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  • Trump admin announces rule that could limit legal immigration

    The rule means many green card and visa applicants could be turned down if they have low incomes or little education, and have used benefits such as most forms of Medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers, because they’d be deemed more likely to need government assistance in the future.

    Who could object to this? Here comes the dogwhistle:

    Paired with last week’s enforcement raids on food processing plants in Mississippi, Monday’s announcement amounts to a concerted effort by the administration to limit legal immigration and crack down on illegal immigration.

    Translation: orange man ¡RACIST!, which means that you can attack him and the herd will support you. Without this dogwhistle, the herd might turn on you and tear you to pieces like barracuda finishing off one of their own who became injured. We think it is nature that is red in tooth and claw, but we forget that nature is within us.

    Americans elected Trump because of stagnant wages, high prices, loss of even the relative sanity of 1980s America, and a world swimming in red tape and ideological propaganda. He correctly realized that Bill Clinton screwed everything up with his pro-diversity, pro-government regime. When something is done wrong, you stop doing it, and then remove it, and try to go back to the step before the error where you can choose something else, or nothing else if things were better without these new programs and policies. Trump is doing what America needs; he is a moderate because his argument is purely financial. You will never have high wages if you keep dumping cheap labor into the country, you will never have strong industry if trade is unbalanced as Clinton donor China insists it must be, and you will always live in debt in your tiny dingy city apartment if the entitlements state is allowed to keep taxing and regulating you to death. End all of those 1990s ideas, and suddenly what is left of America can shine through and thrive.

  • Free speech and privacy on the wane across the world

    What does this tell us? Governments are unstable in the current world order. This means that liberal democracy has already perished because it, being the reigning system, is responsible for this instability. This is how historical change happens: we have a problem, a system is designed to fix it, and then later on, we measure the results. If the system did not fix the problem, or worse like Nazi anti-Semitism fails to fix the problem and makes the situation worse, then we reject it. It turns out that inverse racism and inverse classism are dysfunctional, where the ordinary versions — found in benevolent xenophobia and social hierarchy — allow us to have civilizations that are not fully free, but do not detonate into tyranny, either. Democracy is dead. Equality is dead. Diversity is (so, so) dead. What comes next, humanity? We are out of “new” options. You can choose oligarchy, military rule, aristocracy, democracy, or dictatorship. Since limiting democracy with lots of rules and procedures (the Constitution) has failed us, we know that each of these forms reverts to its essential character over time. Which one provides us with most of the good that we have now, less of the bad, and the fewest new problems?

  • Bankruptcy filings rising across the country and it could get worse

    The Left cheered Obamacare. The crowd of people, mostly takers like single moms, stoned soyboys, Starbucks baristas, Whole Foods checkers, ambisexual welfare cases, mental disability recipients, ex-cons, the dead, and the diverse, applauded wildly. Conservatives warned that it would bankrupt America. In fact, diversity is killing us, since the Left’s tax-and-spend wealth transfer entitlements state is taking money from the once-thriving middle class and transferring it to the permanent underclass that fundamentally hates America; the wealthy just pay the bill and laugh. Property taxes, Obamacare taxes, and taxes passed down as low wages and high prices have killed the American dream. Normal people have been surviving on credit card debt, but those 25% rates crucify you after a few months. Still the Left insists that the problem is not real. Easy solution for saving money: sell the Leftists to the Arabs. Even if we only get a cent a pound, we can pay down part of the national debt (100m Leftists x 200lbs average x $0.01 = $200m) and maybe get a bacon cheeseburger each out of the deal.

  • Canadian right-wing party calls for end to ‘official multiculturalism’

    An upstart Canadian right-wing political party announced on Friday that “ending official multiculturalism and preserving Canadian values and culture” will be part of its platform for the Canadian federal election in October.

    On Friday, the PPC added that it would repeal Canada’s Multiculturalism Act, which was passed in 1988. The act formalized the government’s commitment to protecting diversity in Canadian society. The PPC also said it would eliminate all funding to promote multiculturalism.

    For now this seems fringe, but worldwide, diversity is failing because people have seen that results are bad and new problems are created. In Canada they have Chinese, in America Mexicans, in Israel Palestinians and Filipinos, in Europe Africans and Turks. No case shows us a success story; every case shows us the autophagic suicide of nations and new populations which are not able to replicate what the old did.

  • U.S. Officials Suspect New Nuclear Missile in Explosion That Killed 7 Russians

    In several recent Pentagon and other government reports, the prospect of a Russian nuclear-powered cruise missiles has been frequently cited as a potential new kind of threat. They are launched into the air and able to weave an unpredictable path at relatively low altitudes.

    That makes them virtually unstoppable for the existing American antimissile systems in Alaska and California, which are designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missile warheads in space, traveling a largely predictable path.

    Russia has two ace cards: Mongol-style human wave warfare as seen in the second world war, and the ability to vaporize large swathes of the surface of Earth. It has not managed to produce a functional economy or stable society since the Czars, despite the best efforts of competent KGB colonel Vladimir Putin, who gets too much flak for attempting to organize the chaos with a strong hand. Russia will, if pressed, ally with its fellow Asiatics in China and, lacking wealth of its own, invade Western Europe in order to keep its economy alive. At some point, it will have no choice, and the failure of this missile and thus the SovietRussian nuclear threat simply accelerates that. Get ready for WW3, this time not fighting to spread democracy, but to end it before it weakens us to the point that we cannot fight off whatever invading rapacious Vandals come our way.

  • Rosanna Arquette Says FBI Told Her to ‘Lock’ Twitter Account After Blowback From White ‘Shame’ Tweet

    Rosanna Arquette is ashamed of her White Privilege. Therefore, she is giving away her money. Throwing big handfuls of $100 bills into the air and making it rain like a hotshot baller at a strip club. Oh wait. No, she just went over to Twitter and took a big digital crap on her own. White People are generally too into personal grooming to take that lightly. The blowback was predictable.

    In her statement to TheWrap, Arquette detailed the “threatening and cruel” online response to her Wednesday tweet. “There are toxic and very vicious people on social media. Threatening and cruel,” Arquette said. “I said yesterday the I am ashamed of the color of my skin. I am privileged just because I’m white. I feel shame. Because of all the violence that is happening in America and other racist countries.”

    She is welcome to leave. I’m sure there are kind people all over Gambia just waiting for her to go over there and be open-minded.

  • One person injured in shooting inside mosque in Norwegian capital Oslo as police arrest ‘white’ suspect

    Mistakes made by copycat spree shooters: not training enough with your weapon, not planning the attack from an uncrowded area, not writing a spicy enough manifesto, and biggest of all, attacking the unarmed symbol of pity instead of the enemy, which is Leftists. Breivik, McVeigh, and Kaczynski nailed it: go after the people with money and power who are the cause of the effect (symptom) that is diversity. When you drive out the Leftists and seize power, you can gently repatriate the ethnic Other without harming them, since they are just pawns in the game of egalitarian takeover of our societies.

  • Russians rush to buy iodine after blast causes radiation spike – reports

    Residents of two northern Russian cities are stocking up on iodine that is used to reduce the effects of radiation exposure after a mysterious accident on a nearby military testing site, regional media reported.

    The Ministry of Defence has given few details of the accident, saying only that two people were killed and six injured by the explosion of a liquid-propelled rocket engine at a test site in Russia’s north. Greenpeace cited data from the Emergencies Ministry that it said showed radiation levels had risen 20 times above the normal level in Severodvinsk around 30 kilometres (18 miles) from Nyonoksa.

    It’s a good thing they are up against NATO as a military threat. Otherwise, they’d be in for a re-run of what happened when the Mongols and Tartars showed up….Maybe the Chinese will be generous to them after the conquest. Out of pity.

  • Attorney General Becerra: Sausalito Marin City School District Agrees to End Segregation in Its Schools

    Some white people still send their kids to public schools, especially in high-tax states like California where the property taxes they pay are higher than most private schools (not Choate, Sidwell Friends, or St. Mark’s). They demand quality schooling, but that requires concentrating the high-IQ kids away from the low-IQ (and low-income) kids. Smaller versions of this play out within ethnic groups, such as the Koreans trying to keep their kids away from the Thai and Viets, or the African-American middle class trying to keep the ghetto kids out. Somehow this is offensive to people, but if we simply ended public education and let everyone fund their own children’s schooling, no one would have any reason to complain.

  • 13 Signs of Suburban Blight

    There is a time to initiate White Flight. Once the municipal government has chosen to give the underclass top-cover, you will see several things happen to the town you live in. James Lafond gives us a selection.

    Main Streets
    -1. Table cloth restaurants close. When a neighborhood has no commercial sit down dining other than fast food joints it has been entirely ghettoized.
    -2. Businesses — predominantly liquor stores — change hands from ethnic groups with smaller families and less facility with violence, for instance from Jewish to Korean to Muslim, as happened in Baltimore.
    -3. Retailers and other service- or installation-oriented businesses close or move. These include martial arts schools.
    -4. Vacancies are taken over by storefront churches and personal grooming centers such as nail parlors, hair stylists and barber shops.
    -5. The most ominous singe sign that your neighborhood is entirely ghettoized is that the local McDonalds can’t serve milk shakes.

    Back Streets
    -1. Corner stores and shops disappear from neighborhood side streets.
    -2. Missing dog signs appear regularly on light poles and telephone poles.
    -3. Trash, mostly scattered soft drink bottles and snack bags, litter the area, usually at the mouth of alleys.
    -4. After dark the people seen walking on the streets are predominantly the sons of recent neighbors, who do not behave in a neighborly fashion.
    -5. Parks and green spaces become places where adult men drink and loiter.
    -6. Pit bulls become the most common local dog breed.
    -7. Two or more young men can often be seen sitting in a parked car in the neighborhood, most often near the mouth of an alley.

    I guess the extremely high price you’d pay to rent a U-Haul out of there makes up The Baker’s Dozen.

  • Germany: AfD’s anti-refugee Facebook video sparks massive incitement probe

    Again we see that the crime is not that diversity policies are massively failing, but that some people have noticed and therefore, must be prosecuted so that The System is not threatened. Keep paying those taxes, chumps. Thousands of bureaucrats and millions of impoverished third world people are depending on your self-destruction for their short-term immediate future.

  • California Goes to the Rats

    The California State Legislature has no idea or concern for how the people live. If the people are foolish enough to keep sending them back, they will continue to have Typhus outbreaks. In Democracy, the people are the rats. This is particularly true when the people are entitled to monies the state has nowhere near the resources to possibly provide. The California State Legislature takes one look at the unbalanced revenues vs liabilities equation and roots for the Typhus Epidemic.

    Rising homelessness in California has spurred a rodent boom and resurgence of medieval disease. So naturally Democrats in the state Legislature want to ban rat poison. Earlier this year a rat infestation in downtown Los Angeles near a homeless encampment led to an outbreak of typhus.

  • Bribe or donation? Parent’s defense questions the difference

    So what happens when a “legitimate” system is so close to being a racket that it gets hard to tell the White Hats from the Black Ones? (¡RACIST!) Maybe splitting a few hairs can help us define an appreciable difference. If I buy Hawvad a JPW Hall so that my precious offspring can get in, that could be seen as totally different from claiming his Little League catching exploits made him the next Johnny Bench and lying to have them give him a Baseball Scholarship. That would be different still from paying Hawvad’s Baseball program to pretend he is on the roster and cutting him the scholarship even if he never suits and catches an inning.

    An ethicist would rank #3 the worst, a legalist would consider both #2 and #3 equally bad. An anti-wealth equalitarian would squawk at all three, but strangly, no egalitarian has strenuously squawked that Hawvad’s admissions aren’t strictly governed by a random number generator. University admissions are deliberately opaque and perpetually in the university’s interest as an institution. Societal propaganda be damned. Thus, when this happens, people aren’t really sure Zangrillo doesn’t have a point…

    Zangrillo’s lawyers told a federal judge the records are relevant because they contain information about “other similarly situated students applying for admission in close proximity to a financial donation from a parent.” A federal judge in Boston granted the subpoena request July 10. It was unsealed July 25, but large portions remain heavily redacted. The subpoena aims to prove that parents often use their wealth to get their children admitted, and that USC officials are aware. If there’s evidence supporting that idea, it could bolster a defense that argues USC wasn’t a victim of fraud in Zangrillo’s case.

  • Chinese troops must stay off the streets of Hong Kong

    It’s rare that I actually accuse The Economist of overthinking it. They don’t quite manage that this time either.

    Today, 30 years on, nobody knows how many were killed in and around Tiananmen Square, in that bloody culmination of student protests in Beijing on June 4th 1989. The Chinese regime’s blackout of information about that darkest of days is tacit admission of how momentous an event it was. But everybody knows that Tiananmen shaped the Chinese regime’s relations with the country and the world.

    I’ll keep this simple. The Chinese won magnificently with Tiananmen Square. Remember back in the Early 1990’s when Chinese Communism was overthrown and freedom ran amok? Me niether. The world got bitch-slapped when the students got mowed down. China told the world to put up or shut up. The rest of the world zipped their soup-coolers. Communism still runs China. That concludes Tiananmen Square For Dummies. Have a nice day!

  • OPEC oil output hits lowest since 2011 on Saudi cut, sanctions: Reuters survey

    The 14-member Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries pumped 29.42 million barrels per day (bpd) this month, the survey showed, down 280,000 bpd from June’s revised figure and the lowest OPEC total since 2011. The survey suggests Saudi Arabia is sticking to its plan of voluntarily restraining output by more than called for by an OPEC-led supply deal to support the market.

    If OPEC can no longer significantly manipulate oil prices, the world is becoming a safer and better place. Twenty years from now, as Iran ages out of ascendancy and the oil wealth dries up; the Middle East will be no more important to policy makers than Sub-Saharan Africa. (((Israel))) could be hardest hit.

  • UK power cut plunges Britain into darkness after National Grid outage sparks chaos on trains, tubes and traffic lights

    Democracy simply can’t keep the lights on anymore. It eventually gets that way when nations degrade. Expect more. Expect worse. People never learn from failure until they can no longer withstand it and are therefore forced to come up with something else. NATO is lucky it has an enemy like Russia. Otherwise, it would be the dreaded return of The Moor all over again.

A really sad song for a really sad news day. I close with this.

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