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  • Why China’s rise may call for ‘a new world order’

    The international community needs to reestablish a world order based on rules as the rise of China coincides with the decline in European and American power, according to business and politics experts.

    The West expended itself on the fight for egalitarianism — democracy, equality, diversity, class warfare — and the East rose, since it had no such delusions. For us to survive, we need to ditch the narcissistic altruism of egalitarianism and adopt a reality-based view.

    In the meantime, the world is awakening to the Chinese game, which is to inflate its own economic figures, use those as grounds for its currency value, and then buy up debt in order to manipulate the rest of the world with it.

    The West will not get anywhere until it kicks its addiction to equality, but a mushroom cloud over Beijing would not be a bad start.

  • Authorities keep distance, yet work with armed border group

    Thankfully our ongoing demographic replacement crisis, which will see permanent Leftist rule, has become visible through an ongoing border crisis, in which seven thousand illegal aliens are released per week into the USA. Now people can visualize the crisis, which is good because voters are morons, and may be able to act before the door slams shut forever. After all, they slept through the past fifty years of steadily increasing immigration, and seem to believe the Leftist media. At some point, we are going to have to acknowledge that equality-based law will not work for us; we should not be catching illegal aliens, and then releasing them, just because “muh rights.” We should not be allowing them, felons, or people under 100 IQ points to vote; it is comedy that we would even consider doing this! Most of all, we should not be pursuing centuries-old failed systems like egalitarianism, which have no relationship to reality.

  • Deforestation: Tropical tree losses persist at high levels

    The more humans use nature, the more of the land needed by ecosystems — the complex interlinked feedback loops between animals, plants, and resources — gets taken away from those uses. Untouched land does not exist anymore; land without signs of humans changing its layout and thus influencing the ecosystem is really rare. While the West natters and bickers on about climate change, the real crisis is unfolding under our feet.

  • New Jersey mayor tells Twitter user to call the cops on Jewish ‘invaders’

    Man complains that a sudden influx of Hasidic Jews has overwhelmed his local beach, and so a mayor tells him that if he sees anything illegal, to call the local cops. This provokes outrage because there was no moralizing speech against anti-Semitism. Mayor, who has missed recent developments in politics, apologizes instead of going on the attack. Next year he will manage a highly profitable cell phone store.

  • Germany’s far right AfD party on course for huge election win in country’s east in bombshell vote that could force Merkel out early

    This election is a massive contest between the old way (entitlements, immigration, diversity, equality) and the new way (culture, order, heritage, purpose). Perhaps the AFD is not the perfect vehicle for this new way, but like Trump, they are a step toward what ultimately will be the path that humanity will take if it wishes to survive.

  • Medicare, Social Security face shaky fiscal futures

    Everywhere, entitlements have gone broke. Just as the Great Depression followed the adoption of our income taxes to pay for the first round of entitlements, any time we take on more entitlements, we send the economy into a downward plunge and make people less able to act toward their own actual needs. They will blame the retiring Baby Boomers for the lack of revenue to pay for these entitlements, but really we could never pay for them, and the Baby Boom only made it seem like maybe we could. Compound that with the Soviet-style effects on our society, careers, daily life, free speech, and overall happiness, and you see the West dying out in order to pay for our government and its diverse underclass parasites. To survive, we must end all of the equality programs, including entitlements.

  • Homicides in England and Wales hit highest level in a decade

    Diversity doing what diversity does. The conflicts we see across the world arrive with the immigrants from around the world, but somehow, it is up to native Britons to pay for it and fix the problem. Ever feel that your nation has been converted into an Asda, where the customer is always right and you spend all your time cleaning up spills in the far aisles?

  • United Methodists edge toward breakup over LGBT policies

    Christianity does not say to hate gays, but it says that homosexual activities are bad and should not be tolerated. You either accept that, or go into denial of that; most Christians have tried to follow the trend and be Leftist, forgetting that if people can get the same effect in two places, and one asks less of them, they will go there instead of to church. The issue over whether to liberalize Christianity or stick to tradition will divide the church, like it has divided the West. The losers become mosques.

  • Outcry sparked by ‘deeply racist’ rat poem in Austria

    Moronic poem tells migrants to integrate or “quickly hurry away,” which shows how moronic it is. Immigrants cannot integrate or assimilate, since that requires them to abandon who they are, which includes heritage. However, the pretense and carrying-on over this poem shows just how degenerate political correctness has made our political establishment. The fact that someone having an opinion provokes fear and trembling is dumb, and the apologies by unrelated parties for this event are dumb, just as the policy of diversity is obviously criminal, unworkable, and corrupt and that makes it dumb. How did we get so stupid? It seems democracy means that people just stop thinking because the state and its precedents do it for them.

  • Sri Lankan Minister of Defence claims attacks were in retaliation for Christchurch mosque attacks

    Any time this sort of chatter comes up, just remember that if we eliminate diversity, we will have zero terrorist attacks. When they cannot walk among us, they have to invade from the sea or air like everyone else.

  • Electric vehicles emit more CO2 than diesel ones, German study shows

    Leftism entirely consists of looking at right now instead of the whole picture. If you see an electric vehicle next to a diesel truck, of course you want to favor the electric; it emits less of everything. However, when you factor into account what must be done to make that electric vehicle and how we must generate at least some of the power that goes into it, you see that like most Leftist ideals, the electric vehicle has simply shifted the burden from one area to another less visible one.

  • Google Cuts YouTube Access For Iran’s Press TV And Hispan TV ‘Without Any Warning’

    So much for the internet uniting the globe. Servers are somewhere, and owned by someone, and they exert the same control over information that the Big Three networks did back in the day, or even Soviet television did. When humans form organized and concentrated groups, their efforts turn to keeping those groups unified, even if this misses the need for positive goals and replaces it with a backward-looking focus on “fixing” issues. Right now, people fear Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism, so Google is censoring Iran so that customers can feel safe in the waiting room.

  • Nixon, Marini, and the Russia Hoax

    This is not the first time that the Leftist press has engineered a political coup. The Left took over America by avoiding the big show and focusing on all the support structures for it, including the courts and the media. Using those, it then destabilized and overthrew the power structure. Now we live in the shadow of its bad decisions and under the rule of the voters who have gone hard into denial and do not want to hear about how all the plans that sounded so good on paper are disasters, and how now we have to rebuild, again, and fight, again, just in order to survive. When do we recognize that equality is altogether evil, and corrupts any mind that accepts it?

  • Unreliable Nature Of Solar And Wind Makes Electricity More Expensive, New Study Finds

    Wind power, except in some places where it works perfectly like on the hills of Indio, California, is a terrible idea; solar seems like a much better idea, except for the fact that the panels are rather ugly. No one however is asking whether we are expending our energy on good things, or simply driving around huge crowds of mixed-race cultureless idiots with no purpose in life except to work, consume, and pay taxes.

  • New congressional resolution introduced to remove Lee statue from Antietam

    The Left will deny it, but their goal is to erase all history except Leftism, just as with political correctness, their goal is to eliminate all speech except Leftist speech. That way, you stumble into thinking that Leftism is the only way from a lack of any other options. If you want to know why the internet scares them, this is why. Any other options threaten the Leftism delusion that they are the one way and everything else has failed; when Leftism is failing, as after fifty years of rule in the West it clearly is, any other option seems preferable and people flee to those. Maybe this time we will learn that Leftism is simply horrible in even trace doses, and avoid even the homeopathic Leftism of thinking that popularity ever decides a choice well.

  • Is this the end of American Jewry’s golden age?

    In due course, the dilemma of political homelessness will split the American Jewish community into three quarrelling pieces: loud but relatively small numbers of leftist, anti-Zionist secular Jews who will fawn like Hannah Arendt’s parvenus over Democrats who openly loathe Israel and indulge in anti-Semitic tropes; even smaller numbers of right-oriented Jews, many religious but many not, who will essentially beg or try to bribe the Republicans for their favor; and a far larger clot of confused Jews who will either become fuzzily apolitical or, perhaps, seek out third-party alternatives that may be waiting in the wings.

    The problem Jews have faced has always been lack of a home or center. Starting with their mixed-race origins and extending to the diaspora, Jews have only known what they are by what they are not for too long. With the rise of Israel, they now have a homeland and identity again, and this has made Left-wing Jews irrelevant.

    Not surprisingly, the Jewish Left is now attacking Israel for being conservative including nationalist, or defining the nation by a single ethnic and cultural group and excluding everyone else:

    Far from representing the interests of Jews, these organizations serve an ascendant progressive movement growing more aggressive in its anti-Semitism. The leadership clique of America’s Jewish mainstream is protecting a Democrat Party that no longer resists the anti-Israel BDS movement, that embraces anti-Semitic hatemongers like Black Lives Matter and the Democratic Socialists of America, and that welcomes into its own ranks anti-Jewish predators like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

    Much as Jews in the Soviet Union discovered, the Left is your friend when they can use you to destroy majority populations through diversity in order to achieve equality, but then they discard you and in doing so, seek to destroy you. The only honest Jews remaining are Right-wing.

  • How Democrats misled the nation about Trump’s tax cuts

    2018 will go down in history as one of the worst sabotages of the American voters by the American voters, since they opted to deny the Right a majority instead of seeing the big picture, which is that the Right is correcting the massively broken Obama economy,1 2 3 4 broken Clinton foreign policy, broken diversity demographic replacement, and shattered sense of who we are as a nation. The voters see impossible promises, demand them, and then have a tantrum when these cannot be realized immediately as if ordered by Joseph Stalin, and thus hand power to the other party. This ensures that no consistent system of leadership ever exists, and so our society consists of a pile of hacks which are incompatible with each other.

  • Study: 1 In 5 Children Suffers From A Mental Health Disorder

    Modern society drives people mad, and children can see that the adult world they are being thrust into is paradoxical and miserable. Naturally, they are experiencing massive mental health problems.

  • Malmö sees first month in three years without a shooting

    Look how well diversity is working out in former suburban paradise Sweden. At least they will have more interesting television now.

  • American retailers already announced 6,000 store closures this year. That’s more than all of last year

    Why are stores closing? It’s the diversity, silly! No one wants to go out into the multiculture where one careless word can offend someone and lead to front page headlines about how racist, sexist, Islamophobic, or classist you are. Nor do we want to fight through foreign crowds who are obvious in their narcissistic self-interest and lack of connection to this place except as a financial prospect. We might even want to avoid the potential for violence and other bad behavior. Better just to order it online, and shut out the world. Fire up that 65″ television, connect to Amazon Prime or Hulu, work from home if you can, and avoid the ugly miserable disaster that “fundamental transformation of America” (sensu Obama) hath wrought.

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