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Outliers (#2)


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Liberal democracy deathwatch (counting down to a Berlin 1945 moment): Out of the closet. Unproductive. Penetrated. A betrayal. Acephalous. Potemkin economy (do not read before lunch and subsidy scam). Fear and trembling. Ignore decline: keep selling the franchise.

Job enervation (more and more). Widespread antiwork. The world is too much with us.

Political correctness makes it impossible to get anything done. Says “Allahu Ackbar” and explodes. Sabotages social trust. Dies in the face of pragmatic nationalism. creates enemies. Submission. Democratized education.

New alternative right news aggregator and reading list. White Nationalism = ethno-Bolshevism. The root of our crisis is individualism ( = solipsism => collectivism => tyranny).

Hoop-jumping fails. Counterpoint: slow growth. Reds only in media. American fracture. Americans do not trust the news (consequences). Weird conventions. H1-B drama is media/corporate forgery. Result is dead industry.

Altright terrifies normies and neocons (but, to quote the inimitable Ann Coulter, “I repeat myself”). Diversity harms self-esteem. Progress is dead, corpse sodomized. Progress is mental goo (archetype). Socialism = institutional HIV. In the meantime, blood is still thicker than water. Not just immigration; revanchism. Equal law is injustice. Glorious Simian heritage.

Scalpel fight with a colleague in the operating room. And my baboon assistant jumped on the patient and tore him to pieces. Baboons always attack the weakest party in an altercation. Quite right too. We must never forget our glorious simian heritage. – Naked Lunch

The Left’s diagnostic fetish is mere ad hominem. Forget “exit,” build tribal loyalty.

Liberal democracy has imploded from paradox. What matters is the characteristics of leadership and the quality of people in charge, not the form of the “System.” Moldbug quoted above:

In the fallacy of “rule by law,” and the fallacy of “rule by science,” we see a common thread: the fallacy of “rule by formula,” in which it is pretended that a government can be conducted by some mechanical process, in which the human character of the governors is irrelevant.

…and what having a “System” creates is pathological Jacobinism:

Jacobinism originated in the French Revolution, one of the two great catastrophes the West has suffered in modern times (the other is World War I, which saw Jacobinism re-emerge as Wilsonianism). The Jacobins were the most radical element in Revolutionary France, the origin of the Terror. They believed in democracy and equality, both to be forced down everyone’s throat at home and abroad. France murdered thousands of her own people and brought war to much of Europe in that quest.

Aftermath of WWI and how it steadily liberalized Europe, precipitating WWI.

Benefits of insularity. To love ourselves, we need to alienate ourselves from the Other. Socialism always fails. The “sharing economy” is parasitism. Not surprisingly, 1793 redux.

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