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More racial drama over Obama tshirts

Can we just admit that there’s a political race war on, and everyone seems glad it has finally started?

Wilson said a boy in her gym class that morning told her, “Oh, sh-, now there’s a black family in the White House” and “He’s going to get shot in a couple months anyway.” The classmate later used a racial epithet to describe Obama in front of Wilson’s sister, she said.

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Wilson said that after she talked to Stone, she went to her locker and meant to change her shirt, when she saw another classmate wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt.

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After she was again told to remove the shirt, which read: “OBAMA Got Em, 11-4-2008, 11:00 p.m., (Hate on it),” Wilson refused.

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The back of the shirt read: “I’m John McCain and I approve this message. Call it the Black House!”

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“When racial issues are brought up, we deal with them immediately,” Williams said. “They are dealt with. That is one thing we don’t stand for. Generally, when kids make racial comments they are suspended.”


We’re going to be dealing with “racial issues” for some time. Gosh, one more thing to wear us down and tire us out as our civilization declines into third-world status.

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