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Our Civilization Has Degenerated

Notice the utter failure of our society to produce quality, creating instead permanent wartime style substitutes, as if WWII were still raging and we had to accept substitutes because the good stuff goes to the front:

In both cases, I asked what the expected lifespan is for a West Elm couch like the Peggy. Both store employees told me that between one and three years was normal for a couch with light use.

In the last forty years, we have gone from couches lasting centuries to couches lasting only a few years. This means we have lost the ability to make anything of quality, and instead are like parasites squeezing the last of the wealth and power out of the dying Western Civilization that we have rationalized as our own.

A healthy time would show us things of an eternal nature. A dying time shows us the temporary. It is a great taboo to even mention this, since most people desire nothing more than to go back to sleep and ignore the struggle for survival forever. And yet that is a luxury afforded only to the schizophrenic.

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