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New Year’s Resolutions

In 2022, I intend to do the following:

  1. Convert to Judaism. Most of the Dissident Right feels that Jews rule the world, so I’d like to get some strong allies. Seeing as how the world is moving inexorably in a Right-wing direction, I would also like to get active in preventing genocide and instead focus on repatriation.
  2. Join the Ku Klux Klan. Originally an anti-rape organization to deal with carpetbagger and freed slave behavior during Reconstruction, it became against diversity crime and corruption generally, and eventually against diversity itself. Diversity is suicide, genocide, and third world failure, so I support opposing it.
  3. Come out as a transsexual. This will be difficult because I understand nothing about transsexuals or why someone would do such a thing, but apparently this is a good way to get onto the GOP ticket. Fashion advice is appreciated.

Modern man wants to believe that he is a slave to government, The Joo,™ capitalism, or even alien captors. In reality, he is a slave to his poor understanding of symbols.

Symbols capture the “essence” of something without context, which means that they have no defined outer boundaries, only a vague understanding of one tendency of many.

For example, people like the idea of National Socialism because they see the strong nationalism. They do not see the dysfunctional economy, unstable leadership, massive bureaucracy, and pointless brutality arising from internal desperation.

Or in other areas, when people see transsexualism they think of universal acceptance alone and how important it is to signal that so that their customers, friends, and potential dates all know that they are compassionate, empathic, and altruistic, therefore “safe” and likely to accept whatever defects, concerns, and glitches that those around them possess. They do not see the deep abyss of mental health problems which, when validated by society, simply give rise to more and deeper mental health issues, culminating in abuse and suicide.

In our time, to be a “racist” is seen as the worst thing ever because our system has already committed to diversity, and so to admit that there are biological/genetic differences between groups and that mixing them destroys culture, social trust, and ultimately every group through outbreeding and genocide is to reject the system and to admit that we have wasted our lives supporting an obviously doomed endeavor. People do not see that behind this binary symbolic switch, “racist” versus “anti-racist,” there are reasons to avoid the question entirely, like diversity turning every society that touches it into a third-world wasteland.

To be popular in politics, you rationalize through symbols. You choose some large symbol of innocence (the poor, minorities, transsexuals, victims) and claim to be defending them while finding a symbol of cheating (wealth, power, intelligence, health) — since egalitarians assume that we are all equal, in their worldview those who are succeeding must have done so “on the backs of other human beings” — and then claim to be saving the former from the latter. The Crowd goes wild, you get those clicks and book deals, and soon you’re a Big Deal.

In realityland, symbols have little meaning in isolation; context is everything. We cannot understand the world through broad containers, only through specific localized circumstances in their particularity on a case-by-case basis. If it takes a little bit of a Judaic transsexual Klanism to adulterate that, it will be a small but important victory.

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