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On Conservatives And Race-Mixing

For over two decades now, my writing has championed moving to nationalism instead of racism. I dislike racism, which we might call “racial scorn,” but will never oppose frank recognition of racial differences, or the fact that diversity always fails because groups have differing self-interest based on the fact of their being different itself.

This leads to a number of questions. People do not understand that when I say that diversity has ruined America, I am not saying that “black people are bad”; I am saying that any mixing of groups in the same nation-state guarantees social collapse. Much of my thinking in this regard comes from Messrs. Nietzsche and Herzl, who observed similar things long ago.

One of the questions that comes up in email, and apparently will not die, is what I think of conservative writers who engage in race-mixing. For example, here is Fred Reed criticizing John Derbyshire on this very topic:

I do think your personal approach to the maintenance of whiteness — you imported a brown wife to the United States and had a brood of mestizo children — seems a curious one, rather like screwing for virginity. Since I too am a race traitor, and have a brown wife and mestizo stepdaughter, I commend your choice, but it does look an awful lot like hypocrisy.

Anyway: Since there will be lots of Mexicans in America no matter how much we grind our teeth, shriek, or hold our breath and turn blue, a reasonable question might be: How well can Mexicans and gringos get along? Not how well will they get along: this depends on economics, concentrations, schooling, hostility from the indigenes and excited net-hamsters, and whether the immigrants are corrupted by the welfare system. What is the best case? How well can they get along?

Derbyshire is not alone in this. Many on the staff of race-realist conservative publications tend to have Asian or Mexican wives (Mexican indios are a variety of Asian similar to Thai or Vietnamese). How does this balance with the viewpoint that diversity is destruction, and miscegenation erases our people?

Obviously I could not be in support of miscegenation.

However, let us dial back a bit from inside our heads, and venture to RealityLand. Here nothing is perfect, because perfection is a form of heat death, and so like good Realists, we look at things as they are.

Race-mixing has happened throughout history. Most current populations are mixed to varying degrees, and almost all of those are third world in nature. Obviously, on a societal level, race-mixing is doom. Even in the white world, when you have one-quarter Asians like many in Eastern Europe, the Western inclinations are lost.

This does not mean that we need a jihad against those of mixed-race. It means that, on the whole, we cannot support it and want a society geared against it. Some individuals may mix, and maybe those populations will slowly be absorbed; this creates permanent changes, like the Asiatic features of East Baltids. Perhaps it can occur to some degree and not more, but again, it erases the original group.

Individuals make their own choices, and so do their offspring. Being mixed-race is really no fun once the novelty wears off; one is forever torn between cultures. Luckily there are plenty of mixed-race places, many of them quite nice, for these offspring to go to and thrive in.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that youthful decisions are not the best. Richard Spencer got flack for having Asian girlfriends; I dated a half-Mexican girl once and was rather fond of her, just like I dated a quarter-Jewish girl and survived somehow. As I became aware of the struggle of our people, it became impossible to even consider doing this again. We learn.

Unfortunately, most get married young, and the smarter among us tend to be under-confident and therefore, more likely to embrace someone of another group. They did not receive the guidance they needed. While it is tempting to ostracize them, a better policy might be to realize that some mixing occurs on the fringes, and most will naturally repatriate when confronted with a national population.

In the meantime, there is no point beating this topic to death. People need guidance to do the right thing, which is to marry not just within their race but their ethnic cluster (Eastern, Western or Southern European) and then to have happy families. Over time, nature will sort this one out.

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