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  • Europe floods: At least 120 dead and hundreds unaccounted for

    Showing massive restraint, the BBC waited until the fifth paragraph to start preaching about climate change. In reality, our weather disruptions are most likely the result of the heat island effect, because when you make flat concrete plates and put lots of engines and people on them, they generate columns of heat that displace jet streams, bringing on heatwaves and floods.

  • Rents are going through the roof across much of the U.S.

    Politicians and voters specialize in finding free money. The politicians profit from it, and then the voters find out time and again that a couple years later, they are on the hook for the bill. For the election theft pandemic, government stopped rent payments, so now landlords have gone out of business, reducing supply and raising cost.

  • China’s Xiaomi overtakes Apple in the global smartphone market

    You can now see why American corporations bow to China: it’s a huge market, and to middle managers and the middle class, more warm bodies equals more profit. All of our elites have sold out to China for this reason, but now, their actions are failing them, because China took their money and used it to build up Chinese equivalents.

  • A cruise ship’s emissions are the same as a million cars

    What about all of those nice transport ships bringing goods from the third world to the first? If we want to reduce environmental impact, staying at home and producing everything we need there seems like a good first step. Only unions and diversity stand in our way.

  • Over 10,000 Amazon rainforest species risk extinction, landmark report warns

    We now exist in a worldwide market. That means if customers exist for beef or hardwood floors, there is money waiting there, and people will take it by tearing down the forests. If we want to preserve the Amazon, we need to lessen international trade so that the profit motive for ecocide is not created.

  • South African looting ‘orchestrated,’ police minister says

    Diversity showed us its endgame with the massive race riots in South Africa, showing how in diverse societies, the same battles that once played out internationally now take place in your neighborhood. Escaping diversity may be our only path to survival.

  • You may need to work longer, ramp up investment risk to afford retirement

    All the money went away in taxes to fund diversity. Who pays? You, who will work until you are seventy-five and then be euthanized so that you do not take up more tax dollars that could have gone to equity programs.

  • 20,000 Afghan interpreters asking for US asylum

    Every time American democracy starts a war, it lacks the fortitude to complete it, so it retreats and we absorb all of our former allies. This further contributes to the great diversity problem dividing, depleting, and alienating this formerly-prosperous nation.

  • How you can earn $17 an hour while you learn instead of taking out student loans

    As education both rises in cost, thanks to government loans, and decreases in quality, thanks to affirmative action programs, students are instead opting for apprenticeships, which enable them to form careers years ahead of the people going the education route without going bankrupt in the process.

  • ‘Nobody should trust Wikipedia,’ its co-founder warns

    “Crowd-sourced” sites depend on the people with the most time and obsession with online activity to police them. This explains why Wikipedia leans Left and the audience on social media does: these are not the winners of our world, but people in do-nothing jobs who want someone else to blame for their fate.

  • Biden denounces socialism during visit by Germany’s Angela Merkel

    Facing a wave of people who have recognized that neo-Communism — roughly, “market socialism” or socialism funded by international free markets — is consuming our world, Biden crosses one finger behind his back and denounces Communism and socialism before announcing his new “democratic socialism.”

  • China Targets Another Region in Ethnic Assimilation Campaign

    Genghis Khan introduced the idea of a society where your race, culture, ethnicity, religion, and social class did not matter. Just join up with the ideology and you would become equal (so long as you served the Khan and his bureaucracy). China keeps going, eating up ethnic groups and standardizing them.







  • EU unveils sweeping climate change plan

    More appropriately, this is a subsidy plan like the “Green New Deal” in the USA. Democracy has bankrupted itself and ruined its industries to the point where its only hope of continuation lies in socialism, or using government money to feed the economy so that it keeps churning.

  • Wyoming bar under fire for selling shirt advocating anti-gay violence

    Apparently the shirts say, “In Wyoming, we have a cure for AIDS, we shoot f—-n’ f—–s.” Well, who cares? Who cares if some people put something offensive to some people on some shirt? Go to another bar and ignore the drama. Mob revenge culture — sorry, “cancel culture” — just shows how weak we are now.

  • Federal court says restrictions on handgun sales to people under 21 are unconstitutional

    We are starting to see the effects of the first Trump term, in which many federal judges were appointed, in that the Leftist agenda no longer rolls through unopposed. This should be exciting as we work up toward re-interpreting and eventually repealing the 14A, which allowed civil rights to take over all other law.

  • CEOs made 299 times more than their average workers last year

    No one bothers to tote up the total cost of the workforce versus the CEO, but they would find that the average worker is a flake who flits from job to job, creating costs wherever he goes. CEOs represent workers that cannot be replaced like cogs, and so there is competition in hiring.

  • Communities of Color in Houston Will Face Another Hurricane Season Without Adequate Flood Control

    The mayor of color has collected billions over the past half-decade and the money has just evaporated without anything to show for it. Most of the flooding hit middle class homes and not the ghettos anyway, but this does not make for headlines that galvanize Texas liberals.

  • Racism is magnifying the deadly impact of rising city heat

    Of all the unscientific gibberish they publish of late, the tendency to see “racism” wherever differences correlate to race might be the most egregious. The poor live in areas designed to be cheap so that they can afford the rent, but those do not have parks because those are expensive.

  • Biden introduces door-to-door vaccination effort

    Part of me thinks the Biden Administration is a prolonged troll by Trump to teach us to distrust, loathe, and reject Leftists and China. Biden uses vaccination as a way to bludgeon people into submission, but really he is energizing resistance.

  • US Navy is too woke for war because of risk averse, politically correct, control-freak top brass

    Leftist administrations promote those who achieve diversity objectives. Therefore, focus entirely shifts from getting anything done to making sure the inactivity is diverse and woke enough. Any horrific casualties incurred will be worth it in order to make a point for the Left.

  • Immune system “clock” predicts illness and mortality

    As we get closer to death, our bodies become more prone to engage in prolonged inflammation responses which bring about the diseases that eventually kill us. The modern lifestyle — no sleep, constant stress, repetition, carbo-heavy foods, and high toxins/pollutants — accelerates this decrepitude.

  • AP: Few AZ voter fraud cases, discrediting Trump’s claims

    Watch for the sleight-of-hand: AP did its own investigation and found 182 fraud cases based on what state investigators have done already. Nowhere in this did they consider the information uncovered by the audit, not one iota. Fake news! Very sad!

  • Boris Johnson warns social media companies face fine of 10 per cent of global revenue if they fail to remove racist abuse

    Again with the pointless signaling, which always tells us that those in power are hiding real problems and instead embarking on these symbolic, emotional flag-waving activities. “Woke” signaling is the new patriotism and kissing babies. In reality, it is all a waste of time.

  • Is China Behind Cuba’s Protests Being Censored?

    The world got really dumb in just one generation. China is Communist; Cuba is Communist. This means that in whatever successor to the Comintern exists today, China will lend aid to Cuba, specifically whatever technologies it cannot produce itself. That internet tech contains an UNREST SHUTDOWN switch. That is just common sense.





  • When a single tree makes a difference

    It turns out that having even one tree per block can reduce heat and improve air quality. However, in individualistic third world groups, no one maintains anything that does not immediately and directly personally benefit them. The first world took a different path, once.

  • Critics slam Biden’s reported plan to monitor vaccine misinformation in text messages

    Leftists operate by ideology, or absolute moral mandate. For them, if stealing an election leads to increased equality, it is absolutely and objectively good. This means that totalitarian methods do not bother them, so long as they serve the “100% good” goal of “equality.”

  • Why some people switch political parties

    When people feel they are “in tune with [a particular] party in terms of its core values and leader,” they stick with the party until it changes. This means that political parties should find their audience and then not change, but also find leaders that people trust, or they lose ground.

  • Capitalism seen doing ‘more harm than good’ in global survey

    If a majority of people around the world knew anything of value at all, they would not all be impoverished in the third world or neurotic in the first. The Enlightenment™ told us that every individual had equal reason, but it turns out that most of them have defective analytical ability.

  • PFAS found in Eau Claire drinking water

    Everywhere that human has gone, we have ignored long-term consequences in order to focus on immediate rewards and proximate causes. Consequently, we missed out on both the damage we were doing, and the need to have healthy nature to offset what humans do generally. Now the suffering begins.

  • Ohio coaches fired for pizza incident file defamation suit

    Rules for the canceled:

    1. Never apologize.
    2. Never quit. Make them fire you.
    3. Do not speak to the media.
    4. File suit immediately.

    We must fight fire with fire, which means canceling the cancelors through lawsuits that bankrupt any organization stupid enough to hire them and allow them to have power.

  • Foreign aid: Covid costs mean we have to cut payments, says PM

    There are too many humans on this planet. Whether we send aid or not, they will hate us and blame us for all of their problems because they are illogical. If they were logical, they would not be starving, filthy, corrupt, disorganized, and violent.

  • UN rights boss urges ‘wide range’ of reparations over racism

    The great shakedown continues. The West dumps more money on the failing third world both inside and beyond its borders, the politicians take their ten percent cut (for the big guy), and all of the people living pointless neurotic lives have something to chatter about while being useless.

  • Marijuana slaves in Spain: a year imprisoned in a warehouse

    When you let Chinese people into Europe, you let in the Chinese mafia, too, and allow them to operate with impunity since they can vanish among their co-ethnics at any moment. If the heat gets too high, they will bolt back to China and re-emerge with new papers.

  • Reynolds says Iowa will pay for troopers sent to border

    Just like in the last civil war, the populous cities are attempting to seize the whole country so they can extract even more money from it to fund their opulent and directionless lifestyles. The states are joining hands to fight back.

  • Paper concludes cutting meat won’t reduce a person’s carbon footprint much

    It turns out that eating the bugs will not cut carbon or any other pollution that much. However, stopping international trade, killing off airlines, ending immigration, and discontinuing entitlements and foreign aid certainly will help a great deal.

  • WHO chief says ‘greed’ of richer countries is prolonging the coronavirus pandemic

    In the eyes of the grifters, it is “greed” to keep what you made, since other people exist and they are equally human so you should give them whatever you have. In a saner world, we reward functional behavior and let everyone else die out, and we will no longer have eight billion extra useless humans.



  • World Hunger Hit 15-Year High as Virus Stifled Food Access

    A tenth of humanity suffers from hunger, and no one seems to want to ask why. A child would get to the point: what are they doing wrong? Excuses, scapegoats, justifications, and deflections will follow. Humanity needs to get its act together, starting by not trying to save everyone.

  • Oklahoma Board of Education approves rules to limit classroom discussions on race, gender

    We are heading to an environment where education will focus on very general procedural material and entirely avoid history, literature, philosophy, and religion. This is part of the high cost of diversity: to accommodate all cultures, we must abolish our own.

  • Two-thirds of romantic couples start out as friends

    Courtship works better than dating. You start with a friend group, then go on formal dates, then if those work out, start courting officially. You then have some time to figure it out. If things keep going well, the path to marriage appears. No more messy casting about.

  • Tokyo hotel blasted over ‘Japanese only’ notice for elevator

    Only in neurotic world could it be considered “wrong” to protect your people by segregating them from foreigners. The egalitarians however find this offensive because they want to believe we are all the same, mainly so they can believe that they are little gods containing multitudes.

  • Let crop residues rot in the field — it’s a climate win

    Fungi store carbon in the soil as dead plant matter rots. In this way, forests make rich topsoil out of centuries of leaves dropped each season. All of our modern problems come from humanity playing God and ignoring the superior methods developed by nature.

  • UK bans fifth neo-Nazi group under terror laws

    Democracy says that to be tolerant, one must be intolerant of intolerance. That however resembles a tyrant saying that he supports freedom, so anyone who opposes him is anti-freedom and must be removed. In reality, “tolerance” is an advertising slogan, not a policy.

  • Jamaica plans to seek reparations from Britain over slavery

    The third world senses that diversity has failed and the first world is about to escape by declaring a lack of faith in the policy of diversity. Consequently, they work up more shakedowns, forgetting that Western Civilization was the one that ended slavery while the rest of the world was fine with it.

  • Louisa Wall doubles down on China organ harvesting comments

    China has harvested organs from executed dissidents for decades. In their defense, in a world where people need organs, it is better to use them under morally dubious circumstances than to waste them for the sake of claiming some pretentious, conjectural moral superiority.

  • PAMA calls for “outdated” audio terms such as ‘master/slave’ and ‘male/female’ to be replaced

    Everyone must get in their share of the fifteen minutes of fame occasioned by the latest political trend. That tells us that this trend is temporary, and consists of people trying to defend a system that is nearer to collapse than to health.

  • Recommend working at Walmart? Never, say Black managers in survey

    “The survey found that Black staff feel as if they must perform at an exceptional level and take on more complex workloads with little room for error in order to maintain their position.” Apparently demanding that people do the job right has little appeal to the affirmative action generation.

  • Legal academics want ‘ecocide’ made an offense on par with genocide, war crimes

    Finally some sensible thinking. Ecocide means not just the destruction of something we need, but the eradication of something of transcendental value, the beauty and wisdom of nature. Instead of an anthropocentric bias in law, we need to include intangibles like nature, culture, and history.

  • The foreigners in China’s disinformation drive

    Across the board, we are finding that China splashed out quite a bit of cash to media at all levels. The crucial fact is that they did it at the same time, and with the same messaging, so that something alien appeared familiar and universal. That is how you conquer a stronger enemy.


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