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Normies Gain Power by Denying Obvious Reality

Normies, also known as “goodthinkers,” are the people who will sacrifice everything in order to keep living in the warm hot tub where they can pretend that things are actually going well.

In reality, this society has rotted away starting at its core, and so we are living in a pale imitation of Western Civilization, blighted by corruption, insanity, promiscuity, diversity, insincerity, and deception.

To see that means recognizing that everything we are doing now is wasting time in order to keep a stage production going that produces a “civilization-like object” which is the modern illusion.

This system requires seemingly endless propaganda, now spread through commercial messages because business depends on government and its new diversity voters, as well as incessant commentary on how well everything is going.

It presents a binary situation: either you believe what they tell you, or you do not. You may choose the third option of ignoring it all, but that says how much you value what is being broadcast at you.

Perhaps you do not believe it, which means that it is both unnecessary and deflects from the path toward making ourselves well. It must be infuriating to such a person to hear the constant lies and to have to resist them mentally.

The goodthinkers then have a weapon in their arsenal that they use every day: they simply refuse to see anything but the narrative, knowing that it is insane, but also knowing that by refusing to acknowledge it, they drive others mad.

To them, the path to power consists of driving away anyone who knows better than they do so that they can continue their own pursuit of wealth and power. As natural lottery players, they imagine that they will come out ahead in the end.

They deny the obvious and embrace the ludicrous simply because it turns society into one giant dysfunctional carcass which then cannot bother them. They laugh at the frustration of those who realize that it is all a lie.

Then, they gather in little gangs and bully those who refuse to agree on the insane supposition, destroying lives by attacking those who by not agreeing have made themselves suspect of wrongthink.

If you think that you can “enlighten” them, think again: they will never do anything but embrace the lie and reject those who do not. The lie gives them their power, and their allegiance to it destroys any who would take that power from them.

Luckily, the committed goodthinkers are relatively few. The rest are just going along with what seems to be winning. When enough skepticism and mockery spreads, they will jump ship just like they jumped ship from sanity long ago.

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