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News (January 25, 2021)


  • Mega-Rich Recoup COVID-Losses In Record-Time Yet Billions Will Live In Poverty For At Least A Decade

    As usual, the people with money can afford the high costs of government action, but regular people cannot, so you get a penis-shaped curve: a few at the tip, everyone else at the base in two big lumps.

  • Supreme Court dismisses emoluments cases against Trump

    Supreme Court finally gets around to realizing that the emoluments argument (“he earns money from his businesses, yet is also president!”) was nonsense. You have to show that he made policies to favor his businesses and was materially rewarded as a result. Didn’t happen.

  • Dominion Voting Systems files $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Giuliani

    Dominion decides to expose itself to subpoenas that could prove Rudy Giuliani correct. Most likely, their moron shareholders are raging about how the company has taken a reputational hit. On the sinister side, they might be doing this to destroy the company while they prepare a replacement which will show up at the last minute to present a “safe alternative to Dominion machines.” That is how you get rich and stay rich at least: leave a trail of wreckage that always benefits you.

  • Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active – And Not One Single Court Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued

    For some reason, American courts refuse to even hear the evidence of election fraud which is being presented. This is an end-stage and dysfunctional legal system, most likely coerced by organized crime.

  • Capitol Police Lieutenant shot MAGA rioter dead when crowd surged towards him

    The name of the agent who shot Ashli Babbitt has still not been released. What are they protecting? Affirmative action, perhaps, just as in the Vicki Weaver case. Capitol police and Congress look like utter incompetents after this relatively small riot took over the seat of American “government.”

  • Biden Terminates Trump Order that Kept China Out of America’s Power Grid

    Biden wants to allow China to rule America. Since the Hart-Celler Act ruined whites as an audience, big business sought new groups, starting with Hispanics. Now they have thrown those over in favor of Chinese, and that requires selling the country to China.

  • The Grassley Report: How Obama Funneled Millions to Al-Qaeda

    America seems to have forgotten how Obama funded Al-Qaeda, Obama gave money to Iran, Obama gave drones to China, Obama spied on a presidential candidate with FISA abuse, and Obama placed Communists at all levels of government.

  • You Know There Was Industrial-Scale Election Fraud. What Can Be Done?

    At this point, multiple experts have confirmed that Election 2020 was a victim of voting fraud. The MSM, Courts, and Congress refuse to see it. This sets the groundwork for revolution, overthrow, and regime change.

  • Why Projects to Adapt to Climate Change Backfire

    “Climate change” was the blank slate before transgenders and China came along. The only way to fix it is to radically reduce the amount of land, air, and sea that we use, which means ending immigration and diversity. Leftists can’t see that, so they cook up insane and absurd projects instead.

  • How Socialism Destroyed the Family Structure

    Government consists of bureaucracy plus public opinion which always moves Leftward because of the egalitarian basis of modernity. It always seeks to destroy the inner truths we know, such as intuition and family, so that it can replace them with ideology and taxes.

  • Drexciya: how Afrofuturism is inspiring calls for an ocean memorial to slavery

    African-Americans invent theory of “Drexciya,” a water kingdom founded by drowned slave wraith babies. Perhaps instead they should read history, see that the only thing stupider than racism is diversity, and head to Africa to re-build Aksum (the prototype for “Wakanda”).

  • Labor senator is slammed for labelling Australia Day a ‘celebration of white supremacy’

    If we have “freedom,” what is wrong with a celebration of White Supremacy? Some people are going to think that way. Others are going to notice that DEDS (diversity, equality, democracy, and socialism) do not work so well because uniform distribution is never found in nature, with a solid mathematical reason (avoiding heat-death) behind it. How do we have a pluralistic society when we keep banning ideas?

  • Your Government is Afraid of You

    The Leftist government-industrial complex is weaker than you think. Trump terrified them because he came very close to unraveling all of their criminal schemes and control apparatuses. One more little push and it’s done. We’re in Late Stage Democracy, when we get either tyranny or regime change, so let’s choose the latter.

  • Whites Must Stop Pandering

    “Whites must stop intervening in the affairs of blacks.” This has always been good advice. However, what about how Whites interfere in the affairs of other groups, or how the mixed-race multiculture interferes in the affairs of both Whites and Blacks? Diversity, equality, democracy, and socialism are dead men walking because they have failed on their own terms.

  • 1776 Commission Report Takes Aim At Identity Politics, Socialism, And Slavery

    The 1776 Commission expressed a radical idea: America was not bad, but good. Things like the kill-off of Amerinds and African slavery were not our goal, but incidental events that were handled as best possible (Indians attacked us first, and Africans sold each other into slavery). Instead of making America a scapegoat, we can see that America was good, and nu-American things like diversity, equality, and socialism are dangerous unstable illusions.

  • Right on: does standup comedy have a leftwing bias?

    Leftists have trouble admitting that all entertainment and media has a Leftist bias because it is easier to make ideological jokes than come up with unique material. Ideological jokes are basically “ha ha ha, look at this guy who doesn’t know that the sky is green and grass is blue,” hence their complete lack of appeal to most people except dogmatic Leftists.

  • The Conservative Purge Isn’t Over, It’s Just Getting Cranked Up

    Leftists, working hand-in-hand with an industry which wants to sell out to China, will not just continue but accelerate the purge of non-Leftist thought in the near future. We have to end them before they end us.

  • New Evidence Implicates FBI Higher-Ups in Dishonesty of Anti-Trump Lawyer

    Behind the scenes, a case against the US government for SpyGate and RussiaGate is slowly connecting itself to the fake impeachment and election theft. The mother of all Watergates is about to be revealed.

  • Sen. Hawley: It’s time to stand up against the muzzling of America

    Sen Josh Hawley writes persuasively that we should fight back against censorship and repression, regardless of whether they come from public or private sources. We need a country dedicated to reality, not ideology.

  • Agree with liberals, or you’re racist, xenophobic and dangerous

    Right-wingers will censor those who attack them; Left-wingers censor those who refuse to agree with them. Right now, you either agree with the nu-Communist Democrats or you become a public enemy. This will create the fertile ground for civil war.

  • Portugal’s centre-right president re-elected but far right gains ground

    The world is cautiously swinging to the Right. First they choose center-Right, and if that does not fail, Populist, and finally they are going to look at “actual Right” (non-egalitarian, free market, hierarchy, culture-rule) candidates. The Leftist swing that began with democracy and continued into socialism and political correctness has failed.

  • Sikkim: Chinese and Indian troops ‘in new border clash’

    As if they wanted us to know that they are a repressive regime that has been faking its financial figures and is in fact unstable and fragile, the Chinese Communist Party continues to provoke war with India.

  • Rioters set fire to Dutch coronavirus testing centre as new curfew comes into effect

    People are sick of the coronavirus lockdowns because they both have destroyed our lives and failed to stop the virus. What would stop the virus? Isolating the infected. However, in an open borders society with civil rights, we cannot do that, so instead we commit economic and social suicide, but now people have had enough.

  • 1 in 5 Americans have confidence Biden can unite the country: poll

    80% realize that Jiao Bi-Den has no hope of uniting the country, mainly because to Leftists, “unity” means “we killed everyone who isn’t Leftist, so now the survivors all agree.”

  • Job losses from virus 4 times as bad as ’09 financial crisis

    Get ready for a second Great Depression. Job losses are four times higher than in the Great Recession, itself caused by a government minority-lending housing program, and up to two-thirds of small businesses are not coming back. That means that the world is going to starve, just because China wanted to steal an American election!

  • AP source: Lawmakers threatened ahead of impeachment trial

    Politicians claim to have been threatened in the run-up to this sham impeachment trial, forgetting that scamming an election and handing our nation over to China is an actual credible threat. We have to un-do all of the corruption in order to stop from going to civil war.

  • China pushes conspiracy theories on COVID origin, vaccines

    China desperately wants to hide the facts that COVID-19 emerged in 2012 when Chinese miners encountered bat guano in a remote cave, it has been kicking around China ever since, and China used it as an excuse to paralyze the world economy so that American mail-in ballots could be used to take over the stupefied Late Stage Democracy currently in control of the USA.

  • Ethical-source movement opens new open-source organization

    New open source license attempts to stop people from using its software if they are accused of having opinions which run contrary to promotion of human rights.

  • The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity

    As if admitting that they depend on voter fraud, despite the massive Hart-Celler and soyboy audiences they have created, the Left wants to permanently lock in its methods of cheating so that no one but Democrats will ever win an election again. What kind of cretins are Pelosi, Xi, and Schumer to think that this is a good idea?

  • Sen. Paul clashes with George Stephanopoulos over 2020 election results

    Rand Paul breaks ranks with the people who want to get rich from a Chinese audience, perhaps as an Austrian economist realizing that this is a pipe dream, and says that evidence exists that the election was stolen and we should commit the radical act of investigating the evidence.



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