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On Ethnic Violence

There are many things that will soon be part of our daily reality that we do not necessarily like, but when they become necessary, we will want to know the finer distinctions among the different varieties of them.

One such thing is political violence. It is necessary as self-defense and powerful as an attention-getter (sorry, “raising awareness”) which is the primary way to get anything done as a minority group in a democratic time.

It makes sense to see what we think of the different types of political violence. We could compare Dylann Roof, Columbine, Tim McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, The Holocaust, Anders Breivik, the 16th Street Church bombing and for kicks, The Terror.

Dylann Roof and Columbine strike me as very similar. Both are essentially exaggerated suicides with a final strike against society at large. Columbine may have in fact been more ideological than people think: it was a rejection of the modern world and its weak social morality. Roof on the other hand was in the early stages of a racial awakening, which happens when one realizes that race and ethnicity are the root of culture, and that other groups are trying to eliminate your own.

He struck back, but did so by victimizing the surrogate of the problem, a group of African-descended Christians, instead of doing something like useful like shooting a bunch of pro-diversity Leftists or conservative cucks who insist on “compromising” with them. Columbine was closer to a classic “disturb the bourgeois middle class” by harming its sleeping members terrorism, and probably more effective; while it killed (relative) innocents, it did not victimize groups traditionally seen as disadvantaged and persecuted, so might be seen as sociopathic but not bullying.

The 16th Street Church bombing presented the worst optics that an anti-diversity action can have because it killed four children who were, like Roof’s targets, engaged in an activity most of us find defensible, which is attending church. Not only that, it was unclear what it hoped to achieve as political violence, since when one attacks weak points one looks weak. If it had blown up a group of Black Panthers, that might have made more sense, but not really since they are working toward the same nationalism — ethnic and racial separation — that white nationalists desire. Again, it would have made more sense to target those advocates within one’s own race who were working toward diversity.

The Holocaust™ is one of my least favorite acts of political violence as well. Instead of doing something sensible, like rounding up all Other and dumping them all in North Africa, the Nazis used them as labor and later helped finish off what American bombers, starvation and disease did not. Most of the outright killings occurred in Eastern Europe before the Nazis arrived, but strong signaling to the effect of “hand us your Jews and we’ll relocate them” could have staved that off. The Holocaust™ comes across as nothing but bullying and a pointless, symbolic quest against Judaism, when always with the West, Die Ewige Jude is within our souls and came onto us when we threw out monarchy for a mercantile, middle class egalitarian system.

Similarly, while Ted Kaczynski targeted industrialists who he saw as polluting the planet and advancing technological civilization, he blew up an awful lot of secretaries. He got some good targets as well, but the random nature of bombs made this less of a decisive victory than lying in wait with an M14 and popping them as they got their morning lattes in disposable cups. His terror was absolute, however, because so many people were potentially in his target group. Maybe some of them reconsidered their evil ways. Probably not; they just had their secretaries open their mail instead.

Columbine at least took the terror to those self-satisfied middle class families who are oblivious to everything but their stock portfolios, and therefore oppose long-term sensible policies in favor of short-term advances for the mercantile aspects of society. If we have a group that we should probably enslave, it is the middle class, who are just bright enough to be self-congratulatory about getting basic functions to work, but not intelligent enough to make a functional society in the long-term or understand the qualitative dimension of function and aesthetics. In fact, the middle class strike most of us as simply crass, doubly so at the upper middle class level, where a more refined taste still does not reach the level of appreciating the eternal and transcendent aspects of life. Even their religion tends to be materialist and functionalist.

Like Columbine, Tim McVeigh and Anders Breivik took the fight to the groups they identified as the source of the problem. Responding to a government that had, through incidents like Waco and Ruby Ridge, become a bully, Tim McVeigh threatened not the seat of power but its everyday employees, or the people who were ignoring what government had become in order to get a paycheck. He took out 168 bureaucrats who were proud of their role in expanding the power of government, and so unreflective were they that none even reconsidered their role in government, but others did. Since that time, fewer people of good family and ability have been going into government, which means that it now requires fifty idiots to do the work that one person once did. Democracy as usual, unfortunately. Breivik targeted Leftists, and strikes me as the most effective example of political violence in the raised the cost of being Leftist, most notably to parents, ensuring that future generations back off of being Leftist as a social convention. It is like knowing that there is a fox in the raspberry patch; the parents of good little squirrels no longer let them play in there, and this gradually removes the raspberry from the squirrel diet.

Of course, The Terror was even more effective because it announced to a whole society that you either got on board with the new ideology or could be killed as a family based merely on hearsay. Whole families were herded to the guillotine, spat on, tortured and killed in front of jeering crowds. If your neighbor had a business you wanted, you went to a magistrate and swore that he supported the aristocracy, and then they hauled him off and killed him and you could seize his business as payment for informing on him. It also made terror an instrument of control over the Left itself, since purity spirals ended up sending those who were insufficiently fanatical to the guillotine, creating a natural selection that favored extremists who were unconcerned with factual or logical truth. The Leftists really are the best at political violence, but maybe deporting a few million of their True Believers to Dubai or Brazil will form a new kind of political violence, one that is less violent but more intimidating.

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