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Who is it in the press that calls on me?
I hear a tongue shriller than all the music
Cry “Caesar!” Speak, Caesar is turn’d to hear.
Beware the ides of March.
What man is that?
A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.


  • Anal COVID-19 swabs in China — ‘We just don’t know if it’s necessary’

    Panic leads to unrealistic behavior. In fear of a virus that may or may not anything what it is reported to be, people have gone on little power trips across the board, ultimately culminating in medically-approved, scientifically-validated sodomy. Now think of our how our governments, industry, and media are behaving.

  • One in three women endure physical or sexual violence

    Most of the world is what we euphemistically call “not nice places,” which means that the people there are low-IQ, violent, opportunistically criminal, and apathetic to things like hygiene, social order, justice, and sanity. Our goal is to avoid joining them in their folly, but equality takes us closer to it.

  • Sperm Count Zero

    Men become infertile when they eat the wrong things or have bad breeding. Most likely, the increase in cheap carb food, sugar-laced food, and hybridization has produced lots of deleterious mutations and induced others within the groups that are shrinking as their members are absorbed by the grey herd.

  • UK police face pushback over secret “non-crime hate incident” lists

    The authorities do not care about stopping actual crimes, but deplatforming and unpersoning you for having the wrong opinions so that the others stay in line and the powers that be can maintain control over their dying Late Stage Democracies.

  • Groups call to remove KKK leader bust from TN Capitol

    More attempts to erase the past so that we can have fake “unity” (conformity, obedience) will follow this, since their plan to make us like diversity has failed, so now it must be pushed on us for the greater power of the Leftist Uniparty.

  • Macron risks losing left in Le Pen battle

    As the ongoing failure of diversity and socialist Keynesian big government propel voters to the Right, with almost 48% of them willing to vote for Marine Le Pen and her National Rally party (née National Front), mainstream politicians are forced to react. They generally try to go down the middle and lose both sides.

  • Study suggests that the modern anti-vaccine movement is shaped by Christian nationalist ideology

    “Christian nationalism” is shorthand for those who support social conservatism and do not support White Genocide through Hart-Celler style demographic replacement. The Left cannot make heads or tails of the Right, so they lump together whatever nasty terms they have, not realizing that to us these terms are neutral.

  • It’s unavoidable: we must ban fossil fuels to save our planet. Here’s how we do it

    Any environmental plan that does not begin with ending welfare and entitlements is not an environmental plan but a Leftist plan in an environmentalist Green skin. No one likes fossil fuels, but they work better than the options, and will until we get those Thorium reactors from Occupied.

  • White supremacists ‘seek affiliation’ with law enforcement to further their goals, internal FBI report warns

    The Left infiltrated our institutions to take over, and now seem worried that the Right will do the same, using the nasty term “White supremacists” (which means “Whites who do not want to be genocided” more than “White people who hate Black people”) to scare the herd into supporting a Soviet-style ideological crackdown.

  • Chipotle will link executive compensation to environmental and diversity goals

    Following the Chinese example, Leftists demand that industry links its reward structure to compliance with the ideology and agenda. This simply means that everything will be more incompetent and cost more as we pack more unnecessary people into highly-paid jobs.

  • Victoria to hold inquiry into impact of colonisation

    We all know the impact of colonization: primitive people living in formerly impoverished places now enjoy technology, hygiene, medicine, law and order, and food surplus. However, their autonomy and pride were taken away. Repatriation to Africa is the best option for the aborigines.

  • Iran slips record volume of oil into China, reaches out to Asian clients for trade resumption

    Brilliant economic blockades by Trump have forced all of the bad actors to get into bed together, splitting the world between the fully insane (China, Russia, Iran) and the at-least-somewhat-sane here in the West. This will reveal the terrors of their system and make us withdraw from it.

  • UK businesses caught buying five-star Google reviews

    On the internet, image and reality appear to be the same, which makes it the perfect engine for altering how people behave and therefore how they think. Consequently, everything on it is fake with a manipulative agenda; trolls realize this and make fun of it, but normies still believe the reviews.

  • The real reason why supermarket tomatoes look so good but taste so bad

    Appearance is more important than reality in egalitarian systems, since without a social hierarchy, trends determine who has power. The ads show nice fat round tomatoes, so the producers generate those and then dump an Asian-style sweet-sour sauce on the burger so you do not notice the tasteless non-food that looks great.

  • Covid: Biden says ‘Neanderthal thinking’ behind lifting of mask rules

    This must be what fake president Biden and the fake news mean when they talk about “unity”: we all must obey the same commands from the Leftist ideology, including its representatives in the science industry and media industry, so that we can conform together and “we are all one” becomes an insectoid truth.

  • Activist Milo Yiannopoulos is now ‘Ex-Gay,’ consecrating his life to St. Joseph

    If I had been born homosexual, I think I would have disregarded sexual activity entirely since it does not lead to lovely, healthy families. At some point, pleasurable sensations separate from pleasure, which arrives only from a sense of achievement, doing right, creativity, and aggression.

  • BDS groups from US and Europe team up with Iran and Hamas against Israel

    Leftists hate Israel because it is a functioning nationalist state that has risen above the level of the diversity around it. For that reason, Leftists hate it for the same reason they hate The Rich,™ the beautiful, the healthy, the intelligent, and the sane. Reconsider Anti-Semitism is just White “I can’t breathe” style scapegoating in order to avoid seeing that democracy is our downfall.

  • Israeli Anti-Zionist NGOs Received More than $50 Million from Foreign Governments

    The same people who support anti-Zionism also support White Genocide. The herd wants to overthrow nature and replace it with “equality,” which means that everyone is the same and has the same things. That way, no one needs to feel bad about being incompetent, insane, stupid, unhealthy, ugly, or useless.

  • Virtual control: the agenda behind China’s new digital currency

    In the West, we dither and neurose and chatter on about whether something is good or not, which is a prole substitute for the aristocratic pursuit of excellence. In Asia, they simply look for a method of co-opting it so that they can use it to advance their own power and control.

  • UCL President Says School Would Defend Right to Invite a Holocaust Denier, While Ensuring That Jewish Students Were ‘Looked After’

    Slowly people are realizing that the cancel culture SJWs are just bullies. They have one plan, which is to use guilt to make you surrender, and they have no Plan B. If you stand up to them and say you support freedom of expression, they slink off in search of an easier target to terrorize.

  • Satellite Imagery Shows Northern California Kelp Forests Have Collapsed

    When a mysterious disease killed off the starfish that kept purple sea urchin populations in check, the resulting overgrowth of urchins munched all of the new kelp down to the roots and now are starving as a result. Every species needs predators to avoid it from overpopulating, consuming everything, and then dying.

  • Civil War assignment given to Waxhaw Elementary students has parents, NAACP upset

    One wonders who approves these psychotic assignments. Apparently union-protected teachers thought it was a good idea to teach children about slavery by having the write pro-slavery tweets. Not only is this useless for education, but it serves as propaganda, conditioning people through shock.

  • Noodle Tree restaurant vandalized with racist graffiti after owner took stand on wearing masks

    This reeks of a publicity stunt. The mixed-race owner of this restaurant made public statements in favor of masking, then had a mysterious event that was easy to clean up but still got him headlines across the world. If it was not for the insurance, it was for the internut fame.

  • EU deal cements China’s advantage in media war

    Democracy creates people who refuse to act in ways that might be offensive, which means that they ignore vital, complex conflicts and instead pursue irrelevant, easy ones. China now can publish propaganda in the EU, but the EU firms have no entrance into China to do the same.

  • New Zealand’s Ardern says world needs to talk about racism, two years after attack on mosques

    “Talk about race” seems to invariably mean a White guilt session. What would they do if someone pointed out that diversity does not work? If we are going to talk about racism, we should talk about its actual cause, diversity, and how every group does it but only White people get blamed.

  • Attending school at a fast-food spot: 12m US students lack internet a year into pandemic

    Somehow, despite trillions in public assistance, some people still lack internet access. These little mushrooms cannot seem to make it to public libraries. We are seeing again and again how school serves as daycare for working parent homes, keeping cheap labor afloat on a sea of entitlements taken from the middle class.

  • China gets German children’s book about COVID withdrawn

    The Chinese government seems awfully comfortable with cancel culture, as if they invented it. Well, they did — sort of, along with the Soviets and Jacobins. Now that the Chinese market has become valuable, China is using it as a bargaining chip against Western companies, forcing them to bow to the Mandarins.

  • ‘Blaxit’: Black Americans Talk About Living Abroad Amid US Racism, Unrest

    Diversity makes every group fight against every other group for dominance and control. When we end diversity, with world nationalism in which each ethnic group gets its own country, then suddenly this goes away. Africans belong in Africa, Asians in Asia, and mixes in the middle east.

  • Udupi 22-yr-old forced to quit as Oxford students’ union president

    “Some of her comments associated with the LGBT community, where it was alleged that she had used terms such as trans women rather than just women, were also objected to.” Acknowledging biological reality has become offensive as Late Stage Democracy realizes that it wants to replace and destroy reality itself.

  • Labor obliterates Liberals in historic WA election

    The party which opposed lockdowns and limited their use finds itself wildly popular. As our economies crater and people become alienated zombies — even more than “normal” — people are willing to do anything to end the great COVID-19 panic engineered so China and Biden could steal an American election.




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