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  • ‘Messiah’ Canceled By Netflix After One Season

    Selling to a multicultural market is harder than big business thinks; in fact, it is impossible, because without a majority, you only have niche products, and many of those offend other groups such as Muslims:

    According to the report, the popular series faced backlash because al-Masih subtextually refers to Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, an Antichrist demonic figure in Islamic eschatology, whose name translates to “the false messiah, liar, the deceiver.”

    In reality, the only cultures that survive are both majority and intolerant. A tolerant majority will develop dissent, and promptly splinter, at which point the disunity will destroy it; an intolerant majority never fosters dissent because those who fail at joining the majority are sent away. It needs a different type of tolerance, which is tolerance for eccentricity instead of acceptance of those who hate it and attack it. Simply put: remove enemies, keep the weird intact.

  • EU cancels April Fool’s ‘fake news’

    No signs of life in this panicky, unstable, and dying civilization.

  • US steps up support of Taiwan in open rebuke to China

    China wants what every Asiatic empire wants: centralization and total control, since when a society lacks a transcendent core, it becomes interested in managing power, and keeping a strict control over the extraneous serf population that it has accumulated. The East, being naturally wealthier, ran itself into self-destruction with that excess, since then it could support vast masses of clueless not-so-bright subsistence-income unskilled people. Its solution was to use these people as a tool by commanding them to do the same things at the same time, and therefore, make central control very powerful. That model however proves unstable, so these empires from even before the Mongols made conquest their primary goal instead of a recreational habit aimed at clearing aside space for them to expand. In the Asiatic model, everyone is equal, and the more warm bodies in the empire, the stronger it is. China wants Taiwan back. After that, it wants Indochina and Korea back. Eventually, it hopes to destroy Japan and expand to the edges of the middle east through Afghanistan. If it can, it will conquer the world; unstable regimes are made safer in their instability by the elimination of all other potential options. China knows that its economic miracle has ended and now, overgrown and restless, it needs an enemy to unite its people, and some military goal so that it can mass mobilize a population that otherwise is losing interest in its own dreary, subservient, individualistic, and conformist existence.

  • Coronavirus lockdowns have changed the way Earth moves

    Without endless human activity, we can hear ourselves think again. The silence unnerves the modern extravert, who depends on external stimulus for a sense of being alive, but not those who have cultivated an inner silence as a means to notice what is consistent (and therefore, actual) and trace it to its causes.

  • Lockdown prompts clear fall in UK air pollution

    Without all of this activity, we can breathe more easily. This potentially saves more lives than the coronavirus takes:

    Using the He et al 2016 estimates of the impact of changes in PM on mortality, I calculate that having 2 months of 10ug/m3 reductions in PM2.5 likely has saved the lives of 4,000 kids under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China. Using even more conservative estimates of 10% reduction in mortality per 10ug change, I estimate 1400 under-5 lives saved and 51700 over-70 lives saved. Even under these more conservative assumptions, the lives saved due to the pollution reductions are roughly 20x the number of lives that have been directly lost to the virus.

  • ‘Really amazing’: scientists show that fish migrate through the deep oceans

    Fish migrate in the deep sea, something that apparently a minority of scientists always assumed but was mysticism to the mainstream like most things of subtlety. It turns out that fish may follow their food sources, and those follow seasonal changes in temperature. This in turn debunks the illusion that we can set up certain designated areas for fishing and others for wildlife, since the wildlife will drift and then get killed. Humanity needs to find alternate food sources.

  • Not Made in China Is Global Tech’s Next Big Trend

    Globalism has died. People have realized that the “We Are All One” hugbox simply allows the bad actors to gather strength for a future attack; equality, tolerance, and liberalization always enable the bad at the expense of the good. In addition, the global supply chains have revealed how weak they are that a SARS-style illness with a low death rate can totally shut them down, and as nations hoard food and medical supplies, the idea of an international market seems tenuous. Top that off with China using Huawei products and other electronics to spy on us, and suddenly it makes good sense to design, manufacture, sell, and recycle our own gear, food, and supplies. The difficulty lies in the high cost of our labor caused by taxes, regulations, and unions. Then again, automation will end at least some of that.

  • Brexit votes: MPs fail to back proposals again

    Democracy slowly dies as it becomes clear that the voters are being manipulated by the System, which will simply obstruct anything that is chosen which goes against the dominant trend of “progress,” or turning a once-thriving complex civilization into a one-dimensional centralized one based on money and power instead of doing what is right and excellent. Perhaps this is why democracy is fading, and executive power rising, across the West. A congress or parliament is like democracy itself, a lottery where the votes have it and no one is directly accountable, but a strong executive is known by whether his policies succeeded or failed.

  • Great white sharks surviving with toxic levels of mercury and lead in their blood, scientists reveal

    While the analysis of shark biology is fascinating, the big point here is that apex predators — this group includes humans — accumulate lots of heavy metals in their tissues because they eat many smaller creatures which each carry their own load of these toxins. The body finds it hard to expel heavy metals, so they hang around, creating mutations and weakening tissues. If nothing else kills us, a gradual accumulation of traces of poisons might. Compare this to trace admixture and you can see how nature destroys with tiny amounts in massive repetition, versus the “one big hit” favored by human thinking, e.g. whack it with a hammer to knock it back into line.

  • Trump finalizes rollback of Obama-era vehicle fuel efficiency standards

    Regulations, which are issued by unelected administrative agencies in rules and interpretations totaling tens of thousands of pages, protect big companies by ensuring that smaller companies cannot afford the legal and personnel costs of compliance. They stifle business and the ability for people to invent and market new ideas. They are the wrong method to achieve a noble goal. Only culture can do that: when Americans value driving normal sized sedans with 2.0-4.0 liter engines, and keep those sedans for twenty or thirty years since making a new car consumes as much energy as driving one for that time, then and only then will we see an environmental renaissance.

  • What the Nurses See: Bronx Hospital Reels as Coronavirus Swamps New York

    It turns out that this pandemic is clearing out the sick and weak:

    Among New York City’s boroughs, the Bronx has the most reported Covid-19 deaths per capita. It has high rates of asthma, heart disease and diabetes—conditions that make people more vulnerable to becoming severely ill from the virus and ending up in the ICU.

    In other words, we may be panicking for nothing; it is simply that our free ride of being unhealthy because of bad behavior and insane lifestyles has ended.

  • New school curriculum raises eyebrows in Orban’s Hungary

    Orban does not want to follow the rest of the first world into the abyss of “tolerance” (relaxed standards, no goals) and so he has encouraged a new curriculum which includes authors who, among many other beliefs, were also not so fond of Jews. The Left has used education as a propaganda mill for years, so following the old adage “the Leftist cries out as he strikes you” (originally used for Poles, later applied to Jews and other groups), they are whining and playing victim when the shoe is on the other foot. No one seems to have realized yet how much wealthier, saner, healthier, happier, and quieter we would be if we simply deported all the Leftists of the world to Venezuela.

  • Alpine ice cores reveal economic impact on Britain of Thomas Becket murder in 1170

    Scientists dig out an ice core from high in the alps and find that they can trace history through the levels of lead deposited in each year. Lead accumulates in the tissues and leads to brain dysfunction, which might explain the switch toward democracy and the modern society which resulted. We have been poisoning ourselves for too long.

  • China Chases Indonesia’s Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea’s Riches

    Highly-populated nations find themselves in conflict over food sources in the ocean, namely the fish harvested by deep ocean trawlers, killing tons of “bycatch” in the process. This coincides with the knowledge that the Chinese bat AIDS virus has shut down agriculture across most of the globe, not to mention the international shipping that is required to provide sustenance to the cities. When the food wars come, you better be ready.

  • ‘Forgotten’ Nazi camp on British soil revealed by archaeologists

    An interesting slice of history, possibly revealing the endemic problems of Nazi bureaucracy. National Socialism was not ill-intended, just used the wrong model. “Crown, caste, capitalism, and culture” works great, but building on the Communist model of the total state with an even more overactive guillotine just makes the problems worse.

  • Texas abortion ban can go back into effect, Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals rules

    Texas suspended non-emergency medical procedures including abortion, and Leftists promptly panicked and demanded this directive be overthrown. Courts point out that the Texas has a reasonable interest in doing this. This could backfire as Leftists rut like drunken mice during a herd panic, which means that there will be lots of babies who carry whatever genetic failures caused people to become Leftists in the first place. Every Leftist baby aborted is a victory for humanity.

  • Oceans can be restored to former glory within 30 years, say scientists

    If we lessen the destructive stuff that we do and set aside more ocean space for nature, the oceans will bounce back relatively quickly. We should do this before populations crash. They filled the rest of this article with rambling about climate change and poverty, but the vital contribution is the above.

  • Team USA: 50 companies join Trump’s war on coronavirus

    Most people have no idea how Trump operates. When he can, he brings together people based on common interest and does what benefits society as a whole, knowing that this will “trickle down” to those at the bottom. If we let him slash benefits, taxes, regulations, immigration, and big government, everyone would find that life was less expensive and of a higher quality. Right now, he has managed to convince industry to join him in making the devices needed for the COHIVID-19 panicdemic, so while people do not get “muh free healthcare” they will receive better quality care at lower prices.

  • Correlation between universal BCG vaccination policy and reduced morbidity and mortality for COVID-19: an epidemiological study

    Our modern science saves us from contagion, which both lowers infant mortality and reduces our immune response. To build up for that lost biological knowledge, some countries inject people with weakened simple bacteria, to jump-start the immune system that otherwise would have been fighting real threats since day one. It turns out that this means people die less from random diseases.

  • Why black Americans are moving to Africa

    Diversity does not work. It pits ethnic groups against each other in a struggle for control, sort of like we see in democracy and class warfare generally, and this tears apart the host society. It also ruins the spiritual and moral experience of life for all races and ethnic groups. Separating these groups back to their host continents avoids this problem. People have lost faith in diversity, immigration, equality, democracy, and socialism; they no longer trust a government of the people to be anything other than a mass illusion amplifier that then tends toward a totalitarian path. Spread the word.

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