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  • Four ‘Easter weekend asteroids’ to zip past Earth at up to 57,000mph tomorrow, Nasa warns

    The first of tomorrow’s asteroids is also the fastest, clocking speeds of 57,000 miles per hour.

    The other Easter weekend asteroids are 2020 GU1 (8:48am), 2020 GG (3:21pm) and 2004 FG11 6pm).

    At 1,246ft long, the largest, 2004 FG11, is as big as the Empire State Building.

    While we fiddle, the fire prepares for its entrance. One of these days, we will be watching a doom approach, and we will either have prepared or face extinction.

  • Governor Northam Signs Virginia Values Act

    Senate Bill 868, sponsored by Senator Adam Ebbin, prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in housing, public and private employment, public accommodations, and access to credit. The legislation also extends important protections to Virginians on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, disability, and status as a veteran.

    These bills create privilege for minority groups, and in doing so, insulate them against criticism or consequences for their actions. This will backfire, since political darlings always become abusive.

  • Japan Intercepted Chinese Military Aircraft 675 Times in Fiscal Year 2019

    The 675 scrambles conducted by the JASDF against PLAAF/PLANAF planes constitute a 5.8 percent increase compared to the prior year. It marks the second highest number of scrambles in response to Chinese military aircraft for a one-year period since 1958.

    Its economy foundered in 2009. Now under great stress, China knows that to keep its people mobilized, it must choose war. Following the Asiatic model, it will attack all weak parties on its flanks in order to expand to the point where it believes it cannot be defeated, and aim for world conquest from there.

  • 5G protesters sabotage Dutch phone towers

    Various groups in the Netherlands have been opposed to the 5G network for some time, largely due to health concerns such as radio waves that could potentially be harmful to human health. Others say that the network could violate privacy rights.

    Keep the Chinese spy network out of your country.

  • Vigilantes kill eight people in Malawi amid fear of ‘bloodsuckers’

    The latest victims were from Mozambique and were attacked on Monday while travelling to Tanzania through Malawi’s northern region.

    “A group of vigilantes apprehended them but because of the language barrier, they could not understand each other,” the regional spokesman, Peter Kalaya, told AFP.

    “So the vigilantes attacked them,” he said. “When the police arrived … two were already dead.”

    People communicate in the visible and tangible — images, symbols, emotions, dollars, fears — and these become metaphors. Diversity and vampires seem to be expressions of the same idea.

  • Ofcom formally probes David Icke TV interview

    “We have assessed this programme, and we are concerned that it raises potential issues under our rules,” said a spokesman for Ofcom.

    “We are now investigating as a matter of urgency.”

    It intends to speak to London Live as part of the probe, and said it was making the investigation “a priority”.

    Our superstition in democracies involves others taking over our minds with words, symbols, ideas, and emotions. Instead of pointing the finger at social control, which happens when groups assert dominance of illusion over reality, we first target those who notice that something is wrong, even if they speak in gibberish and metaphor.

  • Edmonton Oilers forward Colby Cave dies at age 25 after suffering brain bleed

    Cave was placed in a medically-induced coma on Tuesday at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. He had been airlifted to that facility after being admitted to a hospital in Barrie, Ont., on Monday.

    He underwent emergency surgery on Tuesday with doctors removing a colloid cyst that was causing pressure on his brain.

    Watching sports on television may be on the way out, in part because people keep dying or becoming semi-vegetative because of the injuries they receive on a routine basis.

  • John Conway

    We just lost John Conway, inventor of the Game of Life.

  • Call It a Ponzi Scheme

    Higher education today resembles a massive Ponzi scheme. Colleges desperately recruit ever more marginal students who stand little chance of graduating. Before their inevitable withdrawal, those students’ tuition dollars fuel the growth of the bureaucracy, which creates the need to get an even larger pool of likely dropouts through the door to fund the latest round of administrative expansion. Administrative positions at colleges and universities grew at ten times the rate of tenured faculty positions from 1993 to 2009, according to academic consulting firm ABC Insights. By the 2013 school year, there were slightly more campus administrators nationwide than faculty; spending on the bureaucracy was equal to spending on all educational functions, including faculty. Tuition rose to cover those bureaucratic expenses, regardless of whether families could afford to pay it. Tuition at private four-year colleges grew 250 percent from 1982 to 2012, while the median family income rose about 18 percent, adjusted for inflation, according to ABC Insights. Since the 2008 recession, tuition at four-year public colleges rose 35 percent.

    They sold this to the voters as an anti-poverty program. People with college degrees earn more over their lifetimes, said the pundits and politicians, so just send everyone to college and then everyone will earn more. They ignored the fact that college graduates earned more because they had been selected for intelligence and diligence.

  • Footnotes in watchdog report indicate FBI knew of risk of Russian disinformation in Steele dossier

    Footnote 350 in the IG report addresses the FBI’s knowledge of Russian contacts with Steele and the potential for disinformation. Steele had “frequent contacts with representatives for multiple Russian oligarchs, we identified reporting the Crossfire Hurricane team received from (redacted) indicating the potential for Russian disinformation influencing Steele’s election reporting.”

    The footnote also indicates that warnings to the FBI’s Russia probe became more pronounced over time.

    “The (redacted) stated that it did not have high confidence in this subset of Steele’s reporting and assessed that the referenced subset was part of a Russian disinformation campaign to denigrate US foreign relations.”

    It was a fraud all along.

  • British boy fighting rare cancer is discharged after coming to Singapore for experimental treatment

    The little boy from Worcester, England flew to Singapore after the family crowdfunded £500,000 (S$885,000) for a new form of treatment, in which immune cells from a patient’s blood is drawn and equipped with a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR-T).

    The receptor binds itself to a specific protein on the cancer cell and activates the CAR-T cells to kill the cancer cells.

    Future treatments may be subtler than what we have now and involve sending signals to our immune systems that enable them to identify the real enemy instead of fighting shadows.

  • Far-right terrorist ringleader found to be teenager in Estonia

    Investigators found the group was headed by a 13-year-old, the German magazinesaid, citing Estonian newspaper Eesti Ekspress. The young man operated online under the name “Commander” and was responsible for the recruitment and admission of new members.

    He also shared bomb-making instructions, spoke about planning an attack on London and suggested organizing military training camps in February, to commemorate the “100th birthday” of Adolf Hitler’s former political party NSDAP.

    Due to the suspect’s age, he cannot be prosecuted in Estonia, Der Spiegel reported. Instead, authorities will have to seek other legal measures to protect him from himself and others.

    We fall back on the old Soviet solution: he goes into a mental hospital. In the meantime, the far-Right shows that not only does it attract the most intelligent people these days, but it is driven by the young.

  • Doctor jailed for killing baby who ‘burst out crying’ during abortion

    The Seoul Central District Court on Friday convicted the doctor, 65, surnamed Yun, of killing a 34-week-old baby and suspended Yun’s medical license for three years.

    “Medical staff who participated in the operation have consistently said they heard the baby crying,” a three-judge panel of the court said in a statement. “It is clear that the doctor killed the baby, who was born alive.”

    Yun, who ran a maternity clinic in Seoul, received 28 million won ($23,000) for the operation from the mother of a pregnant girl, 16. Yun was later indicted on murder charges for putting the live baby in a bucket of water.

    Abortion is yucky but will remain legal as long as casual sex remains common.

  • U.S. Postal Service says it will run out of money by September

    Postmaster General Megan Brennan spoke with lawmakers Thursday, asking for $75 billion to keep the service afloat.

    She says the service will likely see a $13 billion revenue hit this year.

    With economic activity stalled, we see the first face of the New Great Depression: the pension bomb, which could be paid off as long as money kept flowing in, will detonate. The USPS is just the canary in the coal mine for this one, since states, cities, towns, and corporations will all face the horror of these expensive plans.

  • What Managers Get Wrong – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for Great Teams

    Businesses, following the egalitarian tendencies of our times, refuse to look at the psychology and native abilities of candidates, prefering credentials and experience. Understanding the personality type needed for each role allows for more competent hiring.

  • Alert from Amazon


    We’re contacting you regarding the following book(s):

    Hasten the Day: The First Year of the Balkanization of America
    Hasten The Day: The First Year Of The Balkanization Of America
    Waiting For The Sun: Hasten The Day, Part II (Volume 2)
    Waiting For The Sun: Hasten The Day, Part II
    Waiting For The Sun: Hasten The Day, Part II: Volume 2
    The Balk: What does it mean, and what will it mean to America’s future?
    Waiting For The Sun: Hasten The Day, Part II
    Wasting The Dawn: Hasten The Day, Part III: Volume 3
    The Balk: What does it mean, and what will it mean to America’s future?
    The Balk: What Does It Mean, and What Will It Mean to America’s Future?
    Wasting The Dawn: Hasten The Day, Part III
    Wasting The Dawn: Hasten The Day, Part III (Volume 3)
    Wasting The Dawn: Hasten The Day, Part III
    Hasten The Day: The First Year Of The Balkanization Of America

    During our review process, we found that your book(s) violate our content guidelines. As a result, we are not offering your book(s) for sale on Amazon.

    Billy Roper finds recent media campaign results in his books being delisted from Amazon. When SJWs can deplatform with Karen-esque whining, no public expression of facts that are accurate but also controversial will be permitted. We have become a society dedicated to a lie.

    Look toward this other example, the de-Wuhanizing of COVID-19, a.k.a. the “Wuhan Flu” because it emerged in Wuhan, China, a fact that seems “problematic” (controversial, breaking up the hugbox) to Chinese ambitions for world domination and therefore must be scrubbed:

    In an article published on Tuesday, the publication said that the World Health Organisation’s announcement on February 11 that the official name for the pneumonia-like virus would be Covid-19 had been an implicit reminder to “those who had erroneously been associating the virus with Wuhan and with China in their news coverage – including Nature”.

    “That we did so was an error on our part, for which we take responsibility and apologise,” it said.

    Watch all mention of reality get replaced by happy we-are-all-one propaganda.

  • Nazi death camp Buchenwald quietly marks 75 years since liberation

    Around 56,000 people were killed at Buchenwald and the nearby satellite installation Dora before it was freed by US soldiers in April 1945.

    No one cares. No one believes the Holocaust narrative anymore, nor the demonization of Hitler, mainly because Hitler was right about diversity. This is unfortunate, because the real lesson of history here — that strong Leftist-style total government is not a substitute for organic culture and monarchy — is lost, as is recognition that the German slave labor program for Jews killed many, as did open pit executions in Eastern Europe. Genocide is not the solution, nor is totalitarianism; ending diversity and modernity provides the only working solution. Bring back the kings, send home the Other, and quit fighting these endless ideological wars.

  • Anderlecht youths clash with police: 45 arrests

    The 19-year-old was riding a scooter when he was stopped by police for a check on his movements. He instead tried to escape, and later died when he drove into a police car while riding on the wrong side of the road.

    In the meantime, the news of the accident brought a number of young men onto the streets in defiance of the lockdown, where they encountered a reinforced police presence.

    A running battle ensued, with youths throwing stones and police responding with baton charges. Several cars were set alight, and one witness video showed a masked youth running off with what appears to be a police firearm lifted from a police van, firing it into the air.

    People have tired of lockdown. This may or may not intersect with diversity, given the name of the dead young man, “Adil.”

  • Ebola: 11-month-old girl becomes second to die in Congo amid fears of new wave

    The country had been due to mark the official end of the second-deadliest outbreak of the virus on record, but on Friday a 26-year-old electrician in the eastern city of Beni was found to have the disease.

    The 11-month-old girl had been treated at the same health centre as the electrician, Boubacar Diallo, deputy incident manager for the WHO’s Ebola response, told Reuters.

    Coronavirus: (induces world panic)

    Ebola: hold my beer…

  • Fauci expresses ‘cautious optimism’ coronavirus outbreak is slowing, US could start reopening in May

    Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the entire country won’t suddenly turn back on like a “light switch.”

    But there are “indications” that some of the metrics used to gauge the crisis “are starting to level off” in some areas, he said.

    Asked when parts of the U.S. could start to relax some of their strict social-distancing measures, Fauci said that the process could probably begin “at least in some ways, maybe next month.”

    Despite five hundred channels of cable television, the internet, and presumably mountains of books they way they virtue signal about them, Americans cannot self-amuse. Democracy makes extraverts of us all, either through emptiness or fear.

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