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Obama Demonstrates Continued Desire To Erase White History

Repellent affirmative action ex-president Barack Obama intends to create his vast legacy — which is dying daily as the policies of Donald Trump succeed by undoing Obama-era actions — by constructing his presidential library. The wrinkle is that he wants to do so in a historic part of Chicago associated with its older white culture before the Irish, Poles, Africans, and now Hispanics took over the vote:

“This isn’t just any public open space; this is historic parkland originally designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr., and Calvert Vaux (of New York’s Central Park fame),” the organization’s website states. The park system was designed in 1871, and Olmsted wrote in 1895 that the Museum of Science and Industry was intended to be the only “dominating object of interest” in the park.

In 2012, Jackson Park was at the center of another Section 106 compliance review, and officials decided it should not be touched.

“As currently designed, the park retains a great deal of its integrity. While some of the original features have been modified, or removed, the remaining defining characteristics such as the overall plan … depicted on the 1905 map must be respected,” the document stated.

Not surprisingly, this has irritated those who are trying to preserve the historical Chicago:

“Here’s our bottom line. If the Obama Foundation wishes to construct this center on Chicago’s South Side, that’s fine, but not on parkland held in public trust. The University of Chicago, which orchestrated the winning bid for the project, has plenty of land on the South Side that they could and should use. Instead, they’ve been adamant since day one that they must have historic public parkland for the purpose,” Charles Birnbaum, president and founder of D.C.-based nonprofit, the Cultural Landscape Foundation, told the Washington Examiner in a written statement Saturday.

The foundation is not alone. The group is working alongside a number of others, including Friends of the Parks, Jackson Park Watch, Openlands, National Association for Olmsted Parks, Save the Midway, Landmarks Illinois, and Preservation Chicago, all of whom have raised concerns about the project.

In addition, 200 faculty members from Obama’s former employer, the University of Chicago, issued a formal letter last Monday stating its opposition to the presidential center being built at this location.

Diversity makes enemies of different ethnic groups. For a member of a group to feel confident in his future, he must believe that his group is in control of its own future, administering itself according to its own standards, and ruled daily by its own people. This can only be a confident position if other groups have been dominated.

During his eight-year presidency, Obama attempted to smash down as many symbols of other ethnic groups as possible, focusing most prominently on white people. In his retirement, he continues the same policy, which delights both minorities and neurotic whites, who figure that without social standards, their own incompetence and degeneracy will go unnoticed.

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