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News (June 3, 2022)


It feels like the wheels are coming off out there. World Leftism was in deep doo-doo after the Clinton years, since it got the reasonable version of everything it wanted, but that harmed Leftist careerists. You make a name for yourself by proposing something new, not avoiding crisis by rejecting everything but the tried-and-true.

Given just a year to ruin everything, Biden did just that by pursuing the polices that have marked weakness in the West for 2400 years. Smart policies favor natural selection and promoting the best; weak policies make sure that everyone feels safe, which makes the bad dominate because they are not wasting time and energy on trying to be good. Almost every complaint in our modern society comes from the seeming fact that we are usually ruled by bad people. True, they are less bad than those in the third world, but with less of a gap than in previous decades, and for how long?

As I predicted some time ago in our Election 2020 coverage, Trump will come back with a vengeance and pursue an invalidation of the election. Notice that the mainstream RINOs all want to impeach Biden, which would validate the 2020 election, but Trump and his team want to be vindicated by proving that the vote was illegitimate and therefore, so was the electoral result.

Trump has almost certainly been collaborating with a military or intelligence apparatus in gathering data and leaking bits of it to the press. He did not directly intervene as many hoped, but instead is using a typical Trumpian strategy: he is building tension by intensifying his attacks at the same time his opposition reveals its ineptitude.

He did the same with the post office ice rink in New York. The city wanted to keep control, so Trump issued a challenge to them, then let them slap him down and do a victory dance. They thought they were winning. But then, slowly, leaks began to emerge. More of the picture appeared. The city ended up looking not victorious, but outright stupid, and then public opinion shifted, allowing Trump to win in the courts.

What, public opinion, you say. The courts are supposed to be free of that. No, dear heart, in a democracy, everything is democratized because your highest political value is mob opinion. Therefore whoever gets a plurality oriented toward a clear and simple view first, wins. We are in a battle of language, emotions, symbols, and ideas.

Consider how #MeToo has died in the court of public opinion:

The fact that the jury found that Ms Heard was guilty of defamation with an article in which she claimed she was a victim of domestic abuse means they didn’t believe her testimony.

“Amber Heard has comprehensively lost in the court of public opinion, and in front of the jury,” he said.

Democracy, equality, Christianity, fiat currency, and altruism are described in ideal terms where you take them at face value and assume that they work the way they claim to work, and that they produce the results they claim to intend to do.

In reality, almost every human idea corresponds to a psychological pattern based on how those ideas can be applied by individuals in human life without conflicting with their basic perceived needs. If you tell someone that they are equal, for example, they do not feel fulfilled but rather minimized, since they are no longer unique and important, but one more anonymous everyman in a fungible flow of humanity.

Courts work by public opinion, especially the Supreme Court. Following the idea of democracy, which is the basis of our democratic market socialist republic here in the USA, the Court tries to act according to the dominant paradigm of the time and the current interpretation of it.

In our time, the dominant paradigm is individualism, or that the individual and his desires are more important than civilization, social order, and natural order. We have created a me-first system, and described it as “equality” in order to manipulate others, but the side effect of that equality is a gradual “liberalization” of standards, leading eventually to their abolition.

Our interpretation of this dominant paradigm is a mishmash of that which has failed less than everything else, so we end up with the democratic republic, civil/human “rights,” market socialism, the administrative state, managerial-bureaucratic in loco parentis paternalism, and an utter lack of culture, a situation made only worse by diversity abolising whatever standards, mores, aesthetics, elegance, common understanding, values, common sense, and wisdom we had. We now live in a corporate anarchy overseen by mall cops using a surveillance state to keep the diversity from clobbering each other except when convenient in election years.

Historians will record that without the Soviet Union to stick an upper boundary on how liberal we were willing to become, the West went full Communist after the Clinton years, much as it tried to after the world wars, but it kept other things that worked like free markets, free press, and (some of) free speech. The courts have merely followed along, basically writing most law out of the 14A, especially since WW2 when we became official human rights champions in order to show how we were not those nasty Franco, Tojo, Mussolini, and Hitler type people.

If you look back at civil rights law, all of it is 14A law, which is not surprising since the 14A was made an amendment only to get around the fact that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was, at the time, unconstitutional since it made “rights” an entitlement granted by government instead of a prohibition on government intervention (a.k.a. “natural rights,” which civil/human rights replaces). Almost no one except legal scholars understands this, which is why the voters keep banging on about a republic-not-a-democracy and equality-not-equity without realizing that the two are the same picture.

When Amber Heard went into her first court case, #MeToo was raging. Rape law changed to sexual assault law a generation ago, which meant that instead of a woman having to show up bloody and battered to prove assault, she merely had to swear on the stand that it had happened. This formed a disaster of two parts: first, one where court cases were simply not acted upon because no sane legal system convicts someone solely on the words of his accuser, and second, one where public opinion shifted court cases to a “believe all women” attitude which meant lots of men went to jail, lost jobs, were expelled from college, and so on. Consequently, the Heard judge took her at her word, claimed that Depp had beaten her, and denied his case for defamation.

Fast forward a few years and things have changed. For starters, we have seen that many of the accusers were lying or at the very least, overstating the facts. We saw a lot of cases of “revoked consent” be claimed as cases of “mistaken consent,” but almost none of them turned out to be actual sexual assault where the male disregards a lack of consent or ignores the question entirely. We have also seen that these legal cases are impossible to decide fairly: believe the woman, and you have a Court of Star Chamber where an accusation is a conviction; believe the man, and you have essentially legalized rape. This is why our ancestors, by the way, demanded a woman battered and beaten after nonconsensual sex because the resistance was the proof. Modern people, thinking in terms of what looks good (“the optics”) instead of what makes sense in reality, came up with the idea that women should protest not resist, and then later use the courts to ruin the lives of their rapists, or perhaps any man who had sex with them and not called them back.

That is why luvvies are gripe-weeping about guilt-shaming about phone subpoenas, which in many cases end a sex assault case in a matter of minutes when you see the “victim” has been texting the “rapist” for days or weeks after the assault:

So it’s depressing to learn this week that victims of alleged rapes will be told to give up their mobile phone and all attendant data to the police. Not to do so, it is made clear in new digital consent forms, could mean that “it may not be possible for the investigation or prosecution to continue”.

Feminists want a rape conviction without having to prove it, and rapists are probably fine with this, knowing that after a few years of that nonsense, rape convictions are going to drop to zero after the first false convictions are revealed. This is the bubble, the time between when an action is taken and the moment its results become evident, during which time abuses run rampant because the court of public opinion has decided (for now) how things ought to be. Between the first Heard defamation trial and the second, public opinion reversed itself because of how abusive #MeToo had become.

Back to the big point, Trump finds himself on the same arc as Johnny Depp: first reviled, now increasingly believed as the Biden administration demonstrates incompetence and tyrannical inclinations. Like most Leftists, Biden is merely a seller of false hope, namely that individualism (mob rule) can work in the first place; if individualism fails, we have to abandon our contrarian/ironist position and accept that reality really is as it is seems, and the “optics” of what looks good to a herd are usually 180 ° reversed from what is real. People reject what they fear, so they take it out of the map they have of reality, and then choose — as in political correctness — from what is left, and therefore come up with something that is socially popular, bound to stimulate commerce, acceptable to law and government but totally unrealistic. To compensate for that, they design theory around it, but this conceals rather than explains how it will be applied when translated back into the real world.

As time goes on, the Biden administration will look worse, and Trump more like a prophet for having predicted it. Right now, he cannot get a court to take any of his cases seriously, even those offered by the prosecutor Durham; the courts are, like any part of a large Establishment, siding with what they think is popular opinion, namely that the senescent, somnambulant voters would prefer to just slam Biden into office more than they want to worry about fixing a hopelessly broken, immoral, and fraudulent election. However, other than the two-income six figure households who work for government as its “Beltway Bandits” or favored contractors, most of America now thinks that Joe Biden is doing a crap job and wants to seize more power and basically, is exactly what Trump said he was. Inertia, which for now is riding with Biden, is turning against him, and people are getting pumped for Trump to come back in and fix it again.

When he does so, the courts will take his cases. The Republicans will yeet the RINOs. The military investigative arm, feeling that it will not be opposed, can step in and make arrests. The FBI will conduct actual investigations. Everyone in government will want to be behind Trump riding the wave of inertia. RICO cases will proliferate and testimony will fly. Those who belong in jail will find themselves looking at that unless they grass on their superiors, which they will do, singing like canaries. Even the Hillary Clinton shovel-headed killing machine will not be able to keep up with demand. At least, that is the best-case scenario.

Right now the world finds itself at a difficult time. The stars have aligned with change because what we have now has revealed itself as dying. It screwed up COVID-19, then botched Ukraine and pushed us to the precipice of WW3, and has now killed our economy the Carter way, by forcing ideological imperatives on us for the good optics to the Leftist “Useful Idiots,” in the process killing industries. For example, Biden wanted us to adopt electric cars, which in his world means taking $50k out of petty cash and buying one, so he slaughtered the oil industry. The watermelon “environmentalists” cheered. Instead, he sabotaged the economy, just like he did by shutting down the country for a COVID-19 panic over a disease that tends to kill obese diabetes patients with 2.6 comorbidities, sealed off industry with tons of regulations, slaughtered wages with massive immigration, and provoked the Ukraine war by not taking a hard line with Russia before aggression started.

Add that to our persistent problems. People in first world nations are not breeding at replacement rates. This happens when taxes rise too much and red tape inundates the world, at which point people can neither afford extra kids nor have faith in the future. Diversity continues to do nothing but maul, destroy, maim, and subvert. Entitlements — socialist-style spending direct to citizens — cost more every years and consequently, are triaged, reducing their quality. Public schooling and free public school meals for illegal immigrants have driven property taxes sky high. Ecocide hovers at the edges of our consciousness, sort of camouflaged by the boondoggle of climate change, with most of us realizing that human overpopulation and consequently using too much land are the causes. Instability threatens everywhere because democracy focuses on “the optics” and how to pragmatically work within the system instead of looking at what is real, time-tested, and good.

No wonder people are losing their minds. They are on a ship sailing toward an iceberg, with the people actually in control (the voters) allowing themselves to be beguiled by charlatans and entertainers who are re-arranging the deck chairs and handing out free stuff, while the boat moves ever closer to the point of impact. Do we wake up, or do we drown?


  • Guardians of the brain: how a special immune system protects our grey matter

    Scientists already knew that the brain had its own resident immune cells, called microglia; recent discoveries are painting more-detailed pictures of their functions and revealing the characteristics of the other immune warriors housed in the regions around the brain. Some of these cells come from elsewhere in the body; others are produced locally, in the bone marrow of the skull. By studying these immune cells and mapping out how they interact with the brain, researchers are discovering that they play an important part in both healthy and diseased or damaged brains.

    It turns out that those medieval ideas of “humors,” which connected bodily systems, make more sense than they were previously given credit for doing. The mind may be more powerful than we think but even more, Western modern medicine faces a crisis because it turns out that none of these systems work in isolation, but we treat them like we can isolate them.

  • Genetic paparazzi are right around the corner, and courts aren’t ready to confront the legal quagmire of DNA theft

    We believe that growing public interest in genetics has increased the likelihood that genetic paparazzi with DNA collection kits may soon become as ubiquitous as ones with cameras.

    At first, people will simply want to clone their favorite celebrity, but over time, they will start borrowing traits. Bewitching eyes, a perfect nose, great strength? Genes will be pirated. Those who have the money will be able to modify themselves to order, producing bespoke humans. Similar to how globalism wants to breed us all into a single grey race, genetic standardization will result from celebrity-worship. Just like everyone on your block has the same BMW, soon they will all have the same eyes, nose, and muscles. At that point, we may get a Utopian race of elites who find out belatedly that traits are more connected than our science can recognize.

  • Why confronting invasive species is one of the best ways to prepare for climate change

    From this earlier work, the researchers found 458 cases that reported on the ecological effects of invasive species combined with drought, nitrogen or global warming.

    “What we found surprised us,” says Lopez. “There were a number of cases where the interactions made everything worse at the local scale, which is what we expected to see, but only about 25% of the time. The majority of the time, invasions and environmental change together didn’t make each other worse. Instead, the combined effects weren’t all that much more than the impact of invasive species alone.”

    Invasive species are like centralization: instead of a specialized, fully-adapted creature which fits into a niche, you unleash something that in its new role acts as a generalist and has none of the burdens of adaptation. Consequently, it eats everything in sight and breeds like mad so that when the killoffs come — the diseases, famines, droughts, and natural disasters that caused native species to specialize and find niches — it can take the loss of most of its individuals and still survive as a species. In doing so, it both displaces native species and fails to serve their function in the ecosystem, weakening it as a whole. Now consider immigration in the same light…

  • The secret to a longer lifespan? Gene regulation holds a clue

    They found that long-lived species tend to have low expression of genes involved in energy metabolism and inflammation; and high expression of genes involved in DNA repair, RNA transport, and organization of cellular skeleton (or microtubules).

    The opposite was true for short-lived species, which tended to have high expression of genes involved in energy metabolism and inflammation and low expression of genes involved in DNA repair, RNA transport, and microtubule organization.

    The negative lifespan genes—those involved in energy metabolism and inflammation—are controlled by circadian networks. That is, their expression is limited to a particular time of day, which may help limit the overall expression of the genes in long-lived species.

    “To live longer, we have to maintain healthy sleep schedules and avoid exposure to light at night as it may increase the expression of the negative lifespan genes,” Gorbunova says.

    What will modern society never do? Turn off the lights. No matter where you are, there is some light at night, meaning that you never fully get into a deep sleep and can rebuild. This also throws off your circadian rhythms, producing a greater burden of inflammation and metabolic syndromes. A sensible city would not have this, but it requires reducing crime and other urban burdens.

  • Houston Forces Private Businesses to Install 24/7 Citywide Digital Surveillance Cameras for Warrantless Access by Police

    The Exterior Security Cameras Ordinance, adopted by the Houston City Council on April 20, 2022, requires private businesses to purchase and install digital surveillance cameras that carry out round-the-clock, citywide surveillance on the populace while “allowing” police to access the footage at any time, for any reason, and without the need of a court-issued warrant.

    We got our panopticon through a public-private partnership that shows us the future of government. In its desire to restrain the violent underclasses, government will create a surveillance state in order to work around the horrors of diversity. In diversity-run Houston, government wants to avoid a showdown between its diverse voting plurality that keeps the administration in power and the need for social order to keep its most productive citizens from getting victimized, instead opting to effectively spy on everyone so that it can arrest those who threaten social order without the diversity voters noticing the ethnic disparity in arrests.

  • In Hong Kong, memories of China’s Tiananmen Square massacre are being erased

    Authorities in mainland China have always done their best to erase all memory of the massacre: Censoring news reports, scrubbing all mentions from the internet, arresting and chasing into exile the organizers of the protests, and keeping the relatives of those who died under tight surveillance. As a result, generations of mainland Chinese have grown up without knowledge of the events of June 4.

    But Hong Kong has always had the ability to remember. In the years immediately after the massacre, Hong Kong was still a British colony beyond the reach of China’s censors. And even after Britain handed sovereignty to China in 1997, the city enjoyed a semi-autonomous status that allowed the vigil to continue.

    Recently though, the candles in Victoria Park have been dimmed. Authorities banned the vigil in 2020 and 2021 citing coronavirus health restrictions — though many Hongkongers believe that was just an excuse to clamp down on shows of public dissent following pro-democracy protests that swept the city in 2019.

    Funny how governments worldwide — whether democratic or communist — used COVID-19 as a pretext to seize power, subjugate citizens with guilt and fear, and adopt new mazes of rules that made citizens even less capable. It is as if the combination of wealth redistribution and central authority, which is now present in democracies worldwide, leads unswervingly toward abuse and the establishment of a permanent caste of little egghead bureaucrats who rule us for their benefit.

  • What is gun microstamping?

    The legislation would require a “microstamp,” or a “unique alphanumeric or geometric code that identifies the make, model and serial number of a firearm” to be printed on at least one location of the cartridge case that is expelled from a fired pistol.

    Not only will this radically raise costs, but it will also mean that fired brass becomes a form of personal information. If your neighbor has a gun, find his box of brass to be recycled and take a few, then toss them around at a crime scene somewhere. If you want to frame up someone, plant some rounds from his range next to the gasping blood-soaked victims. In the bigger picture, criminals will adapt by filing down these stamp dies and as usual buying stolen guns on the black market then reselling them after committing a crime. If you want to take someone out for good, get one of these guns, plant it in the trunk of his car, and call it in to get him convicted of nineteen different unrelated crimes.

  • B.C. first to decriminalize simple drug possession

    Starting Jan. 31, 2023, B.C. adults found to be carrying up to 2.5 grams of certain drugs including opioids, cocaine and methamphetamine will not be subject to arrest or charges, and the drugs won’t be seized.

    In my view, it is time to decriminalize drugs entirely to drive prices down and free up law enforcement to go after other crimes. When people can get their drugs for the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee each day, the drug-related crime will drop, and normal people can begin ostracizing those who use drugs, driving them into little communities designed for such things. A sensible policy decriminalizes production and possession, but prohibits transfer and transport, meaning that you make your drugs and do your drugs at home. Let people grow poppies, weed, morning glories, peyote, coca, and whatever else they need in their backyards or balconies. Free up the rest of society from the drug agenda that increasingly takes up all of our police money and time. When the bodies hit the floor, take them to mass graves outside of town. The rest of us are moving on from the problems of the few.

  • Time to put monetary value on conservation, says Gabon

    “One of our priorities is the 30 by 30 target—30 percent protected areas across the planet by 2030—and moving the agenda forward on biodiversity credits, biodiversity financing.”

    Habitat conservation has helped Gabon’s population of forest elephants grow from 60,000 to 95,000 animals, while across Africa numbers of this species have fallen by three-quarters.

    The root of all of our environmental problems, once we remove the spook and proxy of “climate change,” is overpopulation, which leads to humans using too much land. That excludes natural ecosystems which then begin dying out species by species. If humans are removed from the land, the animals and plants thrive; any policy of limiting land use then drives a reduction in human population and a rise in wild ecosystems. Even better, it makes immigration and welfare systems impossible because space for storing humans rises to a premium again instead of being assumed as free. Free things get exploited; expensive things get taken care of.

  • Twelve propositions on the state of the world

    The primacy of economics can no longer be assumed. Ours is an age of culture wars, identity politics, nationalism and geopolitical rivalry. It is also, as a result, an age of division, within and among countries.

    Diversity and globalism — essentially the same thing, one at a nation-state level and the other worldwide — tried to eliminate division by enforcing pluralism through the process of mixing all different religious, ethnic, cultural, and racial groups together. This has backfired because the resulting loss of standards caused cultural collapse, at which point government took over, and people are getting the message that government is a disaster. To weaken government, strengthen culture, even if this means separating from all other groups.

  • Home Office tells first migrants they will be sent from Britain to Rwanda in TWO WEEKS

    Earlier, MailOnline revealed how migrants sent to Rwanda next month will be put up at taxpayers’ expense in a hotel with a swimming pool, spa facilities, free WIFI, flat screen TVs with satellite channels, a tennis court, a gym and access to a golf course.

    The all-inclusive holiday style conditions await many of those diverted from trying to cross the Channel by boat under a controversial plan from Ms Patel.

    Up to 100 migrants are set to be flown to the East African state in June as part of the government’s crack-down on the soaring number of illegal Channel crossings to the UK.

    The UK has come up with a “soft landing” strategy: frustrate the ability of migrants to stay to receive benefits by shipping them back home, and soon fewer will come because they have less of a chance of success. Right now, migrants face external risks like loss of life but once they get one toe on the sacred political ground of the UK, can stay where they receive entitlements like housing, medical care, welfare, and affirmative action. That is why they come. If they stop having an easy time of getting that, fewer will gamble on the cost migrating.

  • Top German court considers removing antisemitic medieval relief from church

    The case was brought on appeal by plaintiff-lawyer Michael Düllmann, who argued in lower courts that the sculpture is, “a defamation of, and an insult to, the Jewish people.” Düllmann, who converted to Judaism in 1978, has been fighting for the object’s removal since 2018, saying it should be taken to the nearby Luther House museum.

    The sculpture is a so-called “Judensau” (Jew sow) motif, in this case depicting a man in the garb of a rabbi lifting the tail of a pig — which is considered an unclean animal in Judaism — and inspecting its anus, while other figures suck at its teats. In 1570, after the Protestant Reformation, a text inscription referring to anti-Jewish writings by Luther was added to the 13th-century sculpture.

    Collapsed civilizations erase themselves by removing all the controversial stuff from history, at which point the history becomes not just meaningless but useless, so people discard the rest of it. In the same way that humans have conversational taboos on things they fear, and political correctness removes controversial topics, this self-censorship process limits what people can talk about to that which confirms the rightness and goodness of whatever the society is doing in that particular year. That in turn abolishes the past, and leaves deracinated consumers who depend on government, perpetuating the political system at the expense of culture, even when well-intended like the removal of this crass statue.



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