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  • Is the U.S. Arming an Adversary, China, Intent on Overpowering Us?

    Splitting from globalism means disentangling our business world from foreign industries; politics tends to follow money (“it’s the economy, stupid”) and when our companies depend on China, they become owned by China. Trump started the domino wave of defections from globalism, and they will increase as Brexit succeeds.

  • ‘Shivering under a pile of six blankets, I finally lost it’: my week in frozen Texas hell

    Quit your whining. People lost power and in some cases water for a few days and had to wear sweaters and flush toilets with snow; big deal. We survived here the way the pioneers did, in the small, by being resourceful and having a stiff upper lip. I tire of recent immigrants (incl. Californians) who have hands out but contribute nothing except job attendance and consumerism.

  • Coronavirus cases are falling globally, but the big question is: why?

    They attribute this to all of the crazy lockdowns, masks, and vaccines, but more likely, we are simply seeing herd immunity plus a greater awareness of contagion. It is about the right timetable that we are now getting close to the magical 40% number where herd immunity starts becoming a counteracting force. Likely COVID-19 will evolve to be more infectious and less dangerous, since live patients shed more viruses than dead ones.

  • Tense moments among Indiana lawmakers on bill some call discriminatory

    White Americans are tiring of the constant diversity shakedown. This begins in quieter places like Indiana, and will spread to the big cities. Whites have always had the attitude that people can come here as long as they do not wreck it to be like the places they came from; now, diversity threatens prosperity, and so we begin the long walk back from the Hart-Celler fixation.

  • Baroness Finn launches vicious attack on ‘incapable’ civil service saying it is risk-averse and obsessed with the ‘metropolitan bubble’

    People mostly know their local community. Our bureaucrat-tyrants tend to live in that metropolitan bubble and disregard the rest of their nations, including those who do not draw government salaries, resulting in wildly unrealistic policy that some call “elitist.”

  • Falling sperm counts ‘threaten human survival’, expert warns

    Potency reflects general health. When people have trouble having sex or generating enough gametes, it means that their modern lifestyle is killing them, especially sitting around in frustrating make-work careers while spending all their time and money servicing an out-of-control bureaucracy and its soy, poverty, boxwine, and diversity pets.

  • Hong Kongers snap up UK homes and do what they excel at: being landlords

    It never made sense to allow foreign ownership of anything in our countries. Once property and businesses are owned, those foreign voices have power, and they will demand that we do what benefits them at our expense.

  • China’s Xi declares victory in ending extreme poverty

    China wants to prove that not just its market Communist system but its “Mandarin Method” of centralized bureaucratic control are the way of the future. If that were the case, they would not be rushing to take over the world before the real figures come out and China fades into Soviet-style obscurity via failure.

  • Centre opposes same-sex marriage in Delhi HC, says not comparable with ‘Indian family unit concept’

    Gay marriage replaces traditional marriage, turning it into a financial and political union instead of the basis of a family. If gays want to get married, I suggest that they form their own nation. The rest of us have no use for gay marriage, which is as comical as transsexualism.

  • Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies say gangs targeting “young Latinos” operate within department

    White Supremacists targeting young Latinos for extermination? No, simply Latinos doing what they did in their home countries, which is to infiltrate the police and run criminal enterprises from within that aegis of authority.

  • Parliament Hill anti-lockdown protest attracts small but vociferous crowd

    The revolution against Big Government its Deep State of unelected bureaucrats and media elites seems to have moved to the local level. People realize that centralized government cannot deal with dissent, especially if it occurs in enough places. Get ten cities to refuse to enforce federal law and the government collapses.

  • Facebook exec calls brands, public to confront anti-Asian racism

    In a diverse society, every group competes for dominance, using crime and taxes as weapons. Asians are up because they are displacing Blacks and Hispanics (who are also Asians) in California. It is not directed at them, but it intends to subjugate them as surely as it will Whites.

  • Secretive Israeli nuclear facility undergoes major project

    Trump had the middle east sorted: he made deals between the sane societies and starved the rest. With Biden, we return to the moronic Iran deal that allows Iran to keep refining nuclear materials, so Israel has jump-started its nuclear program in order to be able to glass Tehran at the first sign of trouble. These Biden wars are gonna be lit!

  • Australian scientists warn urgent action needed to save 19 ‘collapsing’ ecosystems

    Articles on environmental topics are starting to list “habitat loss” regularly, something that was de rigueur in the 1970s but fell out of use when the emphasis was “climate change” alone. Now we can admit that having too many humans and human cities means no space left for nature.

  • Monarch butterflies down 26% in Mexico wintering grounds

    They measure this in Mexico, but the butterflies come from the USA and Canada, where the “loss of milkweed habitat” caused by expanding human civilization — much of it fueled by Mexican immigration — is slowly killing off these beautiful creatures. At some point, there are too few for healthy breeding, and they vanish.

  • Conservative gathering to feature Trump’s false fraud claims

    If you have to constantly repeat terms like false, debunked, fraudulent, and so on to refer to what your opposition says, it means that few people are convinced that the issue is as black and white as your stance implies. This means trouble for the Left; the world knows that at the very least, this election was engineered to be insecure.

  • Manhattan prosecutor gets Trump tax records after long fight

    This fishing expedition consists of DAs going through Trump records to try to find a smoking gun. Like the media hype over Trump paying only $750 in taxes, this one will die, too, as they find standard accounting and completely legal tax filings. The real point is for them to leak more information that can enable other (fake) outrage-bait headlines.

  • It’s not just oceans: scientists find plastic is also polluting the air

    Yet another modern miracle collapses. We all feared plastics because they seem to last forever and break down into toxic chemicals. However, in the interest of having more humans, we pressed on, seeing plastics as a path out of poverty for billions. Now we see the high cost, which is that no one is healthy anymore.

  • Singapore’s total fertility rate falls to historic low in 2020

    Modern society kills people off by taking their money, time, and energy for make-work projects and subsidies for the lost. This drains people, and they have fewer children, starting with the smartest sets of parents. The path to Idiocracy is paved with industrial wealth and Leftist entitlements.

  • German court rules that men can urinate while standing

    Cucked Leftists in Germany wanted to force men to sit to urinate, valuing both the practicality of the situation and the demasculinization factor, since for us to be truly equal we must all be transsexual or at least androgynous. The pushback begins.

  • Gulf Stream System at its weakest in over a millennium

    When you build a big concrete platform like a city, it displaces heat upward, and this drives off local jet streams. Those in turn feed into the trans-oceanic jet streams, and the disruption in turn relocates or interrupts the wider jet stream of warm air across the water. They blame climate change; in reality, what they think is climate change consists of air current disruption by urbanization.

  • Mail-in ballots and voting machines banned in France

    Watching the US election, the world has realized that if it does not close the loophole — mail-in ballots, voting machines, and absentee voters — that allowed the Democrats to steal election 2020, no election will go any direction except toward the big red star in the future. Trump let the cat out of the bag and now the world reacts.

  • With Chinese Media Under Control, Beijing Sets Sights on Foreign News

    China has a simple plan: if you want to do business in China, you have to do it their way. So far, so good. However, they mean do it their way worldwide, which means that soon your news back at home will be China-approved as well, or you will not be able to reach those billion and a half consumers in China.

  • Biden: China’s Xi Jinping ‘Gets It’ — American Presidents Must Speak Up for Human Rights

    The Left loves magical causes because they can justify or rationalize any expansion of power or taxes under that guise. First it was anti-poverty, then civil rights, and now finally it has become “human rights,” which is the international question for equality instead of doing something useful with our irreplaceable time.

  • University of Southampton lecturer ‘beaten up in racist attack’

    Diversity causes intergroup conflict. Somehow, no matter what happens, White people always get blamed, even when there is no evidence. In this case, they caught one guy, they say, but do we believe the story as told to us by the victim? If White people lie, then other races lie, too.

  • The Reason Why Greenpeace Is Dropping Massive Boulders Into the Sea

    Bottom trawling kills just about everything near the seafloor in order to capture a few valuable food species. All that other life dies as is tossed as “bycatch.” Greenpeace came up with a useful solution: cover the seafloor with enough boulders that the nets get snagged and bottom trawling becomes an unprofitable method.


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