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  • HBO documentary sheds new light on ‘Atlanta Child Murders’

    Retired journalist Monica Kaufman, who reported on the murders, said the case was mishandled by officials at a time when Atlanta was on the rise after Maynard Jackson was elected as the city’s first black mayor in 1973. The city has had a black mayor ever since then, becoming known for its thriving black business ownership, hip-hop and film scene, and having one of the largest airports in the world.

    This is as close as the for-profit delusion-affirming media will ever get to pointing out the demographics is destiny in a democracy.

  • Radio Free Europe rebrands in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania

    Hungary went too far Right for Democracy, Inc., so now in comes the Ugly American to broadcast pro-Leftist propaganda into Hungary, much as we did against the Soviets and Hitler. At some point, we have to admit that societies die when their organizations begin working against population quality, and that organizations by focusing on methods like bureaucracy become systems that tend toward Leftism by the very nature of their need for removing conflicts. Only that which accepts everyone and everything is good, which means that standards, culture, values, aesthetics, quality, heritage, religion, and the family are taboo. If you visibly succeed at anything but money, which we know is some parts luck and gumption in addition to work and ability, they will hate you. They will even hate you if you simply succeed at making money.

  • Farmers across Europe bank on improvised armies of pickers to save harvest

    In order to achieve equality, we bumped our native farm-workers up to the level of city people with office jobs, which they now do badly, having memorized all the right procedures but possessing little understanding of the underlying issues. This explains why, when something like the coronavirus rolls around, everything falls apart. We cannot produce enough masks, or get food and water to people, but excel at screaming “Stay Home!” in every cute, clever, and creative way that is possible. We cannot identify the few people infected with the disease, and throw up our hands, figuring that they walk among us and there is nothing that we can do except destroy the world economy. No one trusts the official figures — whether from science, media, or government — because they tend to be both wrong and radical in their tendency to draw broad conclusions from sparse data, and then make commands for obedience to the bureaucracy out of that hysteria. Perhaps we would do better by sending the natural-born serfs back into the fields, and sending the migrants home, but this means that Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton would be out there singing spirituals while they picked mah turnips.

  • Two children sue Google for allegedly collecting students’ biometric data

    Our education “professionals” thought it was a great idea to install Google products in our schools. Google laughed, read the fine print, and collected databases of biometric information including facial scans, which they can digitally age in order to identify people for the rest of their lives. As usual, tyranny comes about not through the fascists, who acknowledge the need for strong power, but for those who swear they dislike strong power but — oh well, if we have to — will gladly seize it in order to promote symbolic victories like “equality” and “peace.” In the same way that the people who swear that they are not motivated by money seem to always end up with lots of money, the people who proclaim themselves averse to having power are the ones primed to seize it.

  • Zoom’s Encryption Is “Not Suited for Secrets” and Has Surprising Links to China, Researchers Discover

    Thanks to the Cybersecurity Law in China, any Chinese company will be used to collect data on us. It will make it easier to round up dissidents after China seizes control. First it was discovered that Zoom had security flaws, but as people looked deeper, they saw a systematic pattern of collecting data on users, and then found out that this is designed so that it can be retrieved by those in China. Perhaps the 1990s dream of connecting the world and being one big We Are All One family was just a dream, after all, and should join other dreams projected onto reality where such things belong, namely in an asylum.

  • Georgia man pleads guilty to plotting rocket attack on White House

    The Patriot Act will not go away as long as we are diverse. With potential enemies walking among us in addition to our own violent dissidents, our government relies on constant spying in order to catch the clueless who are planning attacks. This scares off the experience, who will not undertake an action that is not likely to succeed, much as the TSA scares off airline terrorists. These additional hoops to jump through mostly penalize our own citizens, and no one will say that we would need none of them if we were a mono-ethnic society.

  • Knifeman in southern France kills 2 in attack on passersby

    Prosecutors did not identify the suspect. They said he had no identifying documents but claimed to be Sudanese and to have been born in 1987.

    The prosecutor’s office did not confirm reports that the man had shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great) as he carried out the attack.

    Widespread realization that we can no longer trust government, media, academia, and “science” is spreading; these industries employ people and they say whatever makes the more powerful, including concealing information. This event will get downgraded to vandalism or a mugging in order to make terrorism statistics look good, and white terrorists to stand out.

  • Global crises demand global solutions: is it time to create a global constitution?

    As usual when things go wrong, voices raise in praise of more powerful centralized entities to smash the problem. However, what got us to this state was centralization, since making ourselves into a global village meant that infections get across the globe in hours, instead of taking months and years as they did in the past. No one wants to face the fact that if China had detected this early, and walled up Wuhan, the problem would have remained entirely local. A global government will simply accelerate future pandemics, and allow the same covert ethnic warfare that we see under diversity to hide itself as the incompetent many vote to take power, wealth, and status from the competent few.

  • Congressman Lou Correa Introduces Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act To Include Immigrants In Coronavirus Relief Response

    Leftists like to pretend that because illegal aliens are charged sales tax (when they do not use the black market, that is) they deserve benefits that taxpayers receive. In reality, those who pay tax are less than half of the population, and they subsidize the rest, according to socialist theory. We will not get anywhere until we wholly reject socialism along with other crazy egalitarian ideas like diversity, feminism, and collective reward.

  • Canada will never let this happen again: Ford says manufacturing of our own supplies is a must

    Slowly people realize that globalism means that necessary functions of your society get outsourced to other nations, following the centralization model; the department of making stuff is now in China, and you are dependent on them, so if they stage a union-style strike and keep the stuff for themselves while shipping you junk, you are just out of luck. A cellular/ecosystem model as in nature makes more sense: each nation produces what it needs and then a little extra to share.

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