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  • Sex addiction, not racial hatred, may have driven suspect in Georgia spa shootings

    The “domestic terrorism” angle recedes as it turns out that this was a sexually-frustrated person of Irish descent, not a White guy on a mission to purge America of Asians. In the meantime, it seems as if anti-Asian violence is the new trend in hate crimes, probably because they are displacing other minority groups.

  • Denmark will limit the number of ‘non-Western’ residents in neighbourhoods to 30% to ‘reduce the risk of religious and cultural parallel societies’

    Slowly the Western democracies are realizing that diversity does not work and immigration will never pay the bill for entitlements already promised to the Baby Boomer generation, who are eating them up rapidly with end of life costs. The coming bankruptcy and default of democracies will end our fixation on “equality” (the opposite of quality).

  • Newsom suggests recall motives are racist

    If you tell a kid that doing his homework is the most important thing, soon he will argue for everything he wants by saying that he needs those things in order to do his homework. The Left got everything it wanted by using civil rights, but with evolution to transsexuals, it has run out of room.

  • U.S. facing biggest migrant surge in 20 years: Homeland Security

    When you win an election on a civil rights platform and demand the borders open, they will come. Biden has created a crisis he cannot manage, but does not intend to manage it; for him, these are Hart-Celler voters which will put his party into power forever, and that is all he cares about.

  • China blasts US ‘evil past of genocide’ at UN rights body

    Funny how Leftists in China and Leftists in the USA say the exact same things at roughly the same time. It is as if their allegiance is to Leftism and its coming world takeover more than America. Funny also how the Leftists have always told us that this was their goal.

  • Consumption of Added Sugar Doubles Fat Production

    It turns out that adding sugar, even fruit sugar, to foods causes massive fat production. This explains why even reducing calories fails in many cases to cause people to lose weight. Unfortunately for us moderns, our food is based on cheap carbs with added sugar, fats, salt, and flavorings.

  • Thai sniffer dogs can detect COVID-19 in sweat, project shows

    If we let the neo-Communists have their way, it will be a scene like Terminator: “This guy just came to the front of our restaurant and the dog barked! This may be a COVID-19 infected person, possibly a MAGA supporter or White Supremacist. Open fire, on the double! Aim for center mass!”

  • Portland cut police funding and got a 2,000% surge in murders

    Leftism offers a simple idea, “equality,” and since that makes us feel as individuals that we would be beyond criticism, we like that, and follow other Leftist ideas that “sound good.” One includes defunding the police to promote peace, but in reality, it just shows us why we had the police in the first place.

  • Endangered Australian songbird ‘losing its song’

    Birds have a culture of learning songs from their elders. When there are too few to come into contact with each other to teach and learn, the species crashes and dies out rapidly. The same is happening to our ancestral cultures now under the onslaught of diversity and equality.

  • Corporations become unlikely financiers of racial equity

    Corporations believe the media and government when those entities say that they are replacing the White population with new voters and consumers. Responding to market forces, corporations then pitch their advertising and giving to these groups, and ignore their former White supporters. Fire up a boycott.

  • White supremacist propaganda surged in 2020, report says

    In 2020, government finally revealed that it wants White people gone. Not surprisingly, White people are increasingly adopting the attitude that they do not want to be genocided, and need their nations back through the ending of diversity. The media calls this genocide resistance “White Supremacy.” So what if it is?

  • What Happens When a Slogan Becomes the Curriculum

    Schools need to invent things for kids to do because schools are daycare facilities that exist so that mothers can work. Mothers need to work because taxes are high to pay for diversity. This means that schools invent gibberish to preach, and ideology can be taught to everyone, unlike actual skills.

  • Australian Senate passes motion to ban gender neutral language like ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘non-birthing parent’ from government use

    The problem with becoming a pet of the Left is that you engender resentment and pushback. The great jihad-crusade for acceptance of transsexuals has created a defensive movement among normal families who are tolerant of transsexuals, but do not want this behavior normalized and taught to their children.

  • Study sheds light on role of fingerprints in sense of touch

    The number of fingerprint ridges that you have corresponds to neurons in the brain for touch. The more ridges, the more sensitivity. We already know that race can be determined from fingerprints, but now we can predict more about the intelligence of the subject as well.

  • Thieves, robbers and burglars to be fitted with GPS tags

    Somewhere around five percent of our populations commit most of the crimes. They do so repeatedly; maybe a few percentage points of those will go straight over time, having had bad home lives, but the rest continue. Tracking these people would eliminate most crime, which is repeat crime.

  • U.S. Military Says ‘China and Russia May Be Collaborating’ South of U.S. Border

    More accurately, China has been operating to subvert American interests and attack us while Russia has been saying nasty things about us on Twitter. This shows us that the Chinese system is close to collapse and they want to take over the world before their economy and fragile social order implodes.

  • Iran attempted to undermine Trump’s reelection, declassified intelligence report finds

    All of the bad guys of the world were threatened by Trump, and for some reason our media and Deep State agree with them. If nothing else, this should give Biden supporters pause, but people with high time preference care only for what they will receive in the short term and ignore the consequences.

  • Washington Post correction tells a sordid tale of agenda-driven ‘journalism’

    It turns out that, once again, our media edited statements and faked reports in order to defame Trump in the run-up to an election, so that he would lose. The Left got around Citizens United by turning every organization into a Leftist propaganda factory. It is time to deplatform these organizations.

  • Mexico plans migration crackdown as U.S. struggles with record arrivals

    Mexico wants to be free of American problems. They want to legalize drugs and get rid of the endless cartel drama, stop immigration so that their country is no longer regulated by the economy of another, and get away from American politics.

  • India to raise racism with U.K., says Jaishankar

    If you are concerned about “racism,” keep your people home. Those in the lands to which they emigrate will not like being replaced, and so they are going to push back by noticing reasons why you should not be there. Diversity, immigration, globalism, and equality are the same failed idea.

  • Eating up the rainforest: China’s taste for beef drives exports from Brazil

    The more people you have, the more food you need. That means that you use more land. Even if you feed them bugs and grass, you will still need more land. That means that you will commit ecocide. The only solution is to stop population growth, mainly by ending immigration and welfare/entitlements.

  • Academic Freedom in Crisis

    When we let Leftists into academia, they rewarded us for our tolerance with intolerance, and now they not only refuse to hire conservatives but are forcing censorship and retribution against non-Leftists throughout our universities. This radically reduces the value of education and shows us an industry near collapse.

  • Professor rejects mob’s demand to leave campus

    How to deal with a cancel culture mob: tell them that they are wrong, refuse to give an inch, and force the university to fire you or otherwise do something for which you can sue them. You will not only make your point but retire with a heap of money.

  • Chinese diplomat says people should reconsider investing or living in Australia

    Australia has begun resisting Chinese incursions, so the Chinese have retaliated by threatening to pull out. This is what we want, in the West: for all who are not ethnic Western Europeans to pull out and go back home, taking their money with them so it does not corrupt us.

  • After years of trying to curb QAnon messaging, Twitter has now suspended more than 150,000 accounts

    After 245 years of “freedom,” how can we say that it is going? Our primacy topic of concern seems to be how to censor ideas that oppose how we currently interpret “freedom,” which is as equality, since the root theory behind freedom is egalitarian. Democracy has reversed itself, as it always does.

  • Joe Biden Green Screen Conspiracies, Jokes Erupt Over White House Video

  • U.S. subpoenas Chinese communications firms in probe of national security risks

    The Left uses a new strategy: investigate everything, declare officially that certain things are not true, and then persecute anyone who claims otherwise. The US will look into these firms, decide that nothing is wrong, and reverse the Trump orders stopping firms linked to the Communist military from spying on us.

  • Rebel priests defy Vatican, vow to bless same-sex couples

    Being a rebel offers easy popularity. You scapegoat the leaders, and encourage others to do the same, so that you do not have to look into your own behavior. That makes you popular, and you can then stop caring about doing what you are in theory there to do, so you cannot fail. This builds careers.

  • The State Department has a systemic diversity problem

    Mask off! Leftists, who want to replace Whites with third world diversity in order to destroy majority culture so that it can be replaced with Leftist ideology, find it appalling that White people keep succeeding. They will only be happy when we are ruled by minorities, and then genetically replaced by them.

  • Mars: Vast amount of water may be locked up on planet

    At the rate things are going, we need to rename it New Europe and move all the Cro-Magnon-descended people there to avoid having them be killed by the angry mob movement here on Earth. When we are gone, they can finally have their Utopia.



  • Far-right supporters move to open source to evade censorship

    Some people want independence from the dying civilization ruined by Leftism, and this bothers Leftists for a simple reason: those breakaway people might succeed, and if that happens, Leftism will stand revealed as unnecessary and destructive.

  • Putin likely directed 2020 U.S. election meddling, U.S. intelligence finds

    Russia meddles (ineffectively) in every American election. Their goal as always is to weaken us, since it is easier to attack us than to fix their own insoluble problems created by the fact that Russia is peopled by escaped European serfs who chose Asian, Turkish, Jewish, and Arab wives. This story exists to deflect blame from China, who sponsored the election theft along with US intelligence agencies.

  • Voter outreach led to big drop in rejected mail ballots

    The great coverup continues. Leftists specialize in “alternate narratives,” where they suggest something that could have happened and then ask us to consider that it must have been the case, much as they consider any exception to invalidate a rule. This is pure propaganda, which is why on the photo you can see partially down her shirt.

  • Satellite images show air pollution returning to pre-pandemic levels

    For every thing that I have done for many years, I have asked whether it was worth the pollution and waste that it generated. In many cases, it is, but in many more, the activity is simply not necessary. Most of what our society does is unnecessary except to keep people employed and distracted. “It’s democracy town, Jake.”

  • In landmark ruling, Japan court says it is ‘unconstitutional’ to bar same-sex marriage

    Once you accept “human rights,” you have legalized individualism, or the idea that what any individual wants is more important than social standards. At this point, there is no limit; you have liberalized everything, and no longer have a civilization but an open-air bazaar with security guards.

  • UAW criticizes Ford plan to build new vehicle in Mexico, not Ohio

    Two-thirds of the cost of American labor arises from lawsuits, regulations, benefits, and unions. When given a choice, manufacturers would rather build abroad where such decay has not yet taken hold. Somehow this upsets the unions, who are parasites seeing an escaping host.

  • Historic Royal Palaces settles bullying and racial discrimination complaints

    Charity pays out to people who were horribly injured by people saying things like that visitors were from “bongo-bongo land.” It turns out that diversity is nothing more than a shakedown, fueled by guilt and guided by the class warfare of the middle classes and proles against anyone with an IQ over 125.

  • AFL-CIO urges U.S. to block imports of solar products from China’s Xinjiang

    Here we see “human rights” being used as a justification to steal. China does horrible things, but the unions want to force us all to buy American so that our dollars can fund unions, who always support the Left.

  • Poll: Blocs split 58-58; Ra’am could be tie-breaker

    When you have a diverse society, minority groups become the “swing vote” and so all politics caters to them because in a democracy, a plurality large enough to sabotage a candidate has more power than a majority which supports that candidate. If you wonder why America celebrates diversity, wonder no more. It’s a market.

  • Bottom trawling releases as much carbon as air travel, landmark study finds

    No matter how much we want to deny it, the source of all of our environmental problems can be found in having too many people; even if they all eat bugs, live in concrete cubes, and watch nothing but Netflix, they all require land for hospitals, schools, roads, sidewalks, restaurants, and food.


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