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  • Your Money Is Now Losing Close to 1 Percent of Its Value Every 30 Days

    Finally someone portrays it as something other than “inflation” (costs go up by demand). Your currency is losing value because your system does not work and no one has faith in it. The only “demand” is for paper transactions from Wall Street.

  • Workers quit jobs in record numbers as consumer sentiment hits 10-year low

    Who can have faith in a system that does nothing right but is hell-bent on cucking us, subjugating us, and zombifying us with COVID-19 propaganda? Just like with Ted Kennedy’s Hart-Celler Act, the Left shows that they do not care about the future, only seizing power.

  • ‘Failure of democracy’: why are coups on the rise in Africa?

    At the edges of democracy, where it is not insulated by the functional infrastructure and therefore wealth and power of Europe and America, the ongoing inability of democracies to make decisions has met with demands for hard power. Most people prefer dictatorship or monarchy as long as those make mostly good decisions and know when to back off and let people be normally eccentric.

  • The single population is growing, and it’s time to grow with it

    Recent Pew Research Center data shows that nearly half of U.S. adults are unmarried––and half of that population is not interested in dating.

    Nothing signals the failure of a society like the inability to maintain biology. If it cannot produce food or its people are not reproducing at replacement rates, the parasites have won. They are not even dating much. No-fault divorce, diversity, sexual liberation, the administrative state, unions, market socialism, and high taxes burned down the postmodern West.

  • It has become essential for Christians to recognize that salvation requires – not just obedience to God’s rules – but each Man’s co-creativity in harmony with divine creation

    In other words, it is clearly possible, indeed easy, for someone to be a dedicated traditional Christian – an active church-goer, whose life is in accordance with the rules of living: one who studies and knows scripture, knows theology, spends significant time in in earnest prayer, meets with other Christians to study scripture and edifying books, does good works etc etc…

    All this and more; and yet to fail the biggest and simplest task of of spiritual discernment – and thus to become an agent of totalitarian evil, a dupe of the devil.

    The totalitarian evil is the reign of the individual for his own sake, instead of acting toward a natural order or divine order as Tradition would have it. Sola fide as prescribed by Jesus Christ means making yourself realistic, sane, stable, balanced, and also oriented toward the good at all times. Anything else is failure, and more religions than Christianity see this.

  • Changing social inequality from first farmers to early states in Southeast Asia

    They found, first, that during the Bronze Age, inequality rose when groups of elites held restricted ownership of valuables like copper-based axes and jewelry. They found, second, that the arid climate that prompted a shift to wet-rice farming also gave rise to the first political states, and with them, new inequality.

    Translated: if you want social order, you will need inequality. Otherwise, you have an equal mob that behaves like a herd, with each man acting for himself alone but hiding behind the pretense of altruism. That is the human equation.

  • Study shows ‘dark side of ambition’ in climate policy

    “Policy driven by a single overriding metric, in this case, emissions reductions, can generate adverse side-effects.”

    This is the only way that democracy makes decisions, following either a panic or a fad.

  • A new method to measure quantum entanglement in a nuclear spin ensemble

    “For a dense ensemble of quantum objects, such as spins, it isn’t possible to measure each individually, to learn how they interacted with each other,” Claire Le Gall and Mete Atatüre, two of the researchers who carried out the study, told “Instead, one can look for tell-tale signals in the collective response of the ensemble; a bit like the behavior of a flock of birds might say something about how the birds engage with each other. Our system of interest is a large flock, or ensemble, of nuclear spins in a semiconductor quantum dot.”

    Now we see what “crowdsourcing” and democracy are actually about: once you get a big enough sample, you can see where the median is, and choose a path based on neither trend nor fad but both. It is like stochastic resonance, which brings out a signal through noise.

    Stochastic resonance is said to be observed when increases in levels of unpredictable fluctuations—e.g., random noise—cause an increase in a metric of the quality of signal transmission or detection performance, rather than a decrease.

    We explore some of the reasons for this and argue why it would be more surprising if the brain did not exploit randomness provided by noise—via stochastic resonance or otherwise—than if it did. We also challenge neuroscientists and biologists, both computational and experimental, to embrace a very broad definition of stochastic resonance in terms of signal-processing “noise benefits”, and to devise experiments aimed at verifying that random variability can play a functional role in the brain, nervous system, or other areas of biology.

    In a relative universe, non-obvious wrong signal strengthens right signal, and obvious right signal only distinguishes itself when wrong signal is obvious.

  • Lawyer who brought anti-vaccine case has practising certificate suspended

    Democracy has become a dying regime, desperately clinging to power, and not trusting people to make choices because they will start to notice how late stage democracy resembles late stage communism. That sort of instability is how you end up keeping dossiers on parents for opposing the anti-kulak “kill the Boer” CRT propaganda.

  • Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology

    No one wants the extremes of either party, and they are afraid of the extremes of either political philosophy (left = egalitarian, right = Order). So they waffle, since in a social situation, meritocratic education, or office, that is always the right answer. Don’t trust the waffle. We need to go far-Right but retain the generous tolerance of eccentricity (but not destructive acts) that the Left has made famous. We do not want a hybrid; we want a couple things from the Left and otherwise to get out of democracy, individualism, equality, and diversity (D.I.E.D.). The Left has gone further Left in order to distinguish itself from the Right-Left hybrid we have now, diverse market socialist democracy with civil rights as a governing mandate, and this has led to a typical Leftist extreme denial of reality.

  • Athletes worldwide are coincidentally dropping like flies since the Covid-19 Vaccine roll-out

    It does just seem odd: the easy answer (that is also massively profitable) turns out to have glitches just like Thalidomide and Vioxx. Medicine is faddish because new doctors need allies and turn to the Big Pharma companies and trends in the literature instead of being friendless and bullied in the office environment.

  • Biden’s social welfare bill estimated to raise taxes 30% on middle class, cut them for millionaires

    The voters fall for this every time. “Tax the rich” means “tax the high incomes,” but millionaires and billionaires have holdings (or wealth) not salaries. The voters, who get their check every two weeks, are solipsists like the rest of this blighted species and cannot think outside of that framework.


  • Wokeness as Elite Aspiration

    It’s just like high school: if you want to join the hip kids, you had better support the football team. Your average person is a rodent who couldn’t care less about the consequences because they are too busy self-pitying over how this world has forced them into schools, jobs, and nasty social situations, and they are not entirely wrong.

  • Israel, Poland slam antisemitic national day march

    Hundreds of protesters shouted “Death to Jews” at the march in the central city of Kalisz on Thursday, local media reported, drawing condemnation from inside and outside the country.

    The participants of the march referred to LGBTQ people and “Zionists” as “enemies of Poland” that needed to be expelled from the country.

    Morons on the march! If they had brains, they would demand an end to diversity generally and that Poland become a home for ethnic Poles only. When the Arabs, Jews, English, etc. are no longer among you, they are not a threat, if you can rule yourself.

    In the meantime, no one wants a regime that chases down people for being LGBT or other non-conformists. You want a steady orientation toward the good and to promote people who fit into that, and to leave the others the fuck alone.

    Taking the other extreme, the drooling normies celebrate diversity, despite the fact that it destroys every society it touches.

    We are navigating between moronic extremes, looking for the sweet spot, called the “middle path” by Buddhists.

    “Middle” means neutral, upright, and centered. It means to investigate and penetrate the core of life and all things with an upright, unbiased attitude. In order to solve a problem, we should position ourselves on neutral, upright and unbiased ground. We investigate the problem from various angles, analyze the findings, understand the truth thoroughly, and find a reasonable conclusion.

    In other words, ask what actually works instead of trying to figure out which human social extreme to pay attention to. Somewhere between “diversity is universally good” and “diversity is universally bad” lies the obvious “diversity kills civilizations, so I don’t want it in mine.”

  • The oldest asset class of all still dominates modern wealth

    The article blames interest rates, but my guess is something else: the markets have realized that Big Tech is old and sick, and they know that nothing else is in the pipe, plus we have a Leftist administration which means demand-side economics which favor high taxes, which always drive up housing prices because owners have to recoup a new expense. Taxes trickle down. In the meantime, tech is slowly croaking because it has not invented anything new and useful since 2007 or so, which is why savvy investors are bailing from the markets and sticking their money into tangibles.

  • Texas HHS DENIES Monoclonal Antibody Treatments For Whites

    Welcome to egalitarianism. You always take from the strong and give to the weak because the weak cannot lift themselves up en masse. This means that if you have a wealthier White population and a poorer third world population, you take from the former and give to the latter.

  • Some Echo speakers can now detect people

    This showed up in a Batman movie fifteen years ago which means that it was around in the 1980s. They have just gotten around to doing it with mass market hardware now. There are a lot of benefits to this for a smart house, but it really depends on how much you trust Big Tech with your data.

  • BBC chief tells LGBT staff ‘they must get used to hearing views they don’t like’

    Political correctness went so far that it made offices inoperable. Your average worker just sat back and watched while the neurotics and schizoids dominated discussion and nothing got done. Smart bosses now are preparing their workers for a middle position: you tolerate other views in exchange for them tolerating you. This approach, known as “pluralism,” decays because it is egalitarian and egalitarianism goes searching for victims to use to increase equality, therefore will always produce a self-pitying sufferer group to coddle at the expense of everyone else.

  • Is ‘gweilo’ offensive? How native Hongkongers, expats and experts feel about word at centre of court case

    A British engineer is seeking damages and a written apology from his former employer under the Race Discrimination Ordinance, saying he was subjected to repeated use of the word gweilo by his former colleagues.

    Deal with it. People are going to call you all sorts of offensive stuff, and cultures are going to defend themselves against outsiders. The same applies to minorities in America. Someone called you a slur; so what? Does it matter if they slur your race, sexual orientation, sex, or social class more than if they make fun of your appearance, intelligence, competence, or style? Fuck ’em.

  • Nike executive who wrote book about how he killed a man as a 16-year-old gang member is slammed for failing to tell the WHOLE story

    Diversity pet reveals his past and people are shocked that token figureheads might not be great people, and that the actual competent minority people do not want to work for the White people.

  • ‘Trigger warning’ device for classrooms and parties sounds alarm when it detects offensive language or jokes

    Next step is to have it automatically bill your credit card, just like in Demolition Man.

  • FW de Klerk, who handed SA’s reins to Nelson Mandela, dies aged 85

    South Africa stumbled into diversity by listening to the moron shopkeepers who wanted cheap labor. To constrain the obvious problems of diversity, they invented apartheid, which went too far. Then, they went the other direction with equality and made themselves into a ruin of a third world nation. Can anyone think anymore?

  • Americans have never been in so much debt

    When money becomes random, people load up on debt in order to live and expect it to get discharged by magic Uncle SamLenin.

  • Pfizer “vaccine”: kill 200 to ‘save’ one?

    This is a panic, just like the Satanic Panic in the 1980s, and has nothing to do with reality. As said here before, if you have one of the thirteen loci then get yourself some medical care, but most of us are sliding by with no problems. That’s why this disease was perfect for a mass panic: it kills some, but leaves most alone, which creates ambiguity and in turn fear, and fear is how they rule.


  • Western civilisation and Afrikaners: A shared struggle with foundation myth crises

    With diversity, you no longer have any idea of who you are and any knowledge of it will be banned shortly anyway. End diversity if you want to survive. You have less time than you think.

  • Majority of Federal Employees Disagree With Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

    People with experience dealing with the medical establishment and government want nothing to do with a new treatment until it has been out for a decade or more. The PhDs will not take it, the nurses will not take it, and those who regulate Big Pharma do not want to take it either. Only the normies run screaming into the vaccination centers.

  • 23andMe collected people’s DNA under the guise of one purpose but will monetize it for another

    Silicon Valley realized that there is no penalty for lying to people. You just tell them that the plan has changed and they go along with it. If you sent in your data to 23andme, and they find something in your DNA that will make them lots of money, they’ll take it and send you nothing.

  • Psychologists suggest more humility is needed in the social, behavioral and life sciences

    When you tell people that their field has all the answers, they start to behave like little tyrant-demigods. When you roll that back and suggest actual scientific method, they panic because it is much harder to make a lucrative career that way. Follow the money. With humans, it’s always about the money.

  • Rice University names school Provost Reginald DesRoches as next president

    Another token advances for being a token:

    As chief academic officer, he established the office of diversity, equity and inclusion.

    Diversity will destroy competence in every field.

  • Obesity raises the risk of gum disease by inflating growth of bone-destroying cells

    The study, completed in an animal model and published in October in the Journal of Dental Research, found that excessive inflammation resulting from obesity raises the number of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC), a group of immune cells that increase during illness to regulate immune function.

    Sugar overload = inflammation = breakdown.

  • Students who repeat a grade experience more bullying, study finds

    Bullying exists to purge the weak or at least encourage them to get their act together. Generally the kids who are bullied are either hopeless genetic rejects or have bad parents. Unfortunately, since we live in dark ideological times, kids are bullied frequently simply for being non-conformists, since messianic ideologies view themselves as absolutely, universally 100% correct and therefore see failure to obey as a form of attack on them.

  • Researchers find repeated link between volcanic eruptions and dynastic collapse in China’s Imperial Era

    More terrible science. What causes collapse? Inability to handle natural variations. Could our food system survive a volcano at this point? We can’t even get container ships full of cheap Chinese surveillance junk to unload. We are fragile, like all dying empires, just waiting for that one “push.”

  • Surprising findings on how salt affects blood flow in the brain

    Between 50 and 60 percent of hypertension is believed to be salt-dependent — triggered by excess salt consumption. The research team plans to study this inverse neurovascular coupling mechanism in animal models to determine whether it contributes to the pathology of salt-dependent hypertension.

    Another myth begins to die. It turns out that high salt is probably not the culprit after all, so maybe next we will look at what types of food have high salt in them. You usually only salt food heavily if it is garbage and you need to make it seem to taste better without actually being of good quality or flavor.

  • The mask caste system

    It’s not a caste system but an Inner Party. Your leaders do not have to wear the silly and useless masks, but the help has to because they are not Inner Party members.

  • Faced with soaring Ds and Fs, schools are ditching the old way of grading

    To have hierarchy, you need to reward good behavior, punish bad, ignore the mediocre, and exclude cheaters entirely. Now they have made the degrees they had out even more worthless. When every prize is a participation prize, they have zero use as signals to employers. This will further drive homeschooling.

  • Does infection with or vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 lead to lasting immunity?

    Current evidence from case studies and large observational studies suggests that, consistent with research on other common respiratory viruses, a protective immunological response lasts for approximately 5–12 months from primary infection, with reinfection being more likely given an insufficiently robust primary humoral response.

    And just like that a new market formed for government mandated boosters every 5-12 months.



  • ‘We’re being pressured into sex by some trans women’

    Jennie is a lesbian woman. She says she is only sexually attracted to women who are biologically female and have vaginas. She therefore only has sex and relationships with women who are biologically female.

    Jennie doesn’t think this should be controversial, but not everyone agrees. She has been described as transphobic, a genital fetishist, a pervert and a “terf” – a trans exclusionary radical feminist.

    TERFs just note the obvious: men trying to be women are simply trying to compete in an easier category, and they are displacing women, just like diversity displaces majorities. In the meantime, the great transgender integration does not seem to be working so good.

  • Parents aghast Melrose elementary schools won’t celebrate Halloween this year

    On Monday, Melrose Superintendent Julie Kukenberger sent an email to parents saying that, over the past few years, school officials have been working to “deemphasize Halloween and shift our focus toward community building through fall celebrations,” The Boston Globe reported.

    “As a district, we value celebrations and community-building activities that represent many cultures and traditions,” she wrote. “We are committed to ensuring that all students and staff feel safe, included, and represented in our schools.”

    Diversity means that you give up your culture so other people can live among you. What part about that is hard for these morons to understand? With diversity, anything will offend someone, and only the weaker groups have rights, so everything about the majority culture will be erased. You voted for this, suckers!

  • Demand for forensic audits of 2020 election in all 50 states rapidly gaining support

    The Maricopa audit was going to go one of two ways: either they would find too little to support any inference that Trump was right, or they would find enough that he might be, at which point faith in the election crashes and regime change is inbound. Pro Tip: get a Convention of States together and repeal the 14th amendment, ban wealth transfer, and end immigration entirely. Then we can get around to fixing democracy by grafting aristocracy onto our system.

  • France moves to shield local bookstores from Amazon with law on minimum delivery charge

    Another law that makes the voters cheer because it took decisive action on a problem… except that the voters are morons and screwed it up as usual. Lower taxes and small business can compete. Raise taxes and you get market concentration into a few big monopolies. Why are voters impervious to this common sense? Oh, right; they’re morons. We need aristocrats badly.

  • America’s most widely consumed oil causes genetic changes in the brain

    It was cheap, so we “democratized” food. Now we pay the price.

  • World’s coolest queen: Margrethe of Denmark

    Aristocrats were chosen from among the heroes, war-leaders, and inventors. Not surprisingly, they have higher IQs and better health, so live long and prosperous lives while the former serfs are obese, lumpy, stupid, and enviously destructive.

  • Student racism row ignites colonial board game debate

    “There is still a lack of understanding about racism in Finnish society and at the University. We do not always understand how social practices and structures feel to people who experience racism continuously in their lives,” the university tweeted, adding that a three-day anti-racism training programme had already been prepared for staff, as well as a section on anti-racism in tutor training.

    That is the boilerplate, socially correct, politically correct, and inoffensive solution taught in schools. But what is achieved? Now everywhere is Africa and Asia, and everyone else dies out through admixture. Stop the Finnish Genocide!

  • Amnesty to close Hong Kong offices over National Security Law

    Leftists are shocked when Leftism prioritizes more Leftism above the justifications it used to seize power. Communism was not a one-off; it always goes that way, just as it did in the French Revolution.

  • Hate crimes against Asians rose 76% in 2020 amid pandemic, FBI says

    The diversity seems to be clobbering other diversity. African-Americans, in particular, have figured out that in the New Mongol Empire, brown people will not have much value.

  • Israel okays $9 billion plan to fight gaps between Jewish and Arab citizens

    So much for the idiotic “Jewish Question.” Diversity is killing them just like it is destroying us.

  • In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan

    Slowly, we draw the truth out of them, but most voters have already forgotten. Democracy will kill you and profit off your corpse.

  • But Honey, It Was Just A Dance

    In the end, Cathy, love has to trump lust. I love Harry and he loves me. As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t a man in this world that is worth jeopardizing that.

    We are slowly realizing that the sexual revolution was a disaster for the human race.

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