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Outliers (#15)


(Open thread plus links. Format stolen from a more reputable blog.)

Nice. Existential voids. Equality. Identity. Racial “justice.” Tyranny++. Kumbaya Kaboom. Snippetism. Genetics. Twitter. Realism. Demos-doom. Mobs. Unplug. Reason. Fruition. Huntington victorious. Darwin. Zombies. Weekly rounds: here, here and here.

Terror. Kurganism. Order. Fire. Infiltration. Repentance. Gender. Cult.

The West goes out the same way the Soviets did: (1, 2, 3, 4).

Action. #altright Chat. Hitler, everywhere.

Property. Turkey. Jobs are jails. White Knighting. Firsts. Vacuum. H1-V. Duke? Lion. $peech. PC. Realism lite. Farage rising. Overthrow. Alt-Right. Supercuck. XY. Nationalism. Thiel. Last chance. Narrative doubts.

Natural conservatives.” Disparate impact. Brain damage. Leftriots. Academia. Brainwashing. White diversity. Post-racial. Dis-Union(s).

Factors. Trump-Orban 2016. Upset. NWO 9/11.

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