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News (July 15, 2022)


In the end, chaos and confusion reign. No one knows what is right or has any hope, so everyone picks the copium or distraction that works for them.

Such is the nature of dying democracies. Created by the bureaucracy that tries to control a group who have first lost focus, and second lost identity, through diversity, democracy consistently chooses to avoid real issues and pursue symbolic ones that engender good feelings, resulting in a pathological obsession with adopting anti-realistic and flat out insane policies like diversity, socialism, and the managerial-adminstrative state.

No one can talk about diversity in the negative because this is the ultimate taboo. You cannot state anything other than support for diversity or you have attacked the core of The Enlightenment™ which built itself around the idea of “equality,” or narcissism for all since society no longer had direction and cosmopolitanism was eroding culture rapidly.

This means that our salvation begins with rejection of diversity. When people stop claiming it is positive, the pendulum will begin its swing.

After that, we must find a new goal for our society that orients us not toward humanistic/moral “good” but toward transcendental and eternal forms of excellence, sanity, health, balance, and wisdom.


  • Secret Service deleted text messages from Jan. 6: government watchdog

    The Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General said messages sent between Jan. 5 and 6 were deleted “as part of a device-replacement program,” according to a letter to lawmakers, dated Wednesday, obtained by the Associated Press.

    The messages were erased after the OIG requested electronic communications between the agents during its probe into the Capitol siege.

    Deleted text messages, hammer smashed smartphones, burned hard drives, swapped servers, erased tapes, and missing documents are part of The Clinton Way. America just got fooled by some carny cons from Arkansas yet again, since when there is no evidence, there can be no conviction, and the Clinton-controlled DOJ will be only too happy to file the investigation after that, allowing the fact-checkers to claim that Clinton was “exonerated” of all charges.

  • Rates of COVID-19 Cases and Deaths by Vaccination Status

    People who were unvaccinated had a greater risk of testing positive for COVID-19 and a greater risk of dying from COVID-19 than people who were vaccinated overall

    Our belief in symbolism fools us again. Instead of looking at the whole, they seek the data they want and draw broad conclusions from it, which misses the fact that this survey would only be useful if they tested all of America. The unvaccinated are not going in for COVID-19 tests, nor are they obsessing, but the vaccinated tend to be because they are from groups at risk who have those 2.6 average comorbidities. Anything to allow the medical industry to claim victory over this fake pandemic, one supposes.

  • New study rates Texas as 2nd worst state to live in the country, 5th best for business

    The team behind the study graded Texas an “F” in the life, health and inclusion category. They found that “skilled workers are still flocking to the state despite longstanding quality of life issues…. But when they arrived, they are finding limited childcare options, a stressed health care system with the highest rate of uninsured, new curbs on voting rights, and few protections against discrimination.”

    When you incorporate social justice as a primary measurement in your survey, it becomes very easy to conclude that all non-Leftist places are horrible and all Leftist places are great. This might remind you of those old school surveys they did that included the amount of athletic field and the availability of daycare as considerations, allowing them to ignore academics so that the poor White and minority dominated schools could rank highly despite being utterly useless for actual education. Public schooling is government-funded daycare.

  • Whiteness is an invented concept that has been used as a tool of oppression

    Whiteness is a modern, colonial invention. It was devised in the 17th century and used to provide the logic for genocide and slavery. The first recorded mention of “white people,” historians concur, is in English playwright Thomas Middleton’s 1613 play, The Triumphs of Truth.

    Except that this is demonstrably not true, since concepts of racial purity long predated that event:

    Perhaps the first, unconscious stirrings of the concept of race arose within the Iberian Peninsula. Following the Moorish conquest of Andalusia in the eighth century C.E., the Iberian Peninsula became the site of the greatest intermingling between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim believers. During and after their reconquista (reconquest) of the Muslim principalities in the peninsula, the Catholic Monarchs Isabel and Ferdinand sought to establish a uniformly Christian state by expelling first the Jews (in 1492) and then the Muslims (in 1502). But because large numbers of both groups converted to Christianity to avoid expulsion (and before this to avoid persecution), the monarchs distrusted the authenticity of these Jewish and Muslim conversos (converts). To ensure that only truly faithful Christians remained within the realm, the grand inquisitor Torquemada reformulated the Inquisition to inquire not just into defendants’ religious faith and practices but into their lineage. Only those who could demonstrate their ancestry to those Christians who resisted the Moorish invasion were secure in their status in the realm. Thus, the idea of purity of blood was born (limpieza de sangre), not fully the biological concept of race but perhaps the first occidental use of blood heritage as a category of religio-political membership (Bernasconi and Lott 2000, vii; Hannaford 1996, 122–126; Frederickson 2002, 31–35).

    In other words, it was not European colonialism, but attempts to colonize Europe which brought about the modern concept of race. Even more, we have ancient concepts of race as caste which far predated colonialism:

    In the first book of his “Politics,” written in the 300s B.C., Aristotle uses these taxonomies to justify the exclusion of certain people from civic life. While condemning the predominant method of acquiring slaves in his day — capturing prisoners in war — Aristotle argues that some people are by nature (rather than circumstances) fit to be slaves: “For that some should rule and others be ruled is a thing not only necessary, but expedient; from the hour of their birth, some are marked out for subjection, others for rule.” Not only were some people slaves by nature, but it was clear that, for them, “slavery is both expedient and right,” he wrote.

    Plato records the case of a Greek mixed family who produced two children, one White and one Black. Clearly these concepts were not unknown to the ancients, although they may have formulated them differently, and “Whiteness” was adopted as a way of expressing who we were once we encounters Others. Before then, the major distinctions were ethnic group (Suebian, Moroni) and social caste.

  • Constance Wu says she tried to kill herself after tweets backlash

    Returning to the platform this week, she added: “I felt awful about what I’d said and when a few DMs [direct messages] from a fellow Asian actress told me I’d become a blight on the Asian American community, I started feeling like I didn’t even deserve to live any more.

    “That I was a disgrace to AsAms, and they’d be better off without me. Looking back, it’s surreal that a few DMs convinced me to end my own life, but that’s what happened.

    Diversity means that you are a representative of your group at all times responsible for advancing the interests of your group. This is brought on by cosmopolitanism, which naturally pits groups against each other, producing the type of permanent and intractable division we see in contemporary America. “They must go back” is not an angry statement, but a compassionate one.

  • How awards, recognition decrease inventors’ creativity

    “In our study, we found that people who develop novel ideas and receive rewards for them start to see themselves primarily as a ‘creative person,'” Baer said.

    “This newfound identity, which is special and rare, is then in need of protection. Essentially, once a person is in the creative limelight, stepping out of it — by producing a novel idea that disappoints or pales in comparison to earlier work — is threatening and to be avoided. One way to do so is to stop producing altogether. You cannot compromise your identity and reputation when you do not produce anything new.”

    In other words, fear of failure the second time around can cause producers to avoid taking risks that would threaten their creative identity.

    We stumble into Wolfe’s fiction-absolute somewhere: once you make something external a cornerstone of your identity, you seek primarily to defend that, and your initial quest is lost. When an artist makes an initial work from sheer love of the medium, and the second as their contribution to the ongoing dialogue in their field, the third will summarize the first two into a consciously-designed art object that makes use of the medium to its maximum while recontextualizing the dialogue of the field. After that however the artist finds themselves defending their throne and trying to re-do whatever made them famous while self-consciously injecting contrarian, ironist, and iconoclastic recombinant material in order to carve out a niche and brand while out-competing others vying for the same objective. The original goal, delight in the medium, is lost.

  • More than 1,000 children were raped and sexually exploited over 30 years in Telford where police and council officials ‘ignored’ abuse over fears investigating Asian men would ‘inflame racial tensions’

    The inquiry concluded that more than 1,000 children were sexually exploited over at least 30 years with men operating a ‘rape house’ in Telford amid ‘shocking’ police and council failings.

    The report highlighted witness testimony suggesting Asian men were not targeted as part of investigations because it would have been ‘too politically incorrect’, with one saying police were found to have ‘dropped the case like a hot potato’ if such complaints were made.

    One witness claimed police were ‘frightened to question or challenge’ because of the ethnicity of people involved amid fears they could be labelled as racist.

    Diversity means constant neurotic self-consciousness about race because all actions have become symbolic since without culture in common, every action must be seen as a signal in a dialogue. If something looks bad and disrupts the fragile racial detente, then it must be avoided, even if the result is three decades of rape houses and grooming. Race is the elephant in the room and trying to be color-blind does not work, so instead we get constant counter-signaling including a refusal to look deeply into crime committed by non-Whites (especially the [[[ IRISH ]]]).

  • Meet Garrett Morgan, the inventor of the gas mask and the modern traffic light

    The son of former slaves, Morgan conceived and patented the three-signal traffic control in 1923, after he reportedly witnessed a tragic automobile accident on a Cleveland street corner.

    A decade earlier, he patented the first gas mask in response to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, which killed 146 garment workers, mostly young women, in New York City in 1911.

    Notice how carefully the sleight-of-hand works, when you consider the invention of the gas mask:

    In 1849, Lewis P. Haslett patented an “Inhaler or Lung Protector,” the first U.S. patent (#6529) issued for an air purifying respirator. Haslett’s device filtered dust from the air. In 1854, Scottish chemist John Stenhouse invented a simple mask that used charcoal to filter noxious gasses.

    In 1871, British physicist John Tyndall invented a fireman’s respirator that filtered air against smoke and gas. In 1874, British inventor Samuel Barton patented a device that “permitted respiration in places where the atmosphere is charged with noxious gasses, or vapors, smoke, or other impurities,” according to U.S. patent #148868.

    American Garrett Morgan patented the Morgan safety hood and smoke protector in 1914. Two years later, Morgan made national news when his gas mask was used to rescue 32 men trapped during an explosion in an underground tunnel 250 feet beneath Lake Erie. The publicity led to the sale of the safety hood to firehouses across the United States. Some historians cite the Morgan design as the basis for early U.S. army gas masks used during WWI.

    And the traffic signal:

    The first electric traffic light using red and green lights was invented in 1912 by Lester Farnsworth Wire, a police officer in Salt Lake City, Utah, according to Family Search. Wire’s traffic signal resembled a four-sided bird-house mounted on a tall pole. It was placed in the middle of an intersection and was powered by overhead trolley wires. A police officer had to manually switch the direction of the lights.

    However, the credit for the “first electric traffic signal” usually goes to James Hoge. A system based on his design was installed on Aug. 5, 1914, in Cleveland. Hoge received a patent for the system in 1918. (He had filed his application in 1913.) Hoge’s traffic signal used the alternating illuminated words “stop” and “move” installed on a single post on each of the four corners of an intersection. The system was wired such that police and fire departments could adjust the rhythm of the lights in case of an emergency.

    In 1923, Garrett Morgan patented an electric automatic traffic signal. Morgan was the first African-American to own a car in Cleveland. He also invented the gas mask. Morgan’s design used a T-shaped pole unit with three positions. Besides “Stop” and “Go,” the system also first stopped traffic in all directions to give drivers time to stop or get through the intersection. Another benefit of Morgan’s design was that it could be produced inexpensively, thus increasing the number of signals that could be installed.

    We should therefore give credit to a man who improved an existing invention, but not hype him into a forgotten genius, since none of his creations were new by at least six decades.

  • Upstate university responds to students’ protest over termination of professor

    “Anderson University is a private Christian university which upholds the South Carolina Baptist traditional view of sexuality and marriage as set forth in Scripture. As a condition of employment, and as outlined in our employee handbook, “employees are to be actively mindful and respectful of its denominational relationship and the ways in which their behavior may impact this relationship. In doing so, faculty members shall be respectful of and not undermine the University’s Statement of Faith.” Therefore, faculty members unable or unwilling to adhere to this policy and our Statement of Faith are not scheduled to teach. Anderson University’s ability to be a distinctive, faith-based institution is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. If Christian universities were not allowed to uphold deeply held religious beliefs in setting expectations about conduct, private faith-based universities would be indistinguishable from public universities. We exist to give faculty, staff and students a choice.”

    Conservatives hide behind the Bible because it allows them to convert political, cultural, and social mores into religious practices and therefore escape scrutiny. This will not work because the Left will simply infiltrate those religious organizations, especially as numbers of believers fall, and change around the dogma until it is Marxism with token references to a deity. You either confront this problem head-on or, by being clever and working it from a political angle, politicize yourself to the point where you end up being Leftist.

  • Chinese Firms Are Selling Russia Goods Its Military Needs to Keep Fighting in Ukraine

    Chip shipments from China to Russia more than doubled to about $50 million in the first five months of 2022 compared with a year earlier, Chinese customs data show, while exports of other components such as printed circuits had double-digit percentage growth. Export volumes of aluminum oxide, which is used to make the metal aluminum, an important material in weapons production and aerospace, are 400 times higher than last year.

    The rise in reported export values may partly be explained by inflation. But the data shows that many Chinese tech sellers have continued to do business with Russia despite U.S. scrutiny.

    The archetypal White person self-destructs by excessive idealism, but the classic Asian tragicomedic figure ruins himself by too much clever theory. They play a lot of chess in the Orient, and consequently, they love a good absurdly complicated scheme which may or may not succeed but will wreck lots of stuff in the meantime. China realizes that the pocket of its chance to take over the world is closing as the cost of Chinese labor rises, and so it is manipulating to lure the West into self-destruction so that China can rule the world. Ukraine may be a proxy war for the Americans, but it is for the Chinese as well, who will use the bodies of Russians to divide Europe and make it dependent on Chinese trade as loss of energy and economic damage lessen its profits and make selling junk to China a source of necessary income.

  • San Francisco cops want real-time access to private security cameras for surveillance

    San Francisco lawmakers are mulling a proposed law that would allow police to use private security cameras – think: those in residential doorbells, medical clinics, and retail shops – in real time for surveillance purposes.

    We are seeing more of these laws which essentially indemnify business for privacy violations by mandating that they have these cameras and give access to the footage without a warrant, as was done in diversity violence circus Houston:

    Under the new guidelines, nightclubs, bars, sexually-oriented businesses, convenience stores and game rooms operating in the city will have to install security cameras for enhanced safety, ensuring coverage from the exterior of the business to its property line

    According to the ordinance, a business owner must save video footage for no less than 30 days, and provide HPD with the footage within 72 hours of a request.

    As crime and terrorism expand with diversity across the West, look for more laws of this nature as governments attempt to avoid being destroyed by their own internal divisions.

  • Palestinian people deserve a state of their own – Biden

    President Biden has reiterated the United States’ commitment to a two-state solution in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. He was speaking after a meeting with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

    He said: “Palestinian people deserve a state of their own that’s independent, sovereign, viable, and contiguous.”

    Eighty years after WW2, when the forces of democracy defeated the nationalist powers, we are rediscovering nationalism of the naturalistic variety, which emphasizes instinct as a biological and genetic component of the nation:

    German nationalism began to stress instinct against reason, the power of historical tradition against rational attempts at progress and a more just order, and the historical differences between nations rather than their common aspirations. The French Revolution, liberalism, and equality were regarded as a brief aberration against which the eternal foundations of societal order would prevail.

    One of the consequences of World War I was the triumph of nationalism in central and eastern Europe. From the ruins of the Habsburg and Romanov empires emerged the new nation-states of Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Romania. Those states in turn, however, were to be strained and ravaged by their own internal nationality conflicts and by nationalistic disputes over territory with their neighbours.

    Some characterize nationalism as opposition to internationalism, which is why the nationalist powers formed an axis:

    By the late 1930s, the League — and internationalism in general — had failed, and nationalism was on the rise again. With economic problems looming in many countries, populations and leaders found it easy to blame their rivals and enemies across the border for their financial woes. New governments in several large industrial states, like Germany, Italy, and Japan, were openly hostile to internationalism. Others — the U.S., Great Britain, and France — were unwilling to sacrifice their own goals to defend international peace.

    Internationalism and multiculturalism amount to the same thing, namely an order comprised of political and economic incentives instead of cultural ones. A mono-ethnic Israel, with the Palestinians separated out into their own state, would restore nationalism eight decades after it was yeeted with the fall of Japan, Germany, and Italy.



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