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On That Joe Biden “N-Word Gaffe”

Lately, the conservative media has been backsliding into the territory that the Left claimed during the Trump years, namely taking a few details and making them into their own context, ignoring the wider picture.

There also seems to be a great deal of drama and misinformation. As Bruce Charlton predicted years ago, individuals join in to advance their own fame, wealth, and power by grabbing attention with theatrical statements and ironies.

The latest comes to us from a variety of conservative publications, who are reporting that hidin’ slidin’ Zhou Bai-Den said something resembling a racial slur in one of his senior moments during a speech. Hear it here:

To my ears, he says, “What I heard, and you’re going to hear next,” with the latter part slurred together by the advancing AIDS, Alzheimer’s, dementia, or potato famine that is afflicting him.

It does not however sound like a racial slur.

We cannot mirror image the Left in behavior. We are not them, and we have higher standards. This does not mean that we do not fight to win; in fact, we should be more brutal in deplatforming, disenfranchising, and prosecuting them.

However, we have to stand for reality above all else. “Principle” does not mean that we find some reason to lose with grace, but that we have some goal higher that our own wealth, status, and power.

Too much of the conservative media does not, but they merely mirror their audience, which wants dumbed-down “gotchas” instead of anything substantive simply because such is the nature of the left three-quarters of the bell curve.

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