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“Muh Values” Shift, Demographics to Blame

Apparently, many were caught by surprise when the values shift in America made it into the polls, revealing that Amerika branched from America in terms of “muh values”:

Some 38% of respondents said patriotism was very important to them, and 39% said religion was very important. That was down sharply from when the Journal first asked the question in 1998, when 70% deemed patriotism to be very important, and 62% said so of religion.

The share of Americans who say that having children, involvement in their community and hard work are very important values has also fallen. Tolerance for others, deemed very important by 80% of Americans as recently as four years ago, has fallen to 58% since then.

Conservatives made themselves slaves to Leftism by insisting on “muh values,” which is a way of avoiding discussing demographics. Civilizations are more than values, but culture includes values, although so also do ideologies, and conservatives confuse the two.

They like to say that anyone who adopts American values — they always mean advocacy of twentieth century political, economic, and legal systems here — should be an American and will carry on the American nation through those values.

This allows them to ignore the fact that replacing WASP America with nü-Americans means that those values are reinterpreted and you get the third world system instead. Demographics determine culture and that determines values including political ones.

Roots conservatives like the ones you find on this site point out that conservatives conserve civilizations and individual sanity by maintaining continuity from our origin to our distant future. There is nothing conservative about replacing the population with tax-cow scabs.

Our new ideology — based as much on wanting to sell stuff to lots of different groups as our postwar shift to Leftism so we could ally with the Communists — involves RainbowLand:

Living in a rainbowland
Where you and I go hand in hand
Oh, I’d be lying (I’d be lying), if I said this was fine
All the hurt and the hate going on here
We are rainbows, me and you
Every color, every hue
Let’s shine through
Together we can start living in a rainbowland
Living in a rainbowland
Where skies are blue and things are grand
Wouldn’t it be nice to live in paradise?
Where we’re free to be exactly who we are
Let’s all dig down deep inside
Brush the judgment and fear aside
Make wrong things right (all things right), and end the fight
‘Cause I promise ain’t nobody gonna win
(Come on)

In the grand tradition of slamming barn doors after the horse is long gone, some people woke up briefly and realized that pluralistic culture means replacement and destruction of majority culture. We are being erased by more neurotic Useful Idiots with Good Intentions.

Some in fact tried to stop the RainbowLand invasion, but as always, too little and too late:

“It was determined that Rainbowland could be perceived as controversial,” Sebert reportedly said in a statement, referencing school board decision. “The main question was is the song appropriate for the age level and maturity of the students.”

It is the new “Imagine”: a Utopian vision sugar-coated with socially altruistic impulses that mask a core motivation of fear of lack of acceptance, validation, recognition, and importance. These things oppose culture itself, since it chooses to reward the good, smite the bad, and ignore everyone else.

For people who have no particular tendency toward being good, this means that they serve a minor role in society until they start doing something useful. With culture, this goes beyond having a job and paying taxes and requires actual active participation.

Consequently their goal becomes replacing culture, and they choose government and commerce to do it. As a bureaucracy, government tends to be egalitarian like a committee out of convenience, and commerce of course wants more warm bodies in the door to buy low-value high-margin products like soft drinks.

Americans are waking up and finding that after the Clinton years, their country was fundamentally transformed into something that cannot continue. “Muh values” will not save us, but fixing our demographics through ending diversity could give us a fighting chance.

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