Furthest Right



Supposing I say what everyone is afraid to think: that our society is dying and that only a few remain who can understand any of importance whatsoever. That most people are committed to the avoidance of any truth in this regard and flee it when it appears.

What is left to do? I argue that the question is answered by quality, not quantity, thus the answer is not that we need another political party, but that we need to fix the ones we have. That requires all of us work with them and point them in the right direction.

Secondarily, I think it’s important to network. Your goal: to find others of the “remnant” who can think the way you do.

There’s a paradox here however. You’d like to reach the few, but to do so, you need to go through the many. That is because each person is like a wagon wheel with only so many spokes, so in order to meet a large number of people you need wheels connected to wheels connected to wheels. You need to meet a large number of people because you’re looking for perhaps 2% of the population, and this group will tend to be a bit furtive as they fear the Crowd just as much as you do.

Thus if you are lonely, and/or want to find others who can share your vision, do this: join activities and continuing education, partake in church and community doings, make sure you’re active in the least destructive political party where you live. Meet as many people as possible and impress upon them the media image that they can understand: you are a quiet person who likes books and unorthodox thinking. That’s all your average person needs to put two and two together and figure out which of their acquaintances you might like.

People will do this. For whatever reason, most of them are still struggling to have souls, and they mean well, when their meaning is not occluded by their addiction to untruthfulness. What you want the normal person to do is understand you as a personality type, and introduce you to others that also hit their filter for outside of the mainstream. Not all of these will be to your taste; sadly, most will be posers, nutjobs, and rubber trenchcoat types. But among those you will find the people you need.

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