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  • Over 500 rescued migrants blocked on two NGOs boats

    Crazy NGOs — revealing they are dedicated to Leftism more than their specific domain of knowledge, like Doctors Without Borders; what part of being a doctor requires transporting migrants to Europe? — have “saved” migrants from their leaky boats and taken them to Europe. Malta and Italy refuse to take them in, noting correctly that this is another Leftist scam. On the other hand, if these boats simply took them back to Africa, no one would be harmed. We are going to have to physically remove these crazy Leftists before they destroy us.

  • Verizon agrees to sell Tumblr to owner of WordPress

    Go woke, go broke. Tumblr signified the SJW movement for the majority of this decade, but now its owners have sold it for under $20m, a long fall from the price of $1.1bn it commanded in 2013. SJWs as voracious media consumers seemed like an ideal audience for consumer companies, who depend on masses of clueless morons following trends to make their money, but as it turns out, the SJWs not only have no money but have no useful skills, which makes them a terrible audience to use as the basis for your business model. Go woke, get naturally selected out of the ecosystem of the marketplace. Tumblr, please claim your Darwin Award.

  • Citing intolerance, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei decides to leave Germany

    “Germany is not an open society,” Ai said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt. “It is a society that would like to be open, but above all protects itself. German culture is so strong that it doesn’t really accept other ideas and arguments. There is hardly any room for open debate, hardly any respect for dissenting voices.”

    So what the heck is wrong with having a specific way that you do things and defending this against all other ways? Benevolent xenophobia works; being so open-minded that your brain falls out leads to collapse. We all have sympathy for Ai Weiwei, since his country is occupied by insane consumerist-communists, but sending him to Germany was not the solution.

  • Majority of Britons support ‘Brexit by any means’

    Bruce Charlton straight-up nailed it when he pointed out that “head girls” (sort of like a Valedictorian, for us on this side of the pond) like Angela Merkel, Theresa May, and Hillary Clinton will bungle anything that they are given because they are experts at memorization, rule conformity, and procedure, but not at independent, creative, and analytical thinking. Unfortunately organized education — especially American public education! — promotes these sort of people, which creates legions of authority figures who know the right thing to say but then leave wreckage in their wake. Theresa May botched Brexit. Now everyone realizes that it must happen, and they are getting beat up by the indecision, so they want it to end. Somehow, this may work out for the best, but the shadowy forces of internationalism (n&eacuate;e globalism, diversity, universalism) will still do their best to force everyone back into line with the One World (Leftist) Government concept that they so adore.

  • Sydney incident: Man arrested over stabbings in city centre

    Video footage shows the suspect jumping on a car wielding a knife, shouting “Allahu Akbar” and “shoot me”, as another man confronts him with a wicker chair.

    Another mental health moment in the West. Somehow, we have imported and homebrewed a whole lot of crazy, and when it realizes that it can get into the headlines by simply slaughtering a few other people, we have these kind of events. The slasher Mexican of Southern California and Antifa Dayton shooter probably fit into this rubric as well, alongside Dylann Roof and Robert Bowers. Desperate people, suffering despair and depression, do desperate things. In the meantime, cold silent killers like Anders Breivik, Tim McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, and Brenton Tarrant put quivering fear into the eyes of the A-students now in power. Nothing in their textbooks prepared them for egalitarianism being an illusion that destroys societies.

  • ‘Something extraordinarily bad is about to happen’: Huge Chinese military build-up filmed on Hong Kong border amid airport clashes

    Despite assuring us otherwise, China has always been a paper tiger. Thanks to buying the Clintons, it gained a brief pocket when it could be the manufacturer to the world, and then made the classic mistake of assuming that all time is an unchanging moment. As its costs rose, so did the costs of manufacturing, and so China felt its position slip. Now it faces the same problem that Genghis Khan did: bureaucratic, rigid societies do not function well, especially if they suffer from the third world syndrome of lots of individualistic people of no particular spark of intelligence. These people are numb to transcendental vision and thus they are always reactive to problems instead of seeking beautiful, elegant, excellent, and logical long-term solutions. They obey, but only so that they profit. You cannot build a functional hierarchy and civilization upon this, but you will gain power in the short term; all Leftism theory is based on this Khanism, including the meteoric rise (and comedic fall) of the Soviets and Jacobins. China is going to fail, and it knows it, so it is aiming to seize wealthy territories like Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and potentially Singapore as a means of assimilating wealth and gaining the ability to charge tariffs to much of the industry of the world. This, too, will fail, and the Mongol race will pour forth into Europe once again. This is a shame, since among the Chinese are some very fine people.

  • Fourth NRA board director resigns as turmoil ravages organization

    The Right got fat and lazy during its years of being the Controlled Opposition. No task is more profitable than a hopeless task because no matter what you do, the problem remains, and therefore you can demand more money to try to fix it. The bloat spread from the GOP downward and even includes conservative media, as well as secondary non-profits like the NRA. Now that the Right is revitalized, people are facing demands to perform up to the Trump/Farage level or be thrown out, and when they resist, it is a simple matter of forensic accounting to find out their scams and boot them.

  • Portland, Oregon, braces for far-right rally, counterprotest

    Americans show more concern over this than one might expect for a local event. Open conflict on our streets, as happened in the 1960s, signals that some form of political overthrow is about to happen. That means bad things for the ideology which has dominated us since the end of WW2, the utilitarian stew of egalitarianism, diversity, liberal democracy, socialist entitlements, and Keynesian consumerism. Naturally anyone who benefits from this system — especially overpaid government employees, private sector consultants servicing them, and underclass people dependent upon them — is experiencing a bit of fear and trembling. Let us hope for a glorious riot where the Right makes its point and then Antifa destroys Portland, leaving all moderates in America no choice but to flee toward the Right.

  • Forest animal populations have plummeted by HALF since 1970, WWF report warns

    They have been repeating this warning for some time (here’s the report). Why would they repeat it, you ask? People are not listening. They have given up on humanity ever getting its act together, and assume that we are all going to go down together when overpopulation dooms us. Overpopulation? We never hear that mentioned; this is for a good reason. Egalitarianism says that everyone is equal. If everyone is equal, you cannot tell some people that they are useless serfs who cannot reproduce. That is a formula for unchecked growth followed by a population crash. In the meantime, it also means that we are using a lot more land that used to be forest. This is not just killing off the forest species, but wiping out river species, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. Green conservatives like myself look at this and think that if all of these are declining in parallel, there is likely some common cause and not a weakness in the species itself, and the biggest cause in common — across all ecosystems — is that humans are taking up more land because there are too many humans. How do we fix this? Stop talking about equality. That is step one. Step two is figuring out how to discourage people from breeding. Maybe that global transgender movement could be a good think, farming neurotics for sterility.

  • Superbug is evolving to thrive in guts of people with sugary diets, scientists warn

    Disinfectant-resistant C.diff is evolving in our hospitals to feast on the disgusting sugar-, salt-, and fat-laden foods that most people consume since they apparently have the analytical discernment of yeast. Expect more of that unique-smelling ordure to splatter all over a city near you.

  • World must prepare for biological weapons that target ethnic groups based on genetics, says Cambridge University

    Speaking of how we will all perish, the eggheads have figured out that people are going to wire up genetic bioweapons in order to wipe out groups that they detest. One wonders how we will live in a world without Muslims, since Israel is a leader in this research and surely they would enjoy fewer rockets and fire bombs raining down on them. Undoubtedly, others will get in the game. China would appreciate fewer roundeyes around, Mexico might liquidate its indios and go first world, and Russia might decide to wipe out Western Europe. Hint to all groups: your winning strategy is to kill off everyone else before they can do it to you. Grim but true.

  • The Global Machine Behind the Rise of Far-Right Nationalism

    What is even more striking is how many people in Sweden — progressive, egalitarian, welcoming Sweden — seem to be warming to the nationalists’ view: that immigration has brought crime, chaos and a fraying of the cherished social safety net, not to mention a withering away of national culture and tradition.

    Fueled by an immigration backlash — Sweden has accepted more refugees per capita than any other European country — right-wing populism has taken hold, reflected most prominently in the steady ascent of a political party with neo-Nazi roots, the Sweden Democrats.

    The best antidote to Leftism is living in a society where Leftists have had control long enough to do real damage.

  • Germany: AfD’s anti-refugee Facebook video sparks massive incitement probe

    Democracy has been forced into the paradox of tolerance. If you tolerate intolerance, are you being tolerant or intolerant? The only way to resolve the paradox is to recognize that tolerance is a form of intolerance, namely of any other intolerance but “tolerance.” In other words, if you are “tolerant,” it means that you are biased against the idea of social unity, a single ethnic group in the society, a dominant culture, or even a shared history. In the name of tolerance, then, the Left has embarked upon a crusade of destroying the lives of those who do not agree with the preferred form of intolerance. This means that democracy has come full circle from promising freedom, liberty, independence, and an open society, to demanding a totalitarian regime in order to ensure that no one criticizes the little oopsies and boo-boos of democracy.

  • Job fair after ICE raids: Here’s who showed up for the Koch Foods plant jobs

    As it turns out, Americans will work these jobs. Many of the people who should be working them are currently working in offices where they are unqualified to perform the role well, even if they have the credentials and education, since we have dumbed down both to accommodate diversity, soypeople, and lower social classes. As those office jobs depend on government regulations to make them necessary, they will quickly go away as insane rules like affirmative action, paperwork requirements, and masses of regulations are repealed, and we will see more of the people who belong working in food plants working there. I seem to encounter at least once a week a programmer who has no business operating a computer much less writing code that will be shipped to the world.

  • N.H. Attorney General: 2017 Claremont Assault Not a Hate Crime

    Another high-profile hate crime turns out not to be a hate crime at all. Too bad about all the money spent on diversity seminars and hiring diversity officers to cure “the problem.”

  • Google and

    In its zeal to eliminate antivax information from the internet, Google ensnares an innocent party and removes valuable content. This is why you cannot trust Google: they are an ad agency, not a search engine firm anymore, and this means that they are trying to sanitize the internet and turn it into 1980s daytime television so that advertisers can rally the insipid to purchase unnecessary products. They will use this same excuse to blackhole all conservative websites, if they can. Clearly it is time to break up Google and make search engines into self-sustaining entities that do not require an ad network attached to make money.

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