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Despite the fact that any common sense reading of the Derek Chauvin trial would end with an exoneration, the Leftist agenda pushes forward with a conviction for the man who restrained George Floyd as he died from fentanyl poisoning after swallowing his stash.

The story can be told in relatively few but stark facts:

Bystander video showed Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than 9 minutes, which prosecutors said was a misuse of force, as other officers assisted at the scene. The defense argued Floyd died from the combination of his underlying health issues, illegal drug use and resisting officers.

It turns out that more than anything else, the jury was a racial headcount like the O.J. Simpson jury:

The jury of six white people and six people who are Black or multiracial was set for its first full day of deliberations.

After closing arguments were done, Judge Peter Cahill rejected a defense request for a mistrial based in part on comments from California Rep. Maxine Waters, who said “we’ve got to get more confrontational” if Chauvin isn’t convicted of murder.

Like the O.J. Simpson case, this one turned on whether the city wanted more diversity riots. It did not. Like the O.J. Simpson case, this one was decided by the presence of Africans on the jury, who will always vote to defend their ethnic interests. The Whites on the jury, seeing no hope for unanimity otherwise, will fold.

As in the O.J. Simpson case, all involved felt threatened by the angry mob that threatened witnesses:

The former California home of a defense witness in the Derek Chauvin murder trial was vandalized with a pig’s head and blood smears most likely tied to his testimony from the trial, police said.

The Santa Rosa Police Department issued a statement on Saturday that said it seemed that the “suspects in this vandalism were targeting” Brodd for his testimony.

As usual, there were few White men on the jury:

The 12-member jury consisted of three black men, one black woman, two white men, four white women, and two women who identify as interracial.

In other words, if trials like voting are racial headcounts, the Whites lost this case before it ever started. Every group votes with its interests, and women and minorities seek to humble males from the majority group.

Just like in the O.J. Simpson case, the police were on trial and the fear of racial disturbance determined the outcome. In a society dedicated to diversity, the majority must always be wrong in order to keep the minorities happy. This happens no matter what race the groups are.

Nothing seems different here from the cases of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Rodney King, Ahmaud Arbery, and Hurricane Carter. Your position on the racial landscape determines your position on the facts of this case and any other racially-tinged instance, including voting.

If we polled White people in America and they answered honestly, most would believe that Chauvin was innocent and that George Floyd brought about his own doom by violently resisting arrest and then swallowing his stash. The same treatment would be brought upon us if we behaved as he did.

It turns out that race does not predict police shootings:

The race of a police officer did not predict the race of the citizen shot. In other words, black officers were just as likely to shoot black citizens as white officers were.

Other studies, based on unofficial data, conclude that more minorities are killed:

In south-western states, police killed black people 1.81-2.88 times more often than they killed white people. In the north Midwest and north-east, the disparity was often more than 2.98. In the Chicago metropolitan area, black people were killed 6.51 times more often than white people.

When we factor into this whether the perpetrator was armed, however, we see a different pattern emerge which shows more Whites shot for resisting arrest:

Elder, who is black, noted that statistics show that more unarmed white people were shot and killed in 2019 than unarmed black people.

However, given that fewer White perpetrators are armed, the statistics become unbalanced, since more of them are shot when unarmed, skewing racial statistics:

Overall, close to 1,000 people are shot to death by police officers in the U.S. every year, according to a database maintained by The Washington Post. It is true that a majority of those victims are white people.

“That’s only because there are so many more white people than there are Black people in our country,” says Miller, a professor of health sciences and epidemiology who has been researching injury and violence prevention for two decades.

Translating this: Black people shot by police are disproportionately likely to be armed, and therefore, to get shot. White people get less consideration from police, who probably assume that they should know better, and light them up for their lack of privilege.

While this event is unfortunate for Derek Chauvin, who had to deal with a violent suspect fighting him during the arrest, it will red pill both White and Black citizens into realizing that in a diverse society, your skin is your uniform and you vote for your people, no matter what.

That in turn makes it clear that diversity cannot stand.

Osiris Akkebala offers a different perspective, which is that appeasement is the “cheap option” instead of what will solve the racial crisis in America, namely reparations-on-condition-of-repatriation for all minority groups:

There Is No Justice When Freedom And Independence Are Not Present In It, It’s Just A False Positive In The Reality Of All Negativity That Victimizes Black Afrikan People Today !!!

In my heart, I agree. O.J. Simpson existed in a White world and was shaped by the White sports audience to the point that he married a White woman and attempted to live in a fancy White suburb, playing golf and pretending to be Jim McMahon with a dark tan.

Similarly, George Floyd found himself in a society entirely alien to his needs where people were forcing him to “be more White” in order to have financial success. Sadly, he turned to drugs and crime, but many minorities do this because diversity is so alienating.

Despite the hopes of the Leftist appeasers, who are basically denialists that democracy and equality have failed, there can be no racial reconciliation. Diversity is suicide for all parties involved. We either end diversity or it ends us.

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