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Osama bin Laden: warrior against modernity

I don’t agree with him attacking the USA, but I can see how from where he’s standing we seem like the warriors OF modernity, bringing Coca-Cola, strip clubs, toxic waste pollution and mindless lifestyles to his homeland.

And Thomas got close enough to bin Laden to observe the al-Qaeda leader was polite and shy, didn’t mind a hug, but wasn’t so fond of kissing.

“He was definitely well loved,” Thomas said of Bin laden in an interview with Australian TV network ABC which was played in court last week.

“(He) was very polite and humble and shy.”

Thomas said bin Laden “seemed to float across the floor”.

In the interview, the Muslim convert told Ms Neighbour that at the camp he felt “like a king, Robin Hood, as part of a band of merry men”.


This Thomas guy wanted to do what was right. Because he knows that there are good people in the West, held hostage by the inanity of democracy and mass media, he didn’t like the 9-11 attacks. Neither do we. But we can see how bin Laden might be onto something.

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