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  • Undocumented immigrant charged with attempted murder after assassination-style shooting

    During processing, Cruz-Rosa told authorities he had most recently worked as an “election canvasser” for CASA de Maryland, a job he reported to have held for four months. The publicly-funded agency — which provides advocacy and assistance for both legal and illegal immigrants — has confirmed if did indeed employ Cruz-Rosa, but only “very briefly.”

    Can we admit that diversity is a farce, yet? Each ethnic group acts in its own self-interest alone; they want to conquer every other group. That means that they are invaders who will use our own institutions against us, like this guy who got paid to help other illegal immigrants vote up until he finally got caught for one of his violent crimes.

  • U.S. to end all waivers Iran oil imports, crude price jumps

    Trump has a new variation on American doctrine: anyone who plays nice with us gets rich, everyone else stays in third world status so that they are too poor, filthy, and stupid to do any harm.

  • Ukraine to become first country outside Israel whose president and PM are both Jewish

    So much for the idea that they are Nazis. In the meantime, Russia seems to be very happy about this decision. Voters are so easily led; you play to their outrage about something trivial, hype it into The End Of The World As We Know It, and then offer them an option which seems “different.” Whether that form of different is pledged toward more honesty, humor, accountability, transparency, or otherwise does not matter. Just show the consumer sheep a different product and they will buy it, and then you can do whatever you want, because your candidate won the election.

  • Should a White Man Be the Face of the Democratic Party in 2020?

    The neo-Communist NYT states the obvious. If you are the diversity party, you cannot embrace anything about the former host majority; in fact, you have to want to destroy them. If people had any brains — generally, they do not — they would listen carefully when the enemy tells you the truth about its agenda. They want to demographically replace you and rule like Hugo Chavez for the rest of time, living off oil wealth and the technology of the past. That is how small-minded and controlling these people are.

  • Prenatal and infant exposure to ambient pesticides and autism spectrum disorder in children: population based case-control study

    The Unabomber had a point about technology in that it subsidized our poor decision-making. Now it seems that many birds are returning home to roost as we see daily evidence of how different forms of pollution affect us.

    Risk of autism spectrum disorder was associated with prenatal exposure to glyphosate (odds ratio 1.16, 95% confidence interval 1.06 to 1.27), chlorpyrifos (1.13, 1.05 to 1.23), diazinon (1.11, 1.01 to 1.21), malathion (1.11, 1.01 to 1.22), avermectin (1.12, 1.04 to 1.22), and permethrin (1.10, 1.01 to 1.20). For autism spectrum disorder with intellectual disability, estimated odds ratios were higher (by about 30%) for prenatal exposure to glyphosate (1.33, 1.05 to 1.69), chlorpyrifos (1.27, 1.04 to 1.56), diazinon (1.41, 1.15 to 1.73), permethrin (1.46, 1.20 to 1.78), methyl bromide (1.33, 1.07 to 1.64), and myclobutanil (1.32, 1.09 to 1.60); exposure in the first year of life increased the odds for the disorder with comorbid intellectual disability by up to 50% for some pesticide substances.

    Some of our favorite pesticides are in fact mutating us. A sane or aristocratic mind would have seen this coming, but our modern hamster bureaucrat experts did not.

  • Dozens of bee species in decline in addition to bumblebees, study suggests

    In any system, there will be some participant who is more sensitive than others and therefore operates like the canary in the coal mine. When they fall over dead, you know that everyone else is doomed too. The real reward comes from anticipating the problem before that time, but not in a democracy, where such warnings offend people.

  • Major U.S. cancer center ousts ‘Asian’ researchers after NIH flags their foreign ties

    Chinese and other Asian researchers infiltrate American facilities, take advantage of free grants from the government, then steal our wealth and technology and take it back home. They act as if they intend to conquer us, but really what they are doing is just a higher-IQ version of what the Central American immigrants (who are also ethnically Asian) are doing. Every group acts only in its own self-interest alone, and that means that they are here to destroy us, not be a happy Benetton ad with us.

  • Israeli migration hotspot Berlin sees spike in anti-Semitic attacks

    No kidding. Jews do not belong in Europe; also, Europe now has lots of Muslims — who also do not belong in Europe — and these are prone to fits of violence. We hear about when they attack Jews, but government and media cover it up when they attack Germans. No wonder the mood is turning ugly against foreigners in general; benevolent xenophobia avoids all of these problems completely, where any other approach lets them in, and then they destroy society.

  • Welcome for migrants cools in Mexican town weary of caravans

    Why did Mexicans cheer on the caravans? For the same reason that Obama was cheered across Europe: our competition like anything that makes us weak or makes us look bad. They are the resentful also-rans while we are the leader of the pack, and they will always try to usurp us and take our position because no one feels secure except the leader (and only when he becomes leader does someone realize that this is the least secure position of them all; he may have defeated all threats, but now he faces the threat of himself, or of making a bad decision). After a few months of giving the USA the finger, however, Mexico is realizing that it has become the new San Francisco for all these people passing through, and that Trump is going to localize all effects in Mexico if he can. This has caused Mexico to panic about American militias because those militias might work, and then Mexico will have to absorb the disaster it created. Let us face it: if Mexico were responsible, and took care of its own problems, it would not be a third world wasteland. This means that Mexico, by definition, is going to offload its responsibilities to someone else and blame them and not itself for its continued disorganization and corruption leading to constant illiterate, low-IQ, and violent poverty. One solution would be to simply blast Central America with high explosives until it caved, then deposit all of its scatty little people back in their ethnic homeland of Mongolia. On a practical level, it makes perfect sense: instead of weakening ourselves with the constant E. Coli infection that Central Americans represent, let us force our enemy China to take on that infection and weaken itself. It is not like we are going to lose anything if these countries get erased; if we are feeling kind, we could go through and IQ test everyone, sending away the people below 100. More likely, we will have to defeat them and remove them by relocation or genocide. In the meantime, Mexico is attacking us over the failure of its own policy to manage these Central Americans, which puts them in allegiance with the deep state in opposing private citizens who enforce the law that federal, state, and local authorities seem unable or unwilling to. War is coming, both outside the USA and within it.

  • Polish crowd beats, burns Judas effigy with hat, sidelocks of ultra-Orthodox Jew

    People are getting tired of foreigners. You are getting the warning signals now, like the little tremors that come before an earthquake. Ignore it at your peril. These little tremors eventually become a big pogrom or Holocaust, and at that point, you have no one to blame but yourselves for sticking around, like passive-aggressive bullies, when it is clear that you are not wanted. This is not specific to Jews alone; Jews and Roma (Sinti, gypsies, Pakistanis) are simply the most visible groups. In the meantime, someone should explain to them that the point of the Bible was not “the Jews killed Jesus” but that “the crowd killed Jesus,” meaning that democracy is murder. The Bible is simply a more personable and vivid retelling of Plato, you nitwits. Your solution here is to stop being weenies who are hinting at your anti-Semitic rage, but instead to come out and say loud and proud, “No one is equal. Diversity will not work. The crowd is always wrong.” When you do that, you really kickstart the next era, instead of murdering clueless people to make a point.

  • Chinese runners accused of faking finishing time records to qualify for place in Boston Marathon

    Cheating and lying are normal in third world societies like China; this is why they are third world. If they stopped lying, cheating, stealing, grafting, and otherwise funding their individualistic actions through socialized externalities (pollution, street feces, crime, corruption, filth, disorder) these societies would become functional and start to join the first world. Instead, they refuse to do anything but double down on their greedy, selfish, narcissistic, sociopathic, solipsistic, and individualistic utilitarian behaviors, and so they end up sabotaging themselves every time. If you are succeeding, in their minds it will always be your fault that they are poor and inconsequential, even though it is their behavior which needs to change, not yours. Just like the average welfare recipient here in the West, they will argue the opposite, which is that you should change your behavior to accommodate them, even though that would result in another brilliant society where everyone is equally poor, stupid, and criminal like the Soviet Union, East Germany, Venezuela, Cuba, California, New York, etc.

  • A growing nation of immigrants

    How to Holocaust yourself: implement demographic replacement in the name of equality, civil rights, democracy, and “fairness.” Immigrants caused almost half of the population growth in the United States between 2017 and 2018. We can see the future of the USA, and it is like every third world nation on Earth: a few high-IQ but low-spirited elites ruling over an illiterate, stupid, filthy, selfish, and criminal mass that lives in favelas and whose only concern in each election is who gets free stuff. Did we mention that they are stupid? The problem with the third world is that they are stupid. Intelligent people do not behave as they do. The few smart people in third world societies get executed as “witch doctors” because they make everyone else bad by doing smart stuff like hygiene, honesty, irrigation, toilets, and other black magic from the bad gods. Who wants to live in the third world? American voters, apparently. Maybe they already are third world, if they are stupid enough to vote for this.

  • Tylenol’s Empathy Killing Properties Confirmed in Second Study

    Apparently, Tylenol reduces our capacity for empathy, or projecting ourselves into others to feel their pain as our own. Since this is somewhat useless — it makes more sense to simply intuit how painful it might be for others, and care for them as themselves — it might be very useful to spread Tylenol around so that people snap out of this navel-gazing daydream of a time. We know that birth control pills influence women to make bad choices, and along with the Tylenol data, this suggests that many of our “harmless” medical inventions have in fact been destructive for a long time. The illusion of modernity as “good” is coming apart, brick by brick.

  • Jerusalem Municipality Tells Kindergartens That Minority Members Are Not Allowed

    If you create an ethnostate for the Jewish people, of course you should exclude other religions and ethnic or racial groups. Even more, your people should not pay for foreign groups, even at kindergarten, because that drains resources from you to the Other. This is common sense, but under egalitarianism, everything must be destroyed so that people are made equal and we achieve Utopia, so it shocks some people who should know better.

  • Slavoj Zizek says ‘the dream of universal liberal democracy is over’

    Zizek has been hinting at this for years, which is why people love him. Francis Fukuyama wrote The End of History and the Last Man in which he suggested that human history had reached its ultimate linear point, and that liberal democracy was the last stage; competing with this was the view of circular history, which holds that much as our thoughts cycle from order to chaos, human societies move from a period of order through a series of attempts to reclaim that order before finally chucking democracy and getting realistic. The big point here is that universalism has died. There is no uniform human system and no unity across the globe; this was a 1990s trope based on the fall of the Soviet Union and the consequent seizure of the West by Leftists who had been indoctrinated in the 1960s, following American/Soviet wartime propaganda from the 1940s. Leftism is like an earworm in that it seizes human brains easily because it promises pacifism and safety by reducing our need to resent one another, but it denies the fact that people desire power and recognition more than “equality.” We made the philosophy of freedom into the philosophy of forced equality and then it became a massive ideological state just like the Soviet Union that it defeated, and so now it is collapsing and will be replaced with more boots and braces solutions in the future. Future societies will see genocide as a byproduct of diversity, universalism as a crowd delusion like singing along to Bon Jovi, democracy as mob rule and therefore a lowest common denominator, and bureaucracy as the enemy.

  • Microsoft staff are openly questioning the value of diversity

    Diversity has no value except for helping to achieve the egalitarian political agenda. If a worker is competent, bigotry has no value in holding him back; however, if he is not competent, hiring him for diversity purposes has no value, either. In fact, it is simply another form of bigotry, just a positive one instead of a negative one. Our tech companies are having trouble doing anything right, and one explanation is that they are bloated with employees who are just not as capable or inspired as the innovators who went before them. Certainly, Windows 10 is on paper the most successful Windows OS, yet seems to have constant glitches caused by inattentive programmers and committee decision-making. Diversity has not helped, and in fact is increasing the bloat, because these companies hire people and only then figure out uses for them, which means that you have incompetents busily churning out code and memoranda that detract from the company achieving its vision. Fire them all, send them home, and start over with the competents among us, most of whom have zero interest in moving to San Francisco, Cupertino, Menlo Park, or Redmond.

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