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News Media Is Entertainment Too

Some are finding themselves surprised — shocked! shocked, I tell you — that neither big media nor presumed “conservative” sources like Fox News are playing this video, which shows Leftists celebrating the violence they instigate and Trump rallies and chastising the Right for playing within the rules.

This is not anomalous, but business as usual, because of what news media is: a business.

When civilizations are new, goals are clear. The forests must be cut down, the city built, crops planted and enemies defeated. The task is the action that needs to be taken. But when civilization ages, tasks are administered through proxies or intermediates where the task is to satisfy rules or objectives removed from end results.

For example, a modern citizen may be told to go to a certain location, dig a ditch and put in a concrete platform. He will not know what goes there, or why it is important; there is only the task.

Proxies create the necessity of “playing the game.” This means satisfying the rules and the bosses, not getting the task done. This tends to make people lazy and resentful because there is less of a connection between the immediate act and the reward of having something completed.

This gives rise to the type of people who play the game well. This process selects for people who do not care about the results of their actions, but want the intermediate reward of money and social acclaim. These are naturally manipulators, salesmen and narcissists.

Your average celebrity, politician and bureaucrat all fit into this pattern.

What this means is that news media is there to win the game because the people in it are there to win the game. That means that truth is never the goal; popularity is, specifically by advancing the narrative that everyone out there is a victim and that is why things have not worked out for them.

The only viewpoint that fits the narrative is the Leftist viewpoint, which implies that a lack of equality — not the incompetence and moral baseness of most people — is the problem with life. Fix the lack of equality, and you have Utopia. For Leftists, this is the only moral good.

Leftists view breaking the rules as a necessary sacrifice. Rules, decency, culture, God, family… these are all secondary. Only the ideology matters. For our forward-thinking brains, this is like crack and heroin mixed together. It shuts down all other processing, bringing sweet oblivion to the big questions of existence.

This is why Fox News rarely runs conservative news, and when it does, it slants to the Left. That is where the audience is. Many conservatives are in fact mostly Leftist in outlook, although they would scream if you pointed out that “small government, muh freedumbs, diversity and equality” are not conservative values.

We think of the news as an agency with the purpose of telling us the truth. It is not; the news is there to distract from the truth and instead pitch you a product, which is that you are a victim and all you need is freedom and equality. The news is entertainment.

Thus it is not surprising that you see very little of real life and real thinking mentioned there.

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