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  • China is still hurting from the trade war and the pressure is mounting

    American media wants a good excuse for a panic. They want to declare a recession so that Trump will be proven wrong about this trade war. In reality, what he is doing is perfectly sane: using their developing nation status as a justification/rationalization, China and other nations have demanded wealth transfer from the USA in the form of their products being sold cheaply and American products being made hugely expensive. Trump has declared that practice verboten, realizing that the end result of this cozy little arrangement — pioneered by Bill Clinton — is that America will produce nothing and be entirely dependent on China, at which point China effectively rules the USA just as it does the DNC. China, instead of accepting this new reality, has fought back by using its trade as a weapon, figuring that the photographs of impoverished farmers will panic the American voters just like those photographs of burning Vietnamese kids. It turns out, however, that Americans would prefer to be self-sufficient, especially as China reveals its buttocks to us and shows that it is not the friendly futuristic society we want, but the scion of a long line of repressive bureaucracies from Genghis Khan through Mao. The good people in China were the nationalists and they fled to Taiwan to avoid “business as usual” in Asia. The good news, in the meantime, is that the trade war is hitting Europe hard and will force them to accept Brexit and a downsizing of their famous welfare states.

  • Bans, Censorship and Boycotts: Netflix Faces Increased Scrutiny Overseas

    Netflix faces doom on the international front for a simple reason: you cannot devise one set of standards that will please every group, and if you just leave one out, they will become offended and start a mass spasm (riot, revolution, protest) which will topple you from power. Now consider that diversity within the USA has the exact same problem, and will fall for the same exact reason.

  • Main yield curve inverts as 2-year yield tops 10-year rate, triggering recession warning

    Summary of this news story: other people are panicking, so you should panic too, because if we all panic together, no one will be immune to suffering the same fate that we fear we will suffer. Yes, bond yields are dropping, but this too is a result of consumer confidence translating to investors. This is why wars pop us out of depressions, more even than the increased productivity. People have faith in something again. Our investors of the past decade have been trained in reliance on a Leftist-style economy which produces little but sells itself on the open market on the basis of its power, sort of like the Soviet Union did. Investors of the future may have to actually consider supporting only the productive, which is going to cut out their favorite easy industries like finance, entertainment, and Big Tech. As we adjust to that new reality, there are going to be some freakouts.

  • A Times Editor Is Demoted as the Paper Discusses Its Coverage of Race

    Author of (((Semitism))): Being Jewish in America in the Age of Trump (2018) gets fired for being too provocative on race with black people and changing the headline “Trump Urges Unity Vs. Racism,” even though that actually follows what Trump said.

    Mr. Baquet, who became the first African-American executive editor in the history of The Times in 2014, took responsibility for the much-criticized headline, adding that the paper’s print hub, which produces the newspaper’s print version, was not given enough space to convey the story fairly.

    The other main topic of discussion was the paper’s reluctance to describe certain actions and comments by the president and some of his supporters as “racist.”

    In other words, they got taken down a peg by their owners for not being crazed Leftist enough. This is how Leftism works; while the Right will take out its enemies, the Left destroys anyone who is not pushing the ideology forward enough. In other words, the Right looks out at a field of workers and punishes anyone who is slacking, but the Left whips everyone because it figures it can squeeze more of them.

  • Former Disney Kid Bella Thorne Directs Film for Pornhub

    Hollywood loves the broken, horrifying, sentimental, perverse, terrifying, and weird. They are expert attention whores, and the only way to get attention is to stand out from the crowd, which generally requires a negative act. You have to punch a bouncer, claim that you got raped, sloppily fall in love with someone unsuitable, set fire to the toilets, or otherwise engage in some self-destructive behavior with high externalized costs to others in order to have people notice you. This traditionally appeals to people who cannot succeed otherwise; after all, if you are at the top of your field or a happy homemaker, you have no need for attention whoring. Marginal populations — those outside the genetic norm — are generally most likely to want this, which is why Italians, Jews, Irish, Poles, Russians, and Ted Cruz style Cuban-Irish hybrids find Hollywood so appealing. Fortunately, as it merges with pornography and politics, Hollywood is admitting what it has been all along: propaganda for self-destruction through self-pity and attention whoring. There are some great movies — maybe, what, one percent of the total output? — but the vast majority of “entertainment” exists merely to convince you to fall back into your own damaged ego and spend all of your time time.

  • Trump official says Statue of Liberty verse welcoming immigrants is about ‘people coming from Europe’

    A top Trump administration official says the famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty, welcoming “huddled masses” of immigrants to American shores, was referring to “people coming from Europe” and that the nation is looking to receive migrants “who can stand on their own two feet.”

    This is about 25% sane, as compared to the zero percent sanity of the American immigration policy for the decades since WW2, accelerating after the Hart-Celler Act in 1965. What we really want are people compatible with what we are, which is ethnic Western European, and from that group, we want the ones who have a pioneer spirit, which is not as simple as his financial definition. We need self-starters of good ability and good moral character, but only those from within the group that is compatible with us, which is ethnic Western Europeans. For everyone else, we must Send Them Back.

  • Officials admit letting accused Christchurch shooter send letter to supporter from prison

    Leftists are shocked that people can send letters from jail. In the meantime, here is a photo of the jail letter (404k) and a transcript:


    Hello Alan,

    Thank you greatly for sending the letter, it must have cost you a lot of rubles to send it all the way from Россия. In the future if you wish to write or contact me you can just email the prison. It’s a lot faster and a hell of a lot cheaper. Though I will still have to reply by regular mail which takes a lot of time.

    Thanks for the postage stamps as well, they are the only two pieces of color in my otherwise gray cell. I will have to hide them from the guards. I think I can recognize the landmarks on the stamps. One is of the Kremlin in Moscow. Oh wait, I just realized that the name of the place is at the top of the postage stamp, written in Cyrillic. I am such an idiot haha. Sometimes, I forget how to read Cyrillic, it’s been nearly four years since I visited Russia and my memory is failing.

    Let’s talk about Russia for a bit as it is one of my favorite countries. I visited Russia for one month in September 2015. I think you can still find some of the photographs I uploaded to Facebook, though you will have to google search for an archived or saved version of my Facebook page as Facebook deleted my profile. I traveled from St. Petersburg through Moscow then around the “golden circle” tourist trail around Moscow. I also stopped halfway between Moscow and St. Petersburg in a small city with a fort with red walls and a golden monument at the center of the fort, but I cannot remember the name of the city.

    The Russian people I met were great and once they found out I was a tourist and from Australia they became very welcoming. Though the babushkas at the museums still scare me; one of them caught me taking a photo of the artwork and berated me so fiercely in Russian that I still feel shame to this very day haha.

    My three favorite places were:

    1. St. Petersburg as it is the most beautiful city in Europe, even more so than Porto in Portugal or Prague in Czechia.
    2. The view from a church on the hillside of Moscow of the new business district, amazing view, very “cyberpunk” if you understand what I mean.
    3. A monastery that was about three kilometers walk from a small town, beautiful design and the walk there was very scenic past dachas (village homes), lakes, ponds, and farmland. Very idealistic.

    My three favorite Russian songs are “Katyusha,” the Cossack song “when we were at war,” there is a great version of this song that went viral, a Russian female soldier singing in the classroom, I think you know the one. The last song is very different, and a bit crazy, especially the music video. Its name is “Toxin” by Dirty Ramirez, I think it’s spelled Токсин in Russian. I hope you are old enough to watch it haha.

    I wish I could visit Russia again someday, but oh well, life isn’t about traveling.

    My political and social views are mainly based on a mix of ideas from Plato’s The Republic, Richard Dawkins’ idea of cultural evolution by memetics, Carl G. Jung’s view on racial conscious and unconscious as well as a belief in nature and a natural hierarchy above all.

    My views are most like Sir Oswald Mosley (the historical leader). To understand some of my views on race you should google “haplogroups” and “human inherited instincts and behaviors.” This will give you a broad overview.

    I’m not doing much at the moment, just speaking with a lawyer and preparing for my trial. I cannot go into any great detail about regrets or feelings as the guards will confiscate my letter if I do (to use as evidence). But I can tell you I have no concern about myself and I only worry for Europe’s future.

    I believe there is a great conflict on the horizon, and unfortunately there will likely be a great amount of bloodshed. Though that’s nothing Russia hasn’t survived before, right? Haha. I can only hope our people survive the coming demographic shift.

    I hope this letter finds you well and that you are enjoying Russia and all its beauty.

    Enjoy life, but do not forget your duty to your people.

    Brenton Tarrant

  • Air pollution in cities ‘as bad for you as smoking 20 cigarettes a day’, says study

    They measured levels of fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxide, black carbon and ozone outside participants’ homes and carried out CT scans to track the development of emphysema and lung decline.

    Chronic lower respiratory disease – a catch-all term for emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), chronic bronchitis, and asthma – is the third leading cause of death globally.

    In areas with increased levels of ozone, they found an increase in emphysema roughly the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 29 yea

    In my view, this is just the first toehold. We are going to find out that we had the understanding inverted, like everything else in the modern time, and that smoking, eating bacon, drinking, and other things that people enjoy are not what is killing them; they are dying from air pollution, toxins in their drinking water, inactivity, sugar consumption, processed food, sitting in office chairs, and the high stress brought about by social mobility, since with social mobility the responsibility falls on you to rise by slaving away in an office lest someone else take your job. We have made hell and blamed cigars and beer for the work of far deadlier things, which allows those more destructive forces to take greater hold of us.

  • Could a Small Patch of Farmland Meet Humanity’s Solar Power Needs?

    One percent of our farmland could meet our global electricity needs. No comment on what would be need to be done to replace gasoline, nuclear, hydroelectric, and wind.

  • Google “Machine Learning Fairness” Whistleblower Goes Public, says: “burden lifted off of my soul”

    Google whistleblower reveals how the company censors search results after Google calls police on him who detain him at gunpoint. We have proles in control at these companies; they got lucky being good at school and stumbling upon a business opportunity, and now have lots of money, but they are still just proles, albeit talented ones. The ability to code a computer, do mathematics, or manipulate finances does not convey an ability to be good at leadership or understanding the world around you; in fact, the more that people are good at symbolic stuff, the less likely they are to be good at organic understand as is required to analyze nature and lead humans. Now we are paying the price for allowing these proles in control to run Big Tech.

  • UN climate change report: land clearing and farming contribute a third of the world’s greenhouse gases

    The Left’s latest jihad is to change our food consumption to be closer to vegan, mainly because that further weakens us and makes us passive, which allows the Left to use as a means to their own megalomaniac desire for Utopia. Imagine Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan, but adopted across the globe for every meal, and you can see why this is unpopular. In the bigger picture, however, the Left has unwittingly proven what we have been saying all along: more humans means more farmland needed, and so the more humans we add, the more we commit ecocide and emit carbon, no matter how radically we reduce our diets, housing size, car engines, and so on.

  • Permit denied for ‘Straight Pride Parade’ in Modesto

    After weeks of debate, the City Council says organizers did not get the event insured and also cited safety concerns.

    Organizers can re-apply for a permit in a non-residential area. But it’s unlikely they will be able to find a carrier to provide insurance.

    The postmodern method of shutting down debate involves safety concerns, since postmodernism is pluralism and therefore must officially accept all viewpoints. This makes it easy for the Left to enact censorship: they show up and destroy things, therefore you cannot get insurance, therefore only “uncontroversial” Leftist demonstrations are permitted. Ta-da!

  • Pehlu Khan lynching case Highlight: Rajasthan govt to appeal against verdict in higher court

    Diversity working nowhere. Instead of the Klan beating up Indians, it is Indians lynching Muslims because when a foreign group intrudes on your society, your customs and sacred symbols will be violated, which will weaken them, which means that future generations will grow up cultureless and succumb to modern fatalism/materialism/individualism, turning them into ruined people. No one wants that fate for their descendants.

  • One of Africa’s wealthiest countries is building a Trump-like wall to stop migrants

    Humanity has struggled with the haves versus the have-nots for several centuries now. Its previous approach was to tax the haves to provide for the have-nots, but we have now figured out that this merely causes everyone competent to drop out of society because they see no point in working on a treadmill (a consequence of social mobility, feminism, affirmative action, lawsuits, unions, and regulations) doing nothing of particular meaning or value (a consequence of diversity) so that they can afford to pay taxes to the have-nots. America and Europe are dotted with childless high-IQ people who are living in shacks in the country and doing nothing with their lives because their only options are bad; it has replaced them with obedient nitwits who know how to say the right thing and can handle being educated in a trade but have the judgment and leadership skills of, well, nitwits, which means that whenever a complex decision arises, they screw it up. The West is drowning in incompetents. The new approach involves separating the people with potential from the rest, and encouraging the best to rise while the many who remain perpetually poor are going to die out or at least go live in the countryside in subsistence living where disease and famine keep their numbers in check as nature intended. This is why we see walls going up anywhere there is a wealthy population next to a whole bunch of have-nots.

  • ICE blames politics, opponents’ rhetoric for shootings at San Antonio offices

    The Left and its lapdog media inflamed passions among its useful idiots in 75% Latino San Antonio. We will hear nothing about how the Left is a source of terrorism, or how they killed 100m people last century and slaughtered the best of France the century before that.

    “All of the shots that we have found are on the floors where ICE had offices,” Combs said, adding: “They knew what floors ICE was on, they knew what buildings they were in, and they hit those.

    ICE said later in a statement released through the San Antonio office: “Political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the American people regarding the ICE mission only serve to further encourage these violent acts.”

    Leftism is a socially transmitted, infectious neurosis that hides itself within a messianic apocalyptic secular religious cult. We will need to physically remove those infected — call them something catchy, like “zombies” — and thoroughly teach why Leftism is broken. We will also need a caste system because higher-caste people are innately not Leftist.

  • Canadians’ negative impressions harden toward China

    Ninety percent of Canadians have figured out that modern China, like the Golden Horde, is an unstable and voracious bureaucracy that means doom for the rest of us.

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