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  • Switzerland referendum: Voters support ban on face coverings in public

    Now that the world has seen the USA go the way of South Africa, but with Hispanic diversity instead of Black diversity, the tide has turned against tolerance of foreign ethnic and racial groups. Countries are adopting an intermediate position, which is the “guest worker” model of the Japanese: come here to earn money, act like us, and then go home when you are done.

  • Half of women in UK fear equality is going back to 1970s

    The pandemic simply revealed how weak we were both as unhealthy individuals and systems that are unsustainable because they are unrealistic. “Equality” — a condition, goal, and method rolled into one — seemed to work only because it was massively subsidized by voters because it was popular. Now it too has failed.

  • Kroger opens first $55 million automated warehouse in Butler County

    Labor costs make up the biggest chunk of most company budgets, and unions drove labor offshore and toward immigrants during the postwar period, so now companies want to dodge the labor question. The $15-per-hour minimum wage just cemented the need, which means that most basic labor will be replaced and certifications will become the only way to get a regular job.

  • Two-thirds of tropical rainforest destroyed or degraded globally, NGO says

    If we said that the Uighurs or Rohinga had two-thirds of their territory destroyed or degraded, people would claim that it is genocide. It is, but not of humans: ecocide means the destruction of natural ecosystems, or the complex interactions between flora and fauna that perpetuate a fertile environment for all.

  • Higher income predicts feelings such as pride and confidence

    They want you to see that “having more money does not necessarily make a person more compassionate and grateful,” but the flip side of this is that poor people do not have more compassion, either; they do, however, have more “negative self-regard emotions, such as sadness, fear and shame.” No society thrives on self-pity.

  • African Cardinal: Affirmative Action Is ‘Racial Discrimination’ Like Apartheid

    The third world, having heard a century of Leftist promises that brought colonialism re-badged as “globalism,” are tired of the dangling carrot of “equality” and instead simply want prosperity on their own terms, in their own countries.

  • Meghan and Harry interview: ‘Royalty is not a shield from the despair of racism’

    The worst bullies are the passive-aggressive bullies who play the victim as a way to get other people to do their bullying for them. Markle does not realize that she is twice an interloper, first as a ‘murkan and second as a non-ethnic English, and that bringing her onboard participates in the genocide of the English.

  • Derek Chauvin trial in George Floyd death: How to watch and what to know

    This trial will either be decided badly and reversed on appeal in a few years when things have calmed down, or for once the courts will take a stand and note that George Floyd died from fentanyl, methamphetamine, and ill-health, with the stress of arrest as a contributing factor and the neck-hold as a minor contributing factor. He could have survived everything but the fentanyl.

  • UN chief accuses UK of ‘balancing the books on the backs of the starving’ by cutting aid spending to Yemen

    More guilt-bullying. Someone is starving, somewhere, and since the West is prosperous, the peasants in charge pretend to be kings and act like it is our job to fix this. In reality, humanity needs a steady dose of disconnection from expecting someone else to solve its problems, and the UK needs to keep its money.

  • White House cites ‘active threat,’ urges action despite Microsoft patch

    USA decides to slam the barn door extra hard. With the SolarWinds hack, the Chinese and/or NSA got into every major software system that we have by finding weaknesses in the source code. They then compromised every institution. We have to start over entirely, probably with new operating systems and networking.

  • Serial Car Burglar Broke Into Over 1,000 Vehicles, Pennsylvania Officials Say

    Time and again, we see how relatively few individuals — probably about 2-5% per Joe Kenda — cause most of the crime and create a hugely disproportionate cost. We need to remove them from our society permanently, and democracy justice cannot do this. Even more, that same group now seems to run the Democratic Party.

  • Historical Analysis Exposes Catastrophic Seagrass Loss for the United Kingdom

    Overpopulation drives bottom-trawling, pollution, and coastal development, all of which kill off the seaweed that we need for oxygen and healthy fish. We could end this by sending back those who are not ethnic English, and keeping the population as naturally low as it tends to be in stable, developed societies as the over-educated system tools get rich and die childless.

  • China warns US not to cross ‘red line’ on Taiwan

    China shows all the signs of an unstable tyranny in the Mongol style: unable to produce enough wealth, it wants to seize it, and in the process, keep its people motivated toward collaboration through militarization. This means that things have a shiny surface but rotten understructure down Beijing Way.

  • ‘I always wanted a girl’: scandal of Czech Roma forcibly sterilised

    Nobody wants diversity. Roma get it worst, because as itinerant dwellers on the margins of society, they are associated with petty crime and grifting. A sane plan would involve repatriating them to their ethnic home in Pakistan. Instead, Europe tried to “manage” them with various ill-conceived political schemes like this one.

  • COVID-19 prompted thousands of new migrants to Canada to return home

    More proof that migrants are here for the wealth and stability, not as contributors. They always expect to return home someday when the diversity scheme, by which one group of Whites attempts to conquer another using race-guilt, pops. We should just formalize this through reparations-with-repatriation and move on.

  • US jobless claims tick up to 745,000 as layoffs remain high

    The “experts” in the media find themselves gobsmacked by the fact that despite rising vaccinations, layoffs also keep rising. Hint: when you shut down an economy, money needed to pay these people is not produced, so they must be fired. You need to re-start your economy and stop bringing in millions more people to displace those already jobless.

  • Facial recognition technology can expose political orientation from naturalistic facial images

    We keep re-learning the wisdom of the ancients which includes the knowledge that almost all of who we are is written in our genes not generated out of thin air by our personalities or state propaganda, including education. We can change nature temporarily, but not alter it. Democrats will use this to scan people near the Capitol.

  • Malcolm X’s boyhood home in Boston gets historic designation

    During his periods of clearest thought, Malcolm X advocated Black repatriation to Africa and separation from White liberals. Unlike most who came after him, he realized that civil rights meant being obedient to a White system, and therefore was against the spiritual and self-esteem needs of a Black population.

  • Senior diplomatic security official removed from Afghanistan role

    “Sad day in American history. A fraudulent election that ushered in a senile idiot and a woman that claims to be black, but she’s not…you’re witnessing the death of America as we know it and just standby as all our freedoms are eroded.” Drunk man speaks truth on social media, gets canned. Another day in a dying regime.

  • Covid deaths high in countries with more overweight people

    Challenges like COVID-19 reveal us, and this pandemic showed an overweight, inactive, and exhausted diverse population which could not fight off a relatively minor disease. What causes obesity? Eating bad food and sitting around in cars, offices, schools, and television rooms instead of living real life.

  • Boston Public Schools Suspends Test For Advanced Learning Classes

    Objective testing reveals what we expect: third world populations and lower social classes have lower intelligence and therefore, show up less in advanced classes. This outrages our post-1866 ideal of “equality,” so schools are abolishing the advanced programs because the optics are bad, driving smarter kids into homeschooling.

  • Britain to raise income taxes; splash cash on businesses hit by pandemic

    Keynesianism basically repackaged socialism as a stimulus for capitalism, arguing that we could generate income through debt and then treat the debt as a future obligation due and therefore a positive number on our ledgers. Like crack, the first one is free, but you never get clear of the habit ever again, and end up under a bridge fugued out, muttering about “free markets.”

  • Lauren Boebert Accuses Democrats of Being ‘Obsessed With Conspiracy Theories’

    Systemic racism, Russian collusion, and White Supremacy all look like conspiracy theories. In actuality, none of these existed in any meaningful form, but people like to live with groups of others like them, not just by race but by ethnicity and social class. This offends the egalitarians so they invent conspiracy theories.

  • Elon Musk warns humanity may ‘self-extinguish with World War 3’ before we can finish Mars colony

    He gets it half-right, like Bradbury did. Our risk is less nuclear war than internal war. Our constant class warfare, where the have-nots and their neurotic allies among the shopkeepers tear down anyone above the minimum, will turn us into societies of primitives living by subsistence agriculture with no space program.

  • Most life on Earth will be killed by lack of oxygen in a billion years

    No one wants to admit it, but the clock is ticking. A billion years seems far away, but we have major hurdles to overcome that will not happen overnight. We also need to salvage all of the interesting life forms here on Earth, and cultivate multiple worlds, possibly segregated by race, for redundancy.

  • Organic matter and water from asteroid Itokawa

    As it turns out, life flits around the universe more than we think. The theory of panspermia holds that living matter or the ingredients for it get flung around the universe by comets, landing on new planets and producing life for the duration of a hospitable climate there. If not us, someone else will survive.

  • The mystery of India’s ‘lake of skeletons’

    “But more interestingly, the genetics study found the dead comprised a diverse people: one group of people had genetics similar to present-day people who live in South Asia, while the other ‘closely related’ to people living in present-day Europe, particularly those living in the Greek island of Crete.” Race is real.

  • Dominican Republic announces plans for Haiti border fence

    It turns out that walls work. The relatively prosperous population of the Dominican Republican wants to keep out the inevitable flow of people from poorer Haiti, same as America and Europe want to erect boundaries between themselves and the incessant flood from the third world.

  • Protectionism around natural resources is surging, and could spell danger for commodities

    Globalism died as soon as people figured out it was simply a handy way for the first world to exploit third world resources. Now each nation is holding on to what it has and demanding high prices for it, so the easy consumerist era is over and we are looking at an age of recycling, reusing, and renewing.

  • Hong Kong reforms prevent ‘dictatorship of the majority’, pro-Beijing lawmaker says

    The terms “minority” and “majority” invert with immigration. The majority in Hong Kong are from there, but the minority are imports from the People’s Republic of China, just like how in the West the “majority” are five percent of the world’s population under siege by the other 95 percent.


In memoriam L-G Petrov.


  • China Mulls Lifelong Ban for Actors Who Have Used Drugs

    China wants to stave off the crises of industrialization that they have seen in the West. By studying our mistakes, they intend to avoid them, all while encouraging us to rush further headlong into fatal mistakes like diversity, drugs, sexual liberation, and equality.

  • Brexiteer Nigel Farage steps down as leader of Reform UK

    Like Trump, Farage finds himself more effective on the outside of the system, where he can criticize its results without being hamstrung by its dilatory methods. He will surf the cultural wave that he created, and others will perform the relatively simple work of guiding it toward recognition.

  • German Jews Angry at Prosecutor’s Decision Not to Charge Hamburg Synagogue Attacker Because of ‘Mental Illness’

    German Jews find themselves shocked to get the “White treatment,” which is that anyone who attacks you for racial reasons is judged to be insane, but any of your people who attack them are seen as horrible bigots with Klan and Hitler posters next to their shrine to Satan and complete works of Francis Galton.

  • Germany’s remembrance culture fails to protect present day Jews

    Too few Germans interact with the Jewish community, say volunteers with the “Meet-A-Jew” project. No kidding: people like to live with, work with, socialize with, marry, and have children with people like them, which means not just race but ethnicity, social class, religion, and general philosophical alignment.

  • Sinti, Roma face systemic prejudice in Germany

    Minorities never achieve “equality.” If they could have, they would have done it in their home countries. Instead, they come to guilt-bully you into giving them free stuff, and they merit more of it by never coming close to equal, so that the parasitism continues until it destroys you. Repatriation is wisdom.

  • ‘Fear of missing out’ boosting global acceptance of Covid jab

    Formal systems make hamsters out of people who come to realize that success occurs by doing what everyone else does and then finding a way to capitalize on it. Twenty-first century conformity is wholly voluntary and based on competition for acceptance, instead of fear of retaliation by government.

  • Japan supercomputer shows doubling masks offers little help preventing viral spread

    Doubling masks serves as a signal of obedience to the dominant “culture,” which in fact is political culture based on denial that our modern civilization is crashing, and has nothing to do with the virus. Most of us remain disgusted by such a display of obliquate conformity.

  • Association of Mask Mandates With COVID-19 Cases

    “Mask mandates were associated with a 0.5 percentage point decrease in daily COVID-19 case growth rates 1–20 days after implementation and decreases of 1.1, 1.5, 1.7, and 1.8 percentage points 21–40, 41–60, 61–80, and 81–100 days, respectively, after implementation.” In other words, they help, but not enough to make sacrificing your economy and normal lifestyle worthwhile.

  • Philippine leader’s order to kill rebels ‘legal’, spokesman says

    Why would it ever be illegal to exterminate Communists? These people are incompetent tyrannical criminals who destroy prosperity, sanity, innocence, and hope wherever they go. We squash bugs and poison vermin, so why not make SAT CONG one of the sacred sacraments?

  • Twelve states sue Biden to stop him tackling climate crisis

    We are seeing a state-level revolt against a national government that seems to be both illegitimate and tyrannical. At some point, Biden will find himself trying to rule over a nation that will nullify his decisions at every turn, and then he will take his Lincolnesque final form and start arresting his ideological enemies.

  • U.S. reportedly prepares action against Russia after major cyberattack

    This hack was so successful that we have no idea who did it. The Chinese seem to be using information gained during the hack to exploit Microsoft products, but we think that because some of the tools used were Russian, so were the hackers. America has gone from tragedy to farce under the stolen corrupt Biden clique.

  • Preliminary Findings from a Phase 2a Trial of Investigational COVID-19 Therapeutic Molnupiravir

    No matter how much the powers that be want to wind up COVID-19 as an excuse to keep us locked down, compliant, masked, humiliated, and conquered, the narrative is collapsing as medical treatments improve. We are heading back to normal, at which point the world can unite on hating Chinese Communist American Democrats.

  • Texas Senate Bill 12

    Texas introduces a bill which will prohibit social media services from censoring Texans for political, social, cultural, scientific, and religious viewpoints. As federal power collapses into a miasma of corruption, Chinese influence, pork barrel spending, and incompetence, the states are rising to take on its former role.

  • I Knew the Name of the Dragon

    Leftists use organized crime tactics to achieve their agenda of total control. If you do not play along, they threaten you with destruction. This shows us both what they intend to do — move into tyranny, or rule for its own sake — and how unstable they understand their position to be. One push and they are gone.

  • Newly found ‘super-Earth’ could hold key to finding alien life

    While Earthlings dither over equality and wealth redistribution, we run the risk of being a one-planet species, which means that an errant comet or solar flare could end us entirely. Until we colonize multiple other worlds, we are at risk of extinction every day.

  • Venezuela to introduce 1-million-bolivar bill as inflation persists

    Leftists love demand-based economies because those allow them to sell debt as future income, print money, and keep the Keynesian “pump priming” market socialist system alive through constant demand. That invites in speculation, which devalues the currency through speculation, while driving up the cost of housing.

  • China Exports Soar To Highest Level In Decades After COVID-19 Hit

    COVID-19 worked like a charm for China. Their major competition self-destructed with a stolen election, the rest of the world shut down its economies, the third world was bought with Sinovac and loans, and now, Chinese industry is shooting ahead while the West remains locked down. A winning gambit, in the short term.

  • Columbia offers Multicultural Graduation Ceremonies for everyone but Whites

    The Left is right about identity politics: there is no way to exist as a raceless and cultureless person. Every group stands up for itself and works to conquer every other group. For this reason, segregation looms on the horizon, further marginalizing Whites and accelerating the collapse of diversity.

  • Women are more likely to own a home in a rich suburb

    Men invest in stocks, women buy homes. For this reason, men tend to emphasize economic growth and flexibility while women like stability of things like income and rising home values. These two approaches are incompatible, and trying to do both results in economic chaos.

  • U.S. dams, levees get D grades, need $115 billion in upgrades

    Democracy will be remembered for having spent all of its money on entitlements and diversity while its infrastructure rotted, only to come to a point where it needed to get over its parasitic wealth transfer programs to find it had nothing left.

  • Israel Developing Plans to Strike Iran over Nuclear Weapons as Joe Biden Deal Falters

    Trump set the world up for the holy grail of foreign policy, namely lasting peace in the middle east for the first time in centuries. With a few strokes of his phone and pen, Biden undid that, and now the entire region is on a war footing.

  • Under intense pressure, WHO skips summary report on coronavirus origin

    Who owns the post-democracy West? It seems like China controls all of our institutions, “experts,” media, and government. Not only does this mean doom for us all, but in the short term, it means a devaluation of everything American and Western, at which point we will all see the high cost of inaction.

  • Inspector General’s Report Cites Elaine Chao for Using Office to Help Family

    McConnell hoped that by removing Trump he could stave off this event, but it turns out that the Left, having used him now has no use for him, and intends to drive him out of office by pointing out his China connections. The GOP will not come to his aid this time.

  • Hong Kong axed from economic freedom index after years at top spot

    It turns out that the cost of getting taken over by China includes the investment world fleeing your shores. The USA will get a taste of this as well, since now that it is controlled by Chinese-operated interests, the same problems that exist in China are here, not to mention our South Africa style diversity crisis.

  • Indiana girls bring concerns over ‘Men Working’ signs to their lawmakers

    At the end of the day, “democracy” seems to mean that trends win out over history and fact, and everyone cashes in on the latest big thing so they can have their fifteen minutes of fame and get a book deal. Nothing sane comes out of this system, only from those working against it.

  • Our shirts will be 25% costlier, we have 5 years to act

    Western policies reward “least developed countries” (LDCs) with low tariffs, meaning that as societies graduate from that status, their economic booms fade as even poorer places out-compete them on price. This crisis also hit China, which enjoyed thirty years of low tariffs until Trump.

  • Study: Employment rose among those in free money experiment

    People in a first-world capitalist society used the money from a trial of universal basic income to pay off debts, enabling them to get ahead. Study authors somehow fail to note that when the same amount hits everyone it will be worthless, and people will not have the easy route upward afforded by a system without a UBI to slow down transaction speed and economic growth.

  • The Gulf Stream is slowing to a ‘tipping point’ and could disappear

    The Left wants to blame “climate change” for the “heat island effect,” which is what happens when you urbanize 55% of a planet and the resulting reflection of heat by concentrated concrete displaces jet streams. End immigration and welfare to deurbanize and save the planet.

  • Newly unsealed court filing alleges ad firm tried to set up ‘Papa John’ to look racist

    Cancel culture has value to business, too. If you have an enemy, call him a racist and deplatform him, and by the time he gets back on his feet five years later, there will be nothing he can do to regain what you stole. Through this guilt-bullying, a few neurotics can seize control of a civilization and destroy it.

  • SUV in crash where 13 died came through hole in border fence

    Trump signaled a strong warning to those coming to the country that they were not welcome here. Biden signaled the opposite, opposing the laws he has sworn to defend, creating a gold rush for American citizenship that predictably ends in tears for some navigating a new strange land.




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