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My response to "This is Your Nation on White Privilege"

Pluralism doesn’t work

Pluralism, or the idea that you can have more than one belief or culture, doesn’t work. This includes multiculturalism.

We all want to be what we are, and know that picking a compromise culture destroys that.

If you disagree, please list the historical examples of successful multicultural states. Be sure to include Athens and Rome shortly before their collapses.

It’s not racist to say “multiculturalism doesn’t work.” It’s fair to note that racism may be a symptom of multiculturalism itself.

While I stand against all bigotry, I also stand against all denial of reality, and I think we need to re-examine our unwavering belief that multiculturalism is good for blacks and/or whites.

Comment 11776 on Tim Wise’s essay “This is Your Nation on White Privilege”

Wise is basically playing an old marketing con: appeal to the individual through emotion, specifically their own desire for sympathy in an unfair circumstance.

We all know that African-Americans have gotten the short end of the stick; what we won’t all talk about is whether that condition has arisen because of a difference between African- and European-descended populations.

It’s interesting to note that North Asian immigrants to the USA have integrated seamlessly and succeeded, as have other previously marginalized groups like Jews, Italians, Irish and metalheads.

So there’s more to the issue than “discrimination.” We know for example that race, class and individual differences between intelligence are largely genetic. We know that cultural differences are profound. We also know that the Black Panthers were right: no Black man is going to feel happy being ruled by whites, and vice versa.

These issues are simply not discussed in our society, except in some odd corners of the internet. They contravene not only state dogma, but popular dogma, which is that marketing I talked about in paragraph one up there. Like talking about death and the absence of proof of heaven, talking about race-genetics and the failure of multiculturalism is not only unpopular, but offensive and for that reason, taboo.

Like all big suppressions, of course, this discussion leaves nothing but destruction in its wake. So let’s see what Mr. Todd Wise and his fellow writers at Red Room do with the above comment — if they even post it.


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