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  • In China, demands for more free speech outlast coronavirus lockdowns

    Three months after the COVID-19 outbreak unleashed a rare outpouring of criticism of China’s government, doubts linger about how much the Communist Party’s secrecy and censorship contributed to the crisis. Even as China seeks to revive its economy under a host of restrictions meant to prevent another outbreak, some are urging looser limits on speech.

    Free speech both tears down tyrants and raises up idiocy, so it is a mixed bag, but watching the Chinese machine come apart is gratifying since its basis is Communism, itself an outpouring of Asiatic philosophies of government, which hold that since people have similar issues, they must be treated as equal and programmed to do the will of a centralized bureaucracy. The West, which focused on qualitative improvement of its people, was able to make subtler distinctions.

  • Vandals destroy tree memorializing Anne Frank in Coeur d’Alene park

    Goodwin said he called the person who donated the tree 14 years ago and learned this is the third time it has been intentionally damaged or destroyed. The donor wishes to remain anonymous, he said.

    Tony Stewart, a founder of the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations – which was formed in the 1980s to oppose local hate groups like the Aryan Nations – believes the vandalism was motivated by anti-Semitism.

    It is worse than anti-Semitism: it is disinterest. People used to think that we could find one solution for all of humanity, but that just made problems even more intractable. Now, we just want to go our own way, and view the Holocaust as the result of Jewish intransigence and Nazi arrogance coming into collision. Let it pass into history. And why is the donor anonymous?

  • Fears over nuclear Turkey after Rolls Royce reactor deal

    But the plans have raised fears that Turkey’s authoritarian President Recep Tayyip Erdogan could use the development as a step towards the country becoming a nuclear-armed power.

    As previously reported in the Morning Star, Turkey’s secret nuclear programme includes plans to acquire weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), including nuclear missiles.

    Like a blind robotic zombie, the West continues sharing its technology with those who want to destroy it. Oh well, there is profit to be made, and someone else will be fighting those wars.

  • The social-distancing deniers have arrived

    The more successful the federal and state governments are at flattening the coronavirus infection curve, the more people will question whether halting the nation’s economy was necessary in the first place.

    Latest Leftist dog-whistle has arrived. You either fully buy into the Narrative, or you are bad. Sort of like with climate change and civil rights. As America has dumbed itself down with Idiocracy and diversity, it has also come to rely on Asiatic-style complete control, which requires generating a symbol and having all swear obedience to it as a method. Equality deniers will go to the gulags, concentration camps, mental hospitals, killing fields, or guillotines next.

  • FBI says state hackers have broken into US coronavirus research: report

    “The sad flipside is that it kind of makes them a mark for other nation-states that are interested in gleaning details about what exactly they’re doing and maybe even stealing proprietary information that those institutions have,” she added, according to the news organization.

    We should face the grim truth that the rest of the world is living off the West, our direction, our energy, our knowledge, and our economies. They need us; we do not need them. Cutting them free would enable them to find a more appropriate level of existence. Not everyone needs to be a first world, institution-based, legalistic society.

  • NATO warns allies to block China buying spree

    “We need to do more to protect Western technology from being bought up by Chinese companies,” John Sawers, the former chief of Britain’s MI6, told Sky News this week. “I don’t think it’s an existential threat in the way the Soviet Union was in the Cold War, but nevertheless there is going to be deep rivalry over control of technology.”

    Wonder why all those American companies were buying back stocks? China has been purchasing controlling powers in the best hopes of Western industry for some time. CoronAIDS just allows them to do it more cheaply and thus, buy more broadly and deeply than they could otherwise. We will never have control of our future until we keep China out of our affairs, and Chinese people (as well as all other ethnic Other, starting with The Irish) out of our countries.

  • Navy boots sailor who allegedly served as recruiter for neo-Nazi group

    Tarkington allegedly posted frequently on the now-defunct Iron March online forum, which was a hotbed of neo-Nazi activity until it was deactivated in November 2017, according to Gizmodo.

    One of the Atomwaffen Division members whom Tarkington allegedly recruited was John Cameron Denton, who was arrested in February for allegedly targeting journalists, Gizmodo reported.

    The Navy launched an investigation into Tarkington after the Gizmodo story ran on March 12, Flanders said. No information about the investigation was immediately available.

    Society feeds on sacrifices to its pretense. The pretense of humanism, civil rights, diversity, equality, and class warfare arises from our need to consider ourselves “good” as a group so that no individual feels judged for his or her inabilities or negative actions. In reality, “good” is not a binary but a spectrum, with each person being somewhere between Genghis Khan and Jesus.

  • Anne Frank’s diary in 2020: vlogging from the annex hideout

    The museum, which made the vlogs to commemorate 75 years since the end of the war in the Netherlands next month, said the 5- to 10-minute clips had been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube.

    Blatant propaganda, in my wire service? It is more likely than you think. No one cares about WW2 because while it may be that the bad guys lost, it is clear that the good guys did not win, since Hitler won the argument on diversity, just like the CSA did.

  • Takeaways from internal documents on China’s virus response

    In the memo, Ma demanded officials unite around Xi, and prioritize social stability during the long lead-up to China’s two biggest political meetings of the year in March.

    “Emphasize politics, emphasize discipline, emphasize science,” the memo cites Ma as saying.

    Remember that the Western Left is funded and controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

  • Carrollton High students expelled after racist video goes viral

    Filmed in a bathroom, the students — one boy and one girl — mimic a cooking show as they pour cups of water into the sink.

    “First we have ‘black,’” the girl can be heard saying as the boy grabs one cup and pours it in. “Next we have ‘don’t have a dad.’”

    Faith in diversity has hit an all-time low. In the meantime, we continue to sacrifice lives for the pretense that “we are all one.”

  • Tech companies step up fight against bad coronavirus info

    Facebook, Google and others have begun using algorithms, new rules and factual warnings to knock down harmful coronavirus conspiracy theories, questionable ads and unproven remedies that regularly crop up on their services — and which could jeopardize lives.

    Tech companies lean Left because the international Left has promised them that they can rule over the new market socialist technocracy. Consequently, these firms have changed their focus from providing access to information to publishing the “correct” information.

  • Inside the Push to Redeploy Workers Quickly

    Across the economy, thousands of workers are being redeployed in one of the fastest labor shifts in postwar history. As the coronavirus reshapes consumer needs and behaviors overnight, some workers are jumping into new roles within their companies. Others are being recruited by new employers through collaborations unthinkable in the intensely competitive labor market that existed just a couple of months ago.

    And just like that, we shifted from a “service economy” to a production economy. People do not want services; they want websites where they can buy stuff, have it trucked through the diversity and equality, and delivered safely to their gated communities. They are no longer interested in all those value-added services. Most importantly, people are realizing that they like life a lot simpler with less human interaction.

  • Planning a WFISD bond election for two new schools got more complicated with COVID-19

    Making plans to modernize schools for 14,100 students has already been a challenge for Wichita Falls ISD after hour upon hour of meetings and discussions.

    Weaver advised officials to highlight how the bond will boost the local economy.

    “I think what you can do there is really focus on the positive messages about how this bond is going to generate jobs,” she said.

    You rarely see it spelled out this blatantly. We are taxing the productive to pay for 14,100 new illegal aliens to attend school, and building them giant schools and hiring lots of useless people in order to stimulate the economy, just so we can then sell more stuff and tax more. The school bond property tax crisis in Texas has raised average property taxes to somewhere around 3%, which is effectively a second mortgage, just to pay for new students who are mostly minorities and many of whom are illegal aliens like the people flooding into Wichita Falls:

    According to Ross Kecseg of the conservative website Texas Scorecard, Texan households must shoulder, on average, a tax burden that is sixty percent higher than that of other states without income taxes. On the property tax front, the picture looks bleaker when comparing Texas to other states with no or very low income taxes. Texas households pay 83 percent higher property taxes than households in Washington, 102 percent higher taxes than in Nevada, 213 percent higher than in Wyoming, and more than 230 percent higher than taxpayers in Tennessee. Rising property taxes have been a feature in Texas politics over the past decade. James Quintero of the Texas Public Policy Foundation pointed this out when he revealed that statewide property taxes have climbed by 60 percent in the last decade. Texas’ rising property tax rates have clearly outstripped the population growth, which was 19 percent in the observed period.

  • Drew Pavlou, student who criticizes the Communist Party of China, faces school disciplinary hearings

    Drew Pavlou, an Australian student activist, says he is facing possible expulsion from his university for his outspoken opposition to China’s policies, and the University of Queensland’s alleged corruption and ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

    Will the parts of the formerly free West not owned by China please raise your hands? Oh. Good. The post office. Anyone else?

  • ‘We don’t need to be put down’: African Nova Scotian communities demand apology from premier

    In a daily briefing on April 7, Premier Stephen McNeil and Dr. Robert Strang named the predominantly African Nova Scotian communities of North Preston, East Preston and Cherry Brook as places of concern, noting some members of these communities are “not following the requirements to minimize social gatherings, to stop unnecessary social interaction.”

    Everywhere we look, diversity is causing problems, and the “solutions” offer including destroying the careers and social lives of white people as sacrifices on the altar of diversity pretense, and sending tons more money to the “afflicted” communities. Just end the charade.

  • NYPD cops suspended after profane rant was caught on video

    “Shut up! F–k you and shut up! F–k you. Suck a fat one! … Shut the f–k up before I smack the s–t outta ya.” one of the cops can be heard saying over their vehicle’s megaphone.

    “Shut the f–k up! Lick my b—s! F–k you!” the cop later says while pulling away as the pedestrian continues to shout.

    We have either become Idiocracy or “Florida man” as a nation. It really did not take long after diversity kicked in hard during the 1990s for everything to go straight into the toilet.

  • Coronavirus causes surge in dog and cat meat sales in Vietnam and Cambodia, investigators say

    Sales of dog and cat meat have risen in Vietnam and Cambodia since the outbreak of the coronavirus because people believe it has “warming” properties that head off flu viruses, an investigation has found.

    Cultures are different. None are objectively better or worse. In Asia they eat them, here we let tens of thousands of dogs and cats become strays who are eventually captured and euthanized. Humanity has a lot to answer for in its treatment of nature.

  • McDonald’s apologizes after restaurant in China bans black people

    Notice: We have been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. For the sake of your health now consciously notify the local police for medical isolation, please understand the inconvenience caused

    police TEL: 110

    Do we call it racist, burn down our cities, and demand more entitlements when it is another “minority” group doing the discrimination?

  • FBI sabotaged Trump’s presidency: Barr

    John Durham, a U.S. attorney and the attorney general’s special investigator since March on origins of the Trump-Russia election investigation, will file a report at some point.

    But, Mr. Barr said, “his primary focus isn’t to prepare a report. He’s looking to bring to justice people who are engaged in abuses if he can show that there were criminal violations and that is what the focus is on, building these cases, especially the sprawling case we have between us that went on for two or three years here.”

    “It takes some time to build a case. So he’s diligently pursuing it. My own view is that the evidence shows we’re not dealing with just mistakes or sloppiness. There’s something far more troubling here and we’re going to get to the bottom of it …… and if people broke the law and we can establish that with the evidence they will be prosecuted.”

    We need to start giving Democrats a choice: jail, or exile to Venezuela. They will be happier there, although they can never truly be happy.

  • One in five Britons ‘unsure’ about getting COVID-19 vaccine – poll

    According to the RSPH, vaccine coverage rates in the UK have been declining in recent years, while scepticism about their safety has continued to rise.

    Last year, the World Health Organisation listed vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to global health.

    The people who have been non-stop screwing up want us to know that they are right this time, and we should accept whatever they want to do to us. Luckily some remain skeptical. In the end, the coronavirus panic will mint some new billionaires.

  • Kenya governor under fire after putting Hennessy bottles in coronavirus care packages

    Recipients of Nairobi politician Mike Sonko’s Covid-19 care packages can expect to receive the typical food staples except for one item — alcohol.

    Sonko, the governor of the Kenyan capital city, Nairobi, confirmed in a media briefing on Tuesday that his care packages include a few small bottles of the cognac, Hennessy.

    The governor justified the inclusion of alcohol as “throat sanitizer.”

    He has a point. People need to keep their spirits up. Enjoy life.

  • Spain to pay basic income to help poorest weather coronavirus

    It has yet to be decided how much will be paid per month and Escriva declined to say what it would cost the government, though he said it would be funded with new public debt.

    He said up to a fifth of Spanish households have an income of less than 246 euros ($266) a month.

    Spain, like Canada, Italy, Russia, Ireland, and Florida, is basically a European third-world country. If we want to pick someone to emulate, we should choose a non-failing country, not the Mexico of Eurasia. Every place where Europeans have become racially mixed, including by trace admixture as in Spain, society does not seem to function so well and more resembles the elements of admixture than whatever originally European population was there.

  • Sacred stone returns to Venezuela after decades in Berlin

    The Pemon community believes the Kueka stone represents the story of two lovers from different tribes who defied the gods to marry, only to be turned to separate stones as punishment. The Kueka stone is described as the Pemons’ grandmother.

    The race-mixing stone should return to Venezuela where it can join other unrealistic idealistic ideas. Perhaps we can convince Leftists to start up a cult around the Kueka Stone.

  • US to give Palestinians $5m in coronavirus aid – 1% of what Trump cut

    The United States has announced it will give $5m to the Palestinians to help them fight the coronavirus epidemic, roughly 1% of the amount Washington provided a year before Donald Trump cut almost all aid.

    Why give any money to the insane? This group has routinely shown a willingness to bypass developing civilization in favor of constant jihad that is just as destructive as it is futile. Let nature do her work. Darwin and Galton smile on you when you do.

  • Bandit tell owner, workers to wear face masks, while robbing store

    Kaieteur News understands that upon entering the establishment, the men told everyone present to put on their face masks so that they (bandits) would be protected from the deadly Coronavirus.

    CNN will probably interview them tomorrow.

  • Major Democratic Group Received $100,000 in Chinese Government-Linked Tech Firm Stock

    A prominent Democratic group poised to spend millions backing former vice president Joe Biden received $100,000 in the form of stock shares in the Chinese technology giant Baidu from an anonymous donor. Baidu, like many Chinese technology companies, is closely affiliated with China’s ruling Communist Party.

    American Bridge, an opposition research group founded by liberal operative David Brock, reported the receipt of the 450 shares in late 2018, a gift that was disclosed in its latest tax filings. The multinational internet services company acts as China’s Google and operates under a degree of state party control.

    Few parts of the American Left are not under Chinese control. Bribes are cheaper and more effective than battleships, planes, bombs, and armies.

  • Everything we know about the Wuhan lab that may have unleashed coronavirus

    The first cable warned the experiments conducted in the lab on coronavirus in bats “represented a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic,” according to the report.

    The cable, written by two US-China embassy officials, said there is a “serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory,” according to the report.

    Everything in clown world is incompetent because meritocracy promotes bean-counters and careerists, not thinking people with souls. Social mobility may be one of our enemies.

  • 80 organisations, politicians and journalists call for ‘swift actions’ on Hungary

    “We cannot allow unscrupulous political actors to use the current climate as a pretext for dismantling democracy and undermining the rule of law.”

    “The recent actions of Viktor Orbán’s government in Hungary are a flagrant attack on the cornerstones of the rule of law and the values of the Union,” it concludes.

    The letter also calls attention to the “draconian prison sentences for spreading ‘misinformation’ which could be used to stifle independent journalism.”

    The West, busy censoring everything it can, criticizes Hungary for doing something similar but in a non-Leftist context. In the meantime, Hungary just wants to break away from an obviously failing system of liberal democracy, market socialism, human rights, and globalism. Equality is an illusion.

  • Coronavirus: China’s economy shrank for the first time since 1976 in first quarter

    Industrial production, a gauge of manufacturing, mining and utilities, fell by 1.1 per cent last month, after a 13.5 per cent decline over January and February,
    when the data was combined. This was much better than expectations of a 6.2 per cent decline, according to the Bloomberg survey. Within that, however, manufacturing contracted by 10.2 per cent, suggesting that even as factories reopen, headwinds remain.

    Retail sales, a key measurement of consumption in the world’s most populous nation, fell by 15.8 per cent, following a record 20.5 per cent collapse in the first two months, much worse than forecasts of a 10.0 per cent slump.

    We will find out that it has been shrinking for some time but the numbers were manipulated. The bigger point is that China has not found any role for itself except as a manufacturer for and emulator of the West, and now the West wants to separate itself from globalism. War will result.

  • NATO ministers to question reliance on China for pandemic supplies

    “I think it’s obvious one of the lessons we all have to learn is … about the importance of resilience and we have to look into issues like the supplies of medical equipment, protective suits, medicines and all that kind of stuff. And also ask questions on whether we are too dependent on production coming from outside, whether we should be producing some of this equipment in our own countries …”

    Self-sufficiency is becoming popular again. That requires us to get rid of the parasitic programs and people who currently affect the West, both on the high end (unelected bureaucrats) and low end (diverse underclass).

  • Subsidies For Han Settlers ‘Engineering Demographics’ in Uyghur-Majority Southern Xinjiang

    Several videos recently posted to Chinese social media platform Douyin show Han migrants arriving by bus and train to cities built by the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), or “bingtuan,” and being ushered to new homes, where they are provided with free utilities and plots of land.

    This is the same thing done by our refugee resettlement program and Hart-Celler immigration in the USA. “Engineering Demographics” is a nice way to say soft genocide.

  • Coronavirus prompts Canada to roll out safe drugs for street users

    B.C. is the first province to apply those guidelines to support people who use street drugs. Healthcare providers are ramping up the supply of prescription drug replacements for those who live with addictions to drugs like heroin, and even dispensing some of them via unique vending machines.

    The giveaways never end.

  • Spanish mayors call for investment in public services in coronavirus’ aftermath

    The mayors of Spain’s seven largest cities have called on central and regional governments to put social justice and improved investment in public services at the heart of the country’s post-coronavirus recovery plan, saying the crisis has shown the need to “shield the most vulnerable”.

    These are always in the name of the weak, poor, sick, and insane, since no one wants to be seen as lacking in compassion. “Social justice” is just socialism with a new name.

  • Facebook to notify users who have engaged with harmful COVID-19 posts

    Facebook said it has taken down hundreds of thousands of false posts that could be harmful and in March displayed warnings on another 40 million dubious claims related to the virus, without removing them.

    “We will also soon begin showing messages in News Feed to people who previously engaged with harmful misinformation related to COVID-19 that we’ve since removed, connecting them with accurate information,” Zuckerberg said in a post.

    In democracy, phantoms of the mind rule the herd and thus the vote, so society must commit to nagging passive-aggressive censorship. Alternatively, we could admit that democracy will never work, that social media and news-entertainment legacy media are not good sources of information, and that we have been controlled by this neurotic process for centuries. Propaganda is a common feature of “freedom” apparently.

  • Under India’s caste system, Dalits are considered untouchable. The coronavirus is intensifying that slur

    India’s caste system was officially abolished in 1950, but the 2,000-year-old social hierarchy imposed on people by birth still exists in many aspects of life. The caste system categorizes Hindus at birth, defining their place in society, what jobs they can do and who they can marry.

    Those at the bottom of the hierarchy, who fall outside the four main categories of Brahmins (priests and teachers), Kshatriyas (warriors and rulers), Vaishyas (traders and merchants) and the Shudras (laborers), are considered “untouchables” or Dalits.

    Crypto-Communist legacy media argues that caste, like race, is a “social construct,” confusing the fact that we use words for things with the existence of their category by the presence of traits in common. We have caste in the West, too, although we stopped admitting it after WW2:

    • Jarls/Brahmins: 125+ IQ, 1%
    • Carls/Kshatriya: 120+ IQ, 9%
    • Thralls/Dalits: below 120 IQ, 90%

    Each group is specialized for different tasks. Carls make up our elite military, artists, and businesspeople; Thralls are our unskilled labor and shopkeepers. When castes are mixed, you get someone with a higher IQ but lower moral character, and these end up being destructive people who run social media sites. Brahmins, which are rare, are our natural leaders. The Leftist social order consists of oppressing the Brahmins so that the Thralls can rule with their greater number of votes. Not surprisingly, peasants pretending to be kings always turns out badly.

  • Land O’Lakes erases American Indian “butter maiden” from packaging

    Land O’Lakes butter has been encased in packaging bearing the logo of a “butter maiden” since 1928. The American Indian woman depicted had a feather in her hair and was kneeling, holding up a container of butter in her hands.

    The logo had long been criticized as racist and stereotypical, with North Dakota Rep. Ruth Buffalo telling the Grand Forks Tribune the image goes “hand-in-hand with human and sex trafficking of our women and girls.”

    When we finally look into history honestly, we will see that the “Native Americans” (Amerinds) were in fact Mongolian slave-caste people who overthrew their natural leaders, destroyed their civilization, and devolved into petty tribes fighting each other over easily-accessible resources. When the Europeans arrived, they interrupted nothing. The gentlest and sanest notion would have been to repatriate the Amerinds to their homeland in Mongolia.

  • Local sheriffs speak out against governor’s executive orders

    “While we understand her desire to protect the public, we question some restrictions that she has imposed as overstepping her executive authority,” reads part of the release. “She (Whitmer) has created a vague framework of emergency laws that only confuse Michigan (residents).”

    The recent executive orders from Whitmer instruct people to stay home except for essential actions and services such as grocery shopping, exercise and essential work.

    That order was clarified further last week to prohibit such actions as using motorized watercraft, certain garden centers and paint sales as well as other actions through April 30. This lead to the closure of three Manistee boat launches to users of motorized watercraft.

    Neurotic Leftist confuses symbolism with reality and writes a whole bunch of rules to keep the herd subjugated and humiliated, mainly to appease her diverse population by making it impossible for people with more money than the impoverished to enjoy themselves at all during the great panicdemic. Naturally, pushback rises to meet her.

  • Earth-size, habitable-zone planet found hidden in early NASA Kepler data

    This newly revealed world is only 1.06 times larger than our own planet. Also, the amount of starlight it receives from its host star is 75% of the amount of light Earth receives from our Sun—meaning the exoplanet’s temperature may be similar to our planet’s as well. But unlike Earth, it orbits a red dwarf. Though none have been observed in this system, this type of star is known for stellar flare-ups that may make a planet’s environment challenging for any potential life.

    We need one planet for each racial group. Then we scatter. In a million generations, we will see what comes of this new humanity.

  • ‘We’re changing the very course of evolution on this planet,’ says renowned Canadian biologist

    “[For a disease], jumping to a new host species is tricky because it has to be able to not only infect that individual human, but it has to evolve to be able to transmit from human to human. But now as we’re both trading in wildlife and the number of humans is approaching 8 billion people, there’s just so many opportunities for those jumps,” Otto said.

    Use only half the land and this will not be a problem.

  • ‘Spectacular’ artefacts found as Norway ice-patch melts

    “One is talking about artefacts that were put in the deep freeze 1,000 years ago, and later and earlier, and were taken out when we found them. So a textile is almost perfectly preserved, one might find arrows with the fletching perfectly preserved, with the sinew still in place, the glue that glued the feathers to the shaft. These are quite remarkable finds.”

    We keep learning some of what we have forgotten. Does a stable species exterminate its own history?

  • Planned obsolescence: the outrage of our electronic waste mountain

    Nathan Proctor is talking via Google Hangouts from Boston, Massachusetts, about an allegedly central feature of modern manufacturing known as planned obsolescence. This is the idea that some of the world’s biggest companies have been selling us products either knowing full well that they will only last a couple of years, or having deliberately built a short lifespan into the itemor its software.

    Planned obsolescence results mostly from corner-cutting, or shaving a few cents here and there off of products in order to widen the profit margin while keeping the products themselves inexpensive. This is why you no longer have socketed chips or riser boards on PCs, for the most part, and phones come with batteries soldered into their motherboards. Companies lose money by maintaing old products and lose profit by putting in the features like battery ports that would be required for flexible, enduring products. The desire for cheap products is driven mostly by the people buying them; where in the 1920s-1950s most products were designed for the upper half of the middle class, products now are designed for the underclass with the small minority of people (20%) above that level buying specialized, luxury, organic, free-range, grass-fed, ethical, and other types of niche products instead. That is, everyone can find the $10 shovel at Home Depot, but the people with the money and brains to know the difference buy the $100 shovel made out of actual quality wood, metal, and rubber from Bering’s. Having received a breather from the reckless pace of modernity, humans are now reconsidering the consumerist lifestyle, where we all grind away our hours in jobs that do not matter so that we can pay taxes so that our debt can be serviced so that government can keep taxing and spending on wealth redistribution programs that inspire the proles to purchase consumer junk like mad and pitch it into the landfill just a few months later.

  • Young Thais join ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ in online backlash that angers Beijing

    “The backlash shows that the official narrative repeated among governments, armies and elites isn’t widely accepted in Thai society,” said Wasana Wongsurawat, an expert on China at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University.

    “Anti-Beijing sentiment has become a part of Thais’ fight against authoritarianism,” she told Reuters.

    We are seeing the transition of the twenty-first century thanks to coronavirus and, more importantly, how our systems seemingly could not figure this one out nor provide basic survival needs like toilet paper and groceries. Just like the Soviets, liberal democratic market socialism — the system in use across the West — has failed. China, which as the primary sponsor of the Left and active proponent of globalism, has also failed. Like a dying sun, it will contract, drawing in all around it until it becomes the hard insoluble black hole of totalitarianism as we see in North Korea, where even airlifted propaganda fails because people eat it for the nutritional value of the paper it is printed upon. China and the Left are inextricably linked, and both are failing. It is a good time to push them into a state of panic by opposing both at every turn.

  • Masterpiece Cakeshop owner in court again for denying LGBTQ customer

    Scardina, an attorney and activist, says she tried to order a pink cake with blue frosting, but that the bakery refused her request after she explained it was intended to recognize her identity as a transgender woman, according to court documents. She alleges that a representative of the Christian bakery told her it “did not make cakes for ‘sex changes.’”

    Kristen Waggoner, senior vice president of ADF’s U.S. legal division, said Phillips is being targeted “because he won’t create custom cakes that express messages or celebrate events in conflict with his conscience.”

    You can have one or the other, free speech or the Fourteenth Amendment. The latter compels you to speak in ways that you do not consent to, all in the name of equality. It simply was — like all civil rights and human rights law — bad law, and we are now slowly admitting that it is paradoxical and must go.

  • Massachusetts man charged with trying to blow up Jewish nursing home

    John Michael Rathbun, 36, of East Longmeadow was charged with two counts of attempted arson after local police found a 5-gallon plastic gas container with burned paper placed in the nozzle of the canister outside the assisted living home on April 2, according to a criminal complaint.

    One wonders what this will achieve. If you want to terrorize someone, terrorize Leftists. Depose them, and seize power. Then eliminate the laws and programs (entitlements) that give them their power. Harming elderly Jewish people does not factor into this unless they are also Leftists. Jews tend to follow the American upper half of middle class model: Leftist in public, but very “fiscal conservative” when it comes to their own money. Such people vote for tax increases simply because they have already found a way to avoid them, and they look forward to smashing everyone else back down with those high costs.

  • U.S. says China may have conducted low-level nuclear test blasts

    Beijing’s lack of transparency included blocking data transmissions from sensors linked to a monitoring center operated by the international agency that verifies compliance with a treaty banning nuclear test explosions.

    During the Cold War, nations staged nuke tests to scare their enemies into submission and terrify their own citizens into compliance.

  • ‘A bad time to be alive’: Study links ocean deoxygenation to ancient die-off

    By approximately 444 million year ago, a second pulse of extinction then set in at the boundary between the Hirnantian and Rhuddanian geological stages largely—albeit inconclusively—attributed to ocean anoxia. Around 85 percent of marine species vanished from the fossil record by the time the Late Ordovician event ultimately passed.

    A number of things can cause this, but most importantly, too much life can do it. If the larger species in the ocean die out, then the algae of various sorts take over, and they will suffocate the oceans, then killing off the rest of the species. Only this model provides the structure of a runaway chain reaction that we see in these extinctions.

  • Why is ‘cottagecore’ booming? Because being outside is now the ultimate taboo

    Millennials were the first generation to grow up with the internet, yet Gen Z has led the entirety of their adolescence in a state of constant social media performance. It makes sense that on a foundational level, cottagecore would tap into a taboo familiar to many teens and young adults: To be “disconnected”. To be “unavailable”. To be “off-the-grid”. In 2018, “to be outdoors” was a symbolic act of rebellion.

    See also rise of the “green” gated community.

  • China already has a WHO alternative

    “It is the clearest example of the fact that BRI is not about infrastructure construction, but a broader effort to redraw the world according to Beijing’s preferred design,” said Nadège Rolland, a senior fellow at the National Bureau of Asian Research.

    Leadup to war. Starring China as Sauron, Russia as Saruman, England as the Rohirrim, and the remaining Nordic-Germanic elements of Western Europe as Gondor. Unite or die.

  • Keir Starmer received £50,000 donation from pro-Israel lobbyist in leadership bid

    Recently published data shows Labour leader Keir Starmer received a £50,000 donation from pro-Israel lobbyist Trevor Chinn – information which was not disclosed until after polls had closed in the leadership election.

    We seem to have a shortage of Leftists who are not taking money from foreign powers.

  • Half UK’s true carbon footprint created abroad, research finds

    Emissions associated with imports to the UK, including international travel, have risen from about 316m tonnes of carbon in 1990 to 360m tonnes in 2016 and 358m tonnes in 2017, the latest year for which data is available. These imported emissions can vary substantially from year to year, but have been broadly steady or rising, though they are down from a peak of 449m in 2007, before the financial crisis.

    Globalism has died because of its inherent paradoxes. One of them involves our habit of shipping our pollution-causing activities abroad as much as possible. The best environmental strategy would be to limit our land use, and produce only what we need, and do that as close to locally as possible. This shows us what has always stood in the way of environmentalism however: unions, entitlements, equality, immigration, open borders, and other Leftist programs.

  • Opposite-sex marriages fall to record low

    A total of 235,910 opposite-sex marriages were registered in England and Wales in 2017- a decrease of 2.8% compared with 2016.

    The number has fallen by 45% since 1972, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

    As predicted, the sexual revolution turned marriage into extended dating. At that point, gynocentric divorce courts and laws essentially dissuaded men from getting married at all, which means that we have a huge population of white women in their forties and later who are cruising around looking for sex, their marriages having collapsed in infidelity or distrust a decade ago. Modernity really is the loneliest possible time.

  • China’s Worrying Military Exercises Near Taiwan

    Back in the first half of February, the PLA Eastern Theater Command started sending its fighter jets and bombers around Taiwan. In response, Taiwan’s Air Force had to scramble its own fighters to shadow the Chinese aircraft. On February 10, Chinese jets reportedly briefly crossed “an unofficial middle line in the Taiwan Strait.” The same day, the PLA Eastern Theater Command stated that its military has been engaged in “air-ground assault and fire support drills to further refine and test their multi-service joint combat capabilities.”

    China is probing to see if the West will intervene if it attempts to invade China, Vietnam, Malaysia, or Japan. If you want WW3, then let them get away with it; their ambitions do not stop there, and soon you will be thrust into a war of even less joy or hope or survival. The best policy would be to withdraw our economies from China entirely and force them to downscale, which will in turn reduce their megalomaniac ambitions.

  • Relying on ‘local food’ is a distant dream for most of the world

    Globalisation has revolutionized food production and consumption in recent decades, and cultivation has become more efficient As a result, diets have diversified and food availability has increased in around the globe. However, it has also led to a situation where the majority of the world’s population lives in countries that are dependent on, at least partially, imported food. This can intensify vulnerabilities during any kind of global crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic, as global food supply chains are disrupted.

    No one trusts globalism anymore. It means that someone owns you and can manipulate you from across the world. Looks like the “global village” was yet another failed Clinton program.

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