group is on the cutting edge because they other niches — so goes the reasoning — will emulate whoever are the cool kids today, sort of like everyone grudgingly adopted the hippie aesthetic and values system after the 1960s. The problem for advertisers is that they followed the dot-com model, which comes to us from the hermetically-sealed hugboxes of coastal cities, and so they assumed that the “new hippies” were the SJWs and other “woke” people. As it turns out, most consumers are neither positive nor negative on SJWs, but most importantly, they are both uninterested (do not care) and disinterested (do not want to pay attention). Once shown SJW propaganda, they find themselves backing away from it because it does not relate to any reality that they know. As a result, Gillette has found out that “go woke, go broke” is very real and it will have to adopt a different advertising strategy. The populist response is to resume targeting the WASPs, since these are the people who — whether in power or not — can make this country function.

  • Tuckahoe: Plastic surgeon found with weapons cache appears in court

    This is how “Red Flag” laws are going to work:

    Bonanno, 47, was arrested last week after someone reported to police that they overheard him in a Tuckahoe bar threatening to kill his estranged wife and family.

    This works around traditional due process because instead of requiring a court judgment, a judge simply signs off on a warrant based on what an anonymous “someone” reported, without looking into whether the statement is accurate.

    In the meantime, the Left is very excited about Red Flag laws:

    UC Davis researchers examined 21 cases of individuals who had firearms removed from them or purchases blocked because of court orders. The researchers found that none of the individuals was later involved in gun-related violence.

    We could also take legal guns from 21 random owners and find that those, too, were not later involved in gun-related violence.

    The Left likes Red Flag laws because they will as always move the flag, meaning that while today they are looking for the insane who are making threats, tomorrow they will define white nationalism as an implicit threat, and after that, define anything but far-Left pro-diversity Keynesian socialism as white nationalism. Then, they will go about disarming and locking up conservatives, much as they did with:

    • Mental hospitals
    • Show trials
    • Gulags
    • Guillotines
    • Killing Fields
    • White genocide

    In fact, both statistically and in practical terms, you are more likely to be killed by a Leftist. While the Right-wing strong power people will smash their enemies, the Left will destroy anyone who fails to be Leftist enough.

    They will sell it to you, as usual, as being in your own best interests. For example, Vermont sold its Red Flag laws as an anti-suicide action:

    He repeatedly raised his pistol to his head, yelling “I am done.” “This is how I’m going out.”

    Amanda Barbour heard that, too, as well as another threat: “He wanted to be taken out,” she says. “He announced to the officers, ‘I want you to take me out.'”

    Talk to prosecutors and law enforcement officers in Vermont and they’ll tell you that the state’s red flag law has proved most useful in cases like this one, where someone poses a risk of suicide. Vermont has a higher rate of suicide, and suicide by gun, than national rates. In cases like these, red flag laws offer an important tool to protect public safety, says police chief Fountain.

    Bad laws always introduce themselves as a way of solving a problem without addressing the root cause. Why are so many people killing themselves, and should we stop them? After all, suicide may be a reasonable response to a lack of options or will to go on. If normal people are killing themselves, what is making them the combination of miserable plus disbelieving in their own efficacy which generally causes people to exit this world? No one wants to address that. Instead, we want to force them to hang themselves, suffocate themselves, poison themselves, and jump into woodchippers (or whatevs) because that keeps the problem out of sight and out of mind. The Left is simply using the problem as a pretext to argue for what they want anyway, which is a docile population marching in unison to the One True Good of equality.

  • Male babysitter claims gender discrimination after Alberta father doesn’t hire him

    No kidding man. Men are molestier than women, so people prefer to hire women to babysit their kids. Women are also better at nurturing than even gay men, so you want that influence instead. It is not gender discrimination to note that one gender is more appropriate for some roles. We can flip that back around and say that, unless you are Margaret Thatcher, women should not be heads of state, and we can point to the ridiculous failures of female-fronted European states.

  • Hotel cook arrested for threatening to ‘shoot up’ Marriott in Long Beach

    Hispanic fellow plans a massacre, but it falls into the memory hole because of the color bar (victims = brown, perps = white).

  • Rivers used as ‘open sewers’, says WWF charity

    What happens when you abolish strong, xenophobic, rigid, and intolerant national culture and caste hierarchy? Everyone uses your rivers as a convenient place to dump sewage and other toxins because, in their minds, it is not their country that they are polluting, only a place where they live in order to work and be taxed to pay for diversity. Resentment spreads like an epidemic.

  • Alleged white supremacist gang busted after months-long sting operation

    In our inverted world brought about by class warfare, the “white supremacist” gangs are neither really white nor focused on actual white supremacy, being more interested in dealing drugs and making accords with non-white gangs. Your average American sees white nationalists and white supremacists as being associated with gangs and extremist groups; our solution should be to expand conservatism to include nationalism, which is ethnic more than racial, and to oppose diversity on the grounds that it is white genocide (and genocide of all other groups here) instead of through some manic desire to wage race war while high on methamphetamine.

  • U.S. created 500,000 fewer jobs since 2018 than previously reported, new figures show

    Interesting timing on this one. It is as if the reporting authorities wanted to sabotage consumer confidence so that we get a recession. Surely it cannot be partisanship. In the meantime, the problem in America that has caused wage stagnation seems to be that we have too many people in the workforce. First we added women, then diversity, then unchecked immigration. Our proles like this because it thrusts them upward into office jobs instead of being maids, food service, construction, janitorial, and low-level sales staff, but our proles are not doing a good job in the offices. In fact, they have made workplace into kindergarten where those who waste the most time at the office get rewarded despite having little competence. Maybe it is time to consider sending the women back home and ending diversity, then restoring our serfs, helots, proles, plebs, and peasants to their nature-designated roles in the fields.

  • Climate concerns see over a quarter of Belgians change flying habits

    Cultural change works. In fact, it works better than government or media attempting to “socially engineer” us. Maybe instead we should point our cultural boycott at things that are truly destroying our societies, like globalism, immigration, the entitlements state, and the masses of unelected bureaucrat parasites that are munching out the core of our society from within.

  • Trump flip-flops on tax cuts, saying US has ‘strong economy’

    Another headline which barely relates to the article. Here’s the meat:

    “Jay Powell and the Federal Reserve have totally missed the call. I was right and just about everybody admits that,” Trump said Wednesday. “He raised interest rates too fast, too furious, and we have a normalized rate. And now we have to go the other direction.”

    Republicans lower interest rates when things are good, so that business can take advantage of the opportunity; Democrats lower interest rates when things are bad, in order to generate fake economic activity in order to “prime the pump” in the Keynesian style. Powell is trying to avoid the inflation that comes with reckless speculation, but may have jumped the gun. Good luck to him; it is a hard call to make.

  • Melbourne Archbishop Peter Comensoli says he believes both George Pell and his victim

    In the wake of #MeToo, we are convicting people based on the testimony of single accusers. This more resembles a witch hunt trial than the orderly systems of law which our ancestors established. Is this guy guilty? Heck if I know, but I want more than one guy testifying about events that happened twenty years ago, without physical corroboration, in order to destroy the life of an otherwise productive member of society. Yet, the herd wants someone to retaliate against, missing the bigger point that sexual liberation and allowing homosexuals into the priesthood set of an orgy of molestation abuses, and not just within the church. Every big story that pleases the Crowd hides something, and my guess is that it involves how much molestation happened through government, schools, and broken families. We cannot give up our sexual liberation, child protective services, or free public schooling now, can we? That would be… inconvenient.

  • Gunman still on loose after sheriff’s deputy wounded in shoulder at Lancaster station

    We make our own problems:

    Initial reports indicate two shots were fired from a four-story residential building near the sheriff’s station. The residential building is next to a facility that provides mental-health treatment.

    Residents of the building told Eyewitness News there are some mental-health patients who live in the complex, but the building is not specifically designated for that purpose.

    The building is low-income government subsidized housing. Hundreds of residents were evacuated as deputies went floor-to-floor to search for the shooter.

    Government decides to fight poverty by creating ghettos to house the mentally ill, criminal, and violent as well as the merely impoverished. Surrounded by illegal activity and illegal weapons, the insane now have a chance for their one shot at fame (no pun intended).

  • Facebook, Twitter Accuse China of Fueling Hong Kong Disinformation

    These social media platforms have no idea who is using them or how to stop coordinated abuse. They are busy busting innocent users while the real abusers go free, many with blue check marks next to their names.

  • Pakistan Leader Vents Frustration at India: ‘No Point in Talking to Them’

    Diversity claims more victims. You cannot have Hindus and partially Arab-descended Muslims co-existing in the same country, nor can you have an open border with Pakistan because its Muslim extremists will sponsor Indian Muslim extremists to carry out terror attacks. The only solution here is to take the Muslims — offspring of invaders from long ago — and transport them to the Muslim areas of the middle east, where they will quickly be absorbed into the population of their ancestors. Diversity does not work. It never has worked; it just takes a while for its failure to become visible, egregious, and widespread enough that people react. We will face the same conditions here in America and Europe, and not just with Muslims but with any groups other than the founding ethnic group of each nation. Even “nice” groups eventually cause diversity problems. We either end diversity or it ends us.

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