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News (February 10, 2021)


  • New Zealand Maori leader ejected from parliament for refusing to wear ‘colonial noose’

    If you are a member of a minority group, your goal includes abolishing all standards, aesthetics, language, and morals of the majority group, since you want to conquer this group and destroy it because your only other alterative is to remain conquered by it. Consequently, wherever you go, you must use guilt and shame to force people to accommodate you. Diversity does not work.

  • Netanyahu’s Likud signs surplus vote-sharing deal with far-right party

    Israel shifts farther to the Right, bringing Kahanists into the fold. Every group that wants to avoid being destroyed by overpopulation, globalism, immigration, and ecocide — which have the same cause, too many lower-echelon people arising from class warfare — finds itself inching toward populism or farther Right. The Right is order and survival, the Left socializing and death.

  • Citizens patrol Oakland Chinatown after unprovoked attacks

    Diversity shows how it will disintegrate as Black-on-Asian attempts provoke near revolt in Oakland. Any sane society would simply avoid diversity, call the boats, and repatriate those who are ethnically different from its founding group, the Western European pioneers.

  • The Sham Impeachment & The Attack on Free Speech

    Leftists want to use their Hart-Celler Act voters and White racial guilt derived from WW2-era propaganda to seize permanent control, but they realize that since the last century showed us consistent gains for Leftism, they are now the Establishment which has to explain why its policies are working so badly. Consequently, they aim to destroy the Right. Trump is a proxy for all non-Leftist Whites in America, since this is the one group that can stop the Left.

  • GOP image takes a hit, says Gallup; greatest drop among Republicans themselves

    Trump did not signal pro-White, but was fixing America; the GOP stopped him, and now will find out that it will get no support from the vast majority of Republicans ever again. Its voters want all of the people who voted for the system over Trump gone and replaced by populists.

  • ‘Out-of-control woke leftism and cancel culture’ from the U.S is a threat to FRANCE because it ‘attacks’ the nation’s heritage and identity

    They fear the politics of “race, gender, post-colonialism” coming to destroy French culture. They are right. In the name of our Southern, Eastern, Irish, and Jewish European newcomers in the USA, we destroyed our founding culture (WASPs) here in the 1960s. Consequently, while Europe has always been more Communist, the theory can take greater hold here because we eradicated our culture first.

  • US Navy condemns discovery of hate symbols on warships, including noose left on black sailor’s bed

    White people are so easy to troll. These incidents never happened. Instead, Black sailors got in trouble and took the easy way out. Just like women at college get special privileges for claiming that they are sexual assault victims, minorities invent hate crimes because they know this makes them immune from punishment.

  • Cambridge University ‘received “generous gift” from Chinese software giant

    The Chinese compromised the West with a stealthy method known as bribery. Their industry offered a huge market, but the cost was that you had to do what China said; their companies reach out to universities, offering money, knowing that doing so means that they now have veto power over anything that the university might say or do. The Chinese demand we go Communist and Diverse so that we collapse and they can take over the world.

  • Mark Cuban has Mavericks become first NBA team to cease playing national anthem before games

    The Left has always hated America, because America was founded on the opposite idea of the Left: the pioneer spirit, which rejects equality in favor of rewarding those who do good, and killing off the bad. They are attempting to depoliticize sports by making them Leftist-friendly, but this is backfiring as people retreat from what has become another venue for propaganda.

  • ‘People should be alarmed’: air pollution in US subway systems stuns researchers

    Being around machinery in enclosed spaces is dangerous to your health. If these researchers were to scan our mold- and dust-ridden living quarters, the level of particulate exhaust pollution on street level, and the amount of odd chemicals in our foods that produce mutations, they would find that we are barely alive, despite living the “modern miracle.”

  • Hack exposes vulnerability of cash-strapped US water plants

    We spent the money on diversity instead for sixty years, and now all of the stuff that we were so proud of back in the day has stopped working as it has eroded. Will our new transgender, multicolored, diverse, and Communist workforce be able to fix it? Probably not, but they will replace it anyway, and then we will get to live in full-blown third world conditions.

  • Americans More Pessimistic About Economic Future

    People have seen the writing on the wall. A majority of Americans think that their children will be poorer than their parents, and 41% believe that the Biden economy will be bad a year from now. We remember the bad years of Leftist rule: the Carter years, Clinton second term, and Obama second term. It turns out that Republicans fix the economy while taking the blame, then Democrats inherit it and ruin it. China wants the American economy to fall so Chinese currency can rule the world.

  • US: China ‘committed genocide against Uighurs’

    No one cares because we all know that the US is doing the same thing to Whites, Christians, men, cisgenders, and anyone else who is not a diverse multicolored neurotic circus freak Communist.

  • Fatah and Hamas agree on terms of 1st Palestinian election in 15 years

    If all of the Jews in the world moved to Israel, they might be able to save it by outvoting the Palestinians. If not, the Palestinians — who just got the vote again — will become a swing vote, and politicians will pander to them as they do Blacks in America and South Africa. This means that soon policy will shift against the Jews and they will be genocided in their own land.

  • The world’s forest areas have shrunk by 178m hectares since 1990

    What has changed during that time? Oh, right: egalitarian government means more handouts, and that means that more of the lower-echelon people breed, at which point they support stupefactively idiotic policies like globalism, diversity, equality, open borders, and socialism. Business in turn supports these to “reach the new audience.” We are in a deathtrap unless we change course.

  • ‘This was your favourite programme’: private Polish media go off air to protest tax

    Eastern Europe wants to be conservative, but like the Nazis before them, they keep selecting Leftist-style methods. Just ban foreign media, instead of taxing it and building up the state. The more government you make, the more democratization occurs, and through that, Leftism spreads like COVID-19 or AIDS.

  • Twitter is stuck between a rock and a hard place in India

    It turns out that the Prodigy case was correctly decided: once you start censoring, everyone else is going to want you to censor too, which creates a spiral of many parties demanding content removed until your services are every bit as much state and corporate propaganda as the old three-channel television networks.

  • Biden quietly nixes Trump-era rule combating Chinese Communist-funded ‘propaganda’ centers

    Who won the election? It sure seems like China did, because now the Biden White House does whatever China wants, and works hard to enable Chinese penetration of all industries. Perhaps Chinese money and know-how was required to pull off the election theft, or as is more likely, Leftists of all types work together whether in the US or China.

  • Clubhouse app shows Chinese people’s willingness to talk taboos

    This shows us that China is far less stable than it projects itself as being. People have seen the cracks in their system and want to escape, or at least change things. This means that the great Chinese economic boom has ended and the Democrats are going to lose a major source of “dark money” funding.

  • As coronavirus runs rampant, why are some Swedish towns banning masks?

    Sweden prefers a Western-style policy of individual accountability where people are responsible for their own health and for staying home if sick to the Asiatic ideal that all people are equally horrible, therefore everyone must wear a mask in case they have the virus.

  • Five people are arrested over death threats made to French teenager who sparked outrage by saying ‘Islam is a s**t religion’

    The French have the right idea. Instead of arresting someone for making statements against foreign religions and cultures, arrest those who then threaten that person. They are learning, after prosecuting celebrities such as writer Michel Houellebecq and politician Marine LePen for their statements against Islam. Hint: if they can say the same thing about Christianity, they should be able to say it about Judaism or Islam.

  • Midwives told to say ‘chestfeeding’ instead of ‘breastfeeding’ to be more trans-friendly

    Ideology is symbolic. Symbolism relies on appearance, and uses that in place of the messier and more complex reality. However, it becomes a runaway chain reaction as everyone tries to appear hip and in the know but pushing the ideology further until it becomes ludicrous. In another decade, most of the transgenders will have killed themselves and we will feel silly for having ever cared.

  • China Is Creating a New Master Race

    China knows what works because the West endorsed it in the past, like eugenics, free markets, and upward breeding. They encourage us not to do these things so that they can do them and then destroy us.

  • Marine Le Pen denies breaking hate speech laws by tweeting images of ISIS atrocities

    Everywhere, Leftists are persecuting conservatives for legitimate free speech that happens to mention how badly Leftist policies are failing. They go after Trump for encouraging people to peacefully fight for their rights, and they rage at LePen for showing us the face of jihad. Why are they trying to control reality? It is as if their rule is failing, and so they would rather stop us from noticing than fix it.

  • The world’s most misunderstood novel

    Only in Clown World is it hard to understand The Great Gatsby, which is now public domain. The book makes its points clear, but you need an attention span and an IQ over 120, neither of which most people have.

  • Calls to close CCP-funded Confucius Institutes grow louder. Here’s what’s fueling them.

    The Confucius Institutes serve as a propaganda organ of the Chinese state. They should not be active on foreign soil, yet because they scatter money around, our universities, journalists, industry, and government welcome them in. It turns out that entitlements bankrupt everyone, diversity kills culture and social trust, and the combination makes corruption everywhere. Just like Communism, it is a death-trap.

  • College offers racially segregated mental health resources

    A college whose student body is 38% White offers separate mental health for Black and “Latinx” students. The point as always is to marginalize the former majority and drain them of resources so that they are weak for when the final blow must be struck. Democracy always goes this way.

  • Facebook will temporarily show less political content to some users

    Big Tech has always known that calls for “unity” were unrealistic nonsense. Now that the Left is in power, they will begin removing political content while keeping Leftist culture war content, just as Leftist companies and schools did in the 1980s under the guise of “unity.”

  • Paul, Taylor Greene hit Swalwell impeachment role over China honey-trap past

    The few Republicans brave enough to stand up for something other than going with the flow point out that Eric Swalwell was sleeping with a Chinese spy while serving on the Intelligence Committee. If we need a symbol for the total compromise of our government and industry, this will work quite well!

  • Twitter really wants you to know it’ll be just fine after banning Trump

    Buried in here is the key data point: 80% of Twitter users are outside the US. This means that Twitter, despite being headquartered in the USA for the advantages here, makes its money by appealing to third-world people, and they all want America to fall for rising above the rest and showing them that they were doing everything wrong.


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