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Outliers (#68)

  • Why Originalism Is the Best Approach to the Constitution

    Of course, some suggest that originalism leads to bad results because the results inevitably happen to be politically conservative results. Rubbish. Originalism is a theory focused on process, not on substance. It is not “Conservative” with a big C focused on politics. It is conservative in the small c sense that it seeks to conserve the meaning of the Constitution as it was written. The fact is, a good originalist judge will not hesitate to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution’s original meaning, regardless of contemporary political consequences.

    Originalism avoids us writing the present into the timeless. The Constitution was meant to secure natural rights; we obviated that with the Fourteenth Amendment. However, if we walk the interpretation back toward the original, even our Civil Rights law may take on a different interpretation: that government cannot endorse bias of any kind, therefore things like affirmative action must go out the window. If we go full originalist, many of our present-day Leftist programs will find themselves re-interpreted as well. It may turn out that we will find out just how far Left our nation slanted after the world wars.

  • Thoughts on my late father

    In the world of television, there’s always a crisis going on, and there’s always a quick solution, furnished by anointed heroes. It’s nothing like real life. My father confronted his delusions as if he were a television character.

    I’ve long held that even if one watched only “good” television programs, it still alters the mind. It realigns our way of thinking to conform with the television version of reality.

    Television is too much like dreams and memories to be safe. Instead of recognizing this, we entrusted its production to some of the least sensible people among us, such as actors and salesmen.

  • We Don’t Trust You

    Leaving aside the usual suspects, who are rushing to the microphones to demand the immediate confiscation of all guns, liberals are appealing to us to come together in good faith and formulate a plan to keep guns out of the hands of these monsters, using fair process and common sense.

    The only problem is that no one on their side believes in good faith, fair process or common sense. Here’s the reality: We don’t trust the other side, nor should we.

    Leftism is a mental health disorder. They believe in a symbol, equality, which makes all of life better. This serves only to ignore actual problems while casting about after appearances and social influences. Our society has suffered greatly under Leftism, starting with our sanity and thus sense of well-being. With Leftism in power, the System has become more powerful than what A

  • Dorian and Trump

    So trump was seen with a clearly “faked” weather forecast about Dorian’s path. Once again, he left himself open to being shown to be a liar. But was he lying?

    If you go strictly by the doctored image, then yes. But if you had been following reports of the storm then you know that he was NOT. Early Dorian forecasts showed that Dorian had multiple probable paths.

    As usual, the media hypes everything into a dramatic “gotcha,” but Trump has played them from the start because in the process, they reveal their bad faith. Every day, more people defect from the Leftist media machine.

  • It’s Time for Black Athletes to Leave White Colleges

    Jamelle Hill is magnificently right. She has no clue why. She actually believes that if all the stud African-American D-Linemen who play for Coach Saban at Alabama went to Alabama A&M instead, then Alabama A&M would need a bigger stadium and a bigger TV contract. Perhaps they would. But it would mean nothing good for Black People.

    She thinks of this in terms of racial nationalism. If African-Americans produce the best football players in Alabama, then obviously they should stay true and play for Alabama’s HBCUs. They should. Absolutely. They aren’t showing up at Auburn to study Aeronautical Engineering. They aren’t enrolling in “Bama Law. They are getting used, ground up and spit out. So what does Jamelle suggest we do here? Let them get used, ground up and spit out by their own.

    And for what does this human hamburger get pounded? Nothing. ‘Bama and Auburn get on TV and sell lots of jerseys. Neither improves much as an educational institution. The sad story here is that neither would Alabama A&M. So I think people should be totally cool with sending both Alabama and Auburn’s African-American football players to A&M so they could choose an all-star team. In terms of why we should continue to have colleges and universities, it would make no difference in the world.

  • Dutchtown and Mayberry

    Don’t bother to look for any sense in what such people say. Observe instead that such men are willfully blind or morally obtuse or both. They are feminized, yes. But they are worse than feminized (assuming that to be possible). They are determined not to see or say what is in plain sight: That the degradation of that neighborhood was caused primarily by Blacks with a few young White anarchists contributing their part.

    Diversity does not work. The politicians always have the same idea: if you have nice places and bad places, mix them, and then the statistics do not look so horribly bad. They do this with schools, neighborhoods, even whole countries, anything to keep the voters quiet. And yet, all they end up with is more bad places because community is fragile and bringing in the alien — of any form, whether ethnic or otherwise — shatters it.

  • Americans face a rising tide of despair. We have a duty to act.

    This is the sunset of the Age of Aquarius, Age of Aquarius, A-quar-ious! Seriously, our generational cycle is having a disasterous effect on all who follow the perfect and hallowed Baby Boomers. I mean who else has any legitimate excuse to exist after that wonderful and perfect generation? How dare they continue to expect access to a future when Baby Boomers demand everything !RIGHT NOW!? Well, be happy Boomers. The Amerikans that follow in your giant footsteps are getting what every one of you evil creeps think subconciously that they deserve.

    The odds of dying from suicide or an opioid overdose — the “diseases of despair” — are now higher than that of dying from a motor-vehicle accident. These problems are tragically concentrated among the young. More than 3 million people ages 12 to 17 had at least one major depressive episode in 2017 — most accompanied by some form of severe impairment.

  • It Can Happen To Any Of Us; Gas Station Trip Turned Into a ‘Nigga Moment’.

    Many of you may be wondering what exactly is a “Nigga Moment.” In the words of Huey Freeman, a “Nigga Moment” is “A moment in which ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical Black male; causing him to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner, i.e. like a Nigga.”

    All that comes to my mind is, “Like The Enlightenment™?”

  • Chicago: A hellhole for parole, free bail, and jailbreak for violent gun felons

    It was Tommy Sotomayor who got his You-Tube account nuked from close-earth orbit when he entitled a video “Ban niggas not guns (Anti-Censorship mirror).” It would be a nicer planet if YouTube were right and Sotomayor were wrong. That isn’t how the globe spins.

    Why aren’t Republicans pounding the lectern with righteous indignation about violent gun felons being let off easy by the judicial system the same way Democrats engage in cerebral gyrations over guns? Democrats have sob stories for their gun control agenda. Republicans need to look no farther than Chicago as the poster child for criminal control.

  • The Common Good and Liberalism

    Liberalism certainly used to believe in the common good, in the idea that society should serve and protect every class and segment of society, even if it didn’t always live up to it’s high ideals.

    However the ultimate goal of Liberalism is the Autonomous Individual, a person who is completely free from all restraint and consequences. Someone who is self-made, independent from other people and without anything that binds them, no family, religion or nation, nothing that binds them to others. Such a person must be selfish, in fact there is no other option. Everything is about the self.

    Society succeeds. Low quality people arise. At this point, the “common good” divides: what is good for the low-quality is the opposite of what is good for civilization as a whole, heritage/culture, and the future of the good people among you. You have to choose between the best or the rest, because either the best oppress the rest, or the rest oppress the best.

  • U.S. Worker Compensation and Labor Costs Revised Higher

    The death-knell to Romneyism. Money going to real people rather than corporatists? The horror! You can’t have any form of Rightism that actually helps people! It would be harder to elect Leftists if we kept this up. This is why the house knee-grows to The Democratic Party like Max Boot, David French, and Mitt Romney have to impeach Trump now.

    Compensation for U.S. workers rose by more than previously thought in the first half of the year, the latest sign that workers are benefitting from the tightest labor market in decades. Hourly compensation rose at a 4.9 percent annualized rate in the second quarter, a 1.9 percent gain after adjusting for inflation, the Labor Department said Thursday. Previously the Labor Department had reported a 1.8 percent real increase. Compensation for the first quarter was also revised up. Real hourly compensation rose at an annualized 8.4 percent rate in the January through March period, higher than the previously reported 8.3 percent gain.

  • U.S. Border Crossings Continue to Fall as Mexico Disrupts Migrant Flow

    Memo to the pro-immigration, NeverTrump GOP. This story and the economic data above are highly correlated. Do you care more about Amerikans or about virtue-signalling?

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection took about 64,000 people into custody at the U.S.-Mexico border in August, according to a U.S. government official briefed on the latest numbers. That figure includes arrests of people who crossed the border illegally and those who went to legal border crossings, of which CBP processes about 10,000 a month. The August figures are about 30% lower than July’s numbers, continuing a sharp decline in illegal crossings since reaching a 13-year high of 132,900 apprehensions in May. In eight of the last 10 years, border arrests rose from July to August, suggesting August’s drop in border arrests doesn’t track with seasonal trends.

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