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  • Michel Houellebecq: Controversial writer wins Légion d’honneur

    Black metal and Michel Houellebecq basically introduced everything that the Alt Right and Dissident Right talk about, including the haunting loneliness of a loveless time because sex has replaced family and civilization is failing.

    But his critics accuse him of misogyny, racism and Islamophobia.

    All of the great writers in history were guilty of misogyny (noticing differences between men and women) and “racism” (noticing differences between races), and the ones who wrote on Islam were careful to point out that it is foreign to us and does not belong among us. Most were also opposed to diversity simply because it is a stupid, pretentious, and unrealistic idea.

  • Oak Park officials remove 1930s mural from school, saying it does not ‘reflect’ community’s diversity

    The school makes sense. When your population is mostly brown, yellow, red, and tan people they do not deserve to look up at happy white children, since that does not represent them. Of course, a mural based on third world populations doing stupid things while Western Civilization zoomed forward by suppressing the human instinct toward stupidity might upset them too.

  • Militia detains migrants at gunpoint along the US-Mexico border

    When government fails, citizens step in. Why would government oppose this? Mainly because it is a self-interested corporation that feeds on a steady stream of people to employ, tax, and then distribute money so that they can buy more stuff and make government more important.

  • Academic who blew the whistle on China’s influence on Australia says Canada is in even worse trouble

    In another few decades, if we survive, we will likely find that Chinese and/or Soviet agents deeply penetrated our societies and sponsored virulent Leftist parties who promptly sabotaged anything of health that they found. They discovered that they could paralyze us easily and then infiltrate directly through the web of loopholes and rights created through our court systems. They did the same across the West. This will not save them — the Asian societies are self-destructive because they have never purged their inner third-world solipsism — but it may allow them to destroy our governments. In fact, they probably already have. Since the 1990s, the DNC under the Clintons has certainly had a Chinese thumbprint on it, which is in part why the Clintons never faced accountability for any of their corrupt actions. One wonders how much of the press also accepts “donations” or is being blackmailed. Our continued neurotic fixation on impeaching Trump on the basis of Russian collusion is probably a proxy; we know that someone is jerking this place around, but want to blame the Russians instead of the Chinese and Soviet leftovers.

  • Newspapers Encouraging Locals To Flee To The US, Illegal Migrants Claim

    These are advertisements in newspapers. Who wants to bet that Leftist NGOs are behind it and these are never investigated?

  • Facebook teams with rightwing Daily Caller in factchecking program

    What is “fake news”? In addition to the big news outlets in the US being Leftist-controlled, there are spam sites out there which generate fake news stories that pander to the political biases that people have. You cannot bust those with fact checkers; you can only identify the domains and block them. Facebook refuses to allow us to block by domain, and also does not offer the one thing that could really help, which is date the link first showed up on Facebook. This would allow us to filter old stories and mark domains as fake, since when something comes from you can be pretty sure that it is ideological spam. That means that Facebook does not use fact-checkers to block actual fake news, but as cover for its activities, which is why they adopted a Right-wing fact checker and then banned UK far-Right sites a day later. Not only that, but they are using this to double down on their agenda, banning even those who mention these sites.

  • Virginia Capitol Police sergeant fired over alleged ties to white nationalists

    He was a member of the Asatru Folk Assembly. At this point, anyone not-Leftist is a “white nationalist.”

  • South Africa’s Decline Is Worst Among Nations Not at War, Model Shows

    Diversity does not work. We cannot admit that without admitting that equality, also, is a lie, so we double down on diversity. Then we have to pretend that news stories like this do not exist.

  • If Liberals Won’t Enforce Borders, Fascists Will

    The failure of diversity is obvious; the damage done by immigration is obvious; however, the Leftists want it for their plans of world domination, and the Libertarian fringe of the Right wants it for easy profits (again, Libertarians are Leftists). Everyone else is pushing back. Frum correctly points out that if democracy cannot heed this call, like the call of Brexit, it will be replaced by something more boots and braces. Since democracy fears admitting that people are not equal, it means that liberal democracy must be overthrown, and likely will be within the next decade or so.

  • The most effective way to tackle climate change? Plant 1 trillion trees

    You know the most effective way to do that? Set aside fully half of the land for nature. Not as hiking trails, fenced properties, designated wastelands, steerage land surrounding trains and roads, national parks for visitors, or nature trails; set it aside fully, as in no human use whatsoever. We do not manage it and try to control it, but simply let it be. Our activities are inherently destructive to nature, and there are no places safe from effects of us like airborne pollution, but we can give nature a chance to survive by leaving it alone. As pointed out by even the mildest of sources, our problem is too many people using too much land. Nothing we do that fails to address this situation will have any significant effect. Climate change is just an activity for middle class neurotics to obsess about as the end approaches.

  • Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population

    Glad we overthrew the aristocrats so that corporations, entertainers, athletes, celebrities, and foreigners could own everything. If you study the bell curve, you realize that in every human society, a small group owns and controls most of everything. To a sane person, that means that our first and most important job is ensuring that only good people get into that group, but under democracy the crowd favorites get elected to that position, which guarantees misuse.

  • Ukip MEP Stuart Agnew addressed pro-apartheid club

    “What some white South Africans are calling for is a reverse apartheid where there is a ‘homeland’ for whites. If the present murder rate of white farmers continues, world opinion might agree.”

  • Former Mozilla exec: Google has sabotaged Firefox for years

    As usual in democracy, the herd toadies up to the real bad guys while “speaking truth to power” against the good guys, and so the bad guys hide in plain sight. When the eventual truth comes out, the real bad guys are already in Switzerland with the wealth they stole, and the fall guys take the hit so the crowd can congratulate itself on another job well done and go back to sleep. The crowd is an expression of our neurotic selves, always wanting to be in control yet afraid to make decisions.

  • Mental health of pupils is ‘at crisis point’, teachers warn

    Democracy, equality, and diversity (D.E.a.D.) are working out well, it seems. How about those pointless, subservient modern careers? Lives rich in sex and empty of love? Lack of connection to land, culture, ancient gods, and a future beyond repeating what we did yesterday? Modernity is a wasteland hidden by a Potemkin shopping mall.

  • Are Europeans that work longer hours more productive?

    It turns out that working more hours does not translate into more productivity, but you do it anyway so that your boss is happy and she does not replace you with a recent arrival.

  • Pew Research: Hispanics to Outpace Black Americans as Largest Voting Minority in 2020

    This is what Black Lives Matter was really about. African-Americans are losing relevance under diversity. Where they used to be the token minority, now they have no special status, and court cases are going to batter down affirmative action and replace them with Hispanics (Asians from Mongolia, originally) and other Asiatics. Diversity destroys every group that falls into its clutches.

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