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Outliers (#3)


(Open thread + links.)

Black Pill bravery. Individualism is universal. Moments of sanity (pull out his eyes, apologize). Life imitates virtue signaling. Possible origin. Minimize the stupidity. Feet-voting. Democracy, diversity, death. We were warned. Aristocracy > Dictatorship. Democracy ignores threats and its own values. Altruism ruins health care, education and housing. Cryptic stirrings. Aggregation: here und here.

Drowning in garbage. Pacifism is a pose. Was The Holocaust a a bureaucratic error? WWII, Napoleonic wars refought in Cold War 2.0. Cuck meltdown as signaling intensifies (teatime version). China the threat. Humans are part of nature. HBD in a nutshell. Uncritical thinking. Inequality in spending obliterated by bennies. Genetic entropy. Related: American demographics and the death of small cities.

Trump surges by proving media wrong (Crichton warned us). Our leaders are not just stupid, but evil. We’re all individualists now. Welfare state degeneration. Libsplaining away immigrant crime. Life before government. Monogamy ascendant. External methods do not work. Fall of the managerial state. Globalism makes everyone poor. The Deep State = The Cathedral = Soviet. Northern Europeans prone to egalitarianism. Why did Early England abandon Christianity? Self-erasure. Trading Germans. White suicide and drug use. Easy Meat. Leftist “racism.” Divergent attitudes toward race. 1488 obsolescence.

New word: zoor. Human overpopulation by density. Commerce meltdown: Hotelling’s Law.
God is dead and we have killed him. And yet He lives in the machine. And how self-interest kills. Or maybe it’s human groups in general. Exit-in-place. Loyalty. Innovation bias.

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