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Lock up all the neo-Nazis

As we face a new — but old, following the path of other failed civilizations — era, we are going to face the rising anger of the far right: neo-Nazis, white supremacists, white nationalists, and so on.

When I think of this group, what makes me dislike their existence is that they’re so negative. Instead of affirming racial differences through the positive, like pointing out the traits that make us different and how they point to proud histories, they’re constantly negative. Instead of pointing out the obvious, which is that multiculturalism and pluralism destroy societies, they blame black people — and pretend that our failing civilization would be just peachy keen if it weren’t for the presence of African genetics among us.

That’s negativity, not logic, and it’s highly destructive. It’s not constructing a future, it’s whining. It’s not looking toward something better; it’s affirming what’s worse. In short, even if it weren’t an ideology I disagreed with, I’d say it’s a dumb implementation.

Then there’s this:

What we have here, then, is a group of people claiming that all whites should be equal and should join together to commit racial holy war against non-whites, thus delivering us to a society that is a mirror image of our current one except that it is all “white,” including the mixed tribes mentioned above. Further, those who are involved in the quest wish to dominate this new society, and to exclude or execute those who have collaborated with the current society, much like revolutionaries have in the past. It is a revolutionary movement, not a constructive one; it wishes to tear down a hierarchy and replace it with a worker’s paradise, even if all the workers are ostensibly “white.” In short, it is racial Marxism, and it will prove as destructive to the Indo-European tribes as capitalist multiculturalism has. This is the reason it does not appeal to the Silent Majority: it would end their ability to separate themselves from the “base” rabble and achieve greater heights, therefore, White Nationalism is not the one roll of the dice we should take when reforming our society.

Among thinking people of course there is no question that our society should be reformed, and more radically than any White Nationalist has so far suggested. Our values became fundamentally rotted to the point where the first mass revolt could occur, and since then, we have been degenerating as a population even without the influence of other races. We are breeding people to have jobs, buy hot food, and then eat it watching television. Divorce rates are sky-high, drug abuse is rampant, STDs are skyrocketing, pollution increases yearly, our climate is shattered, we die of cancers at incredible rates, depression is on the rise in all industrialized countries, we spend increasing amounts of time manipulating a system that was supposed to be working for us, our leaders are cynical predators who use the image of truth to disguise a personal profit agenda; we are declining into a third-world state without the intervention of any other races, and while multiculturalism is a symbol of this and a failure of an ideology in itself, it is not the cause. The cause is within. We cannot blame others; we have to look within. And when we’ve found the cause, argue Silent Majority types, instead of screaming for vegeance we should find a long-term solution to the problem. Since that involves replacing economic-driven modern society with something that lives for values itself, and is a reversal of the steady decline of the last thousand years, it’s no small order. Not only is White Nationalism not up to task, Silent Majority types argue, but by the nature of its Marxist roots it will interrupt the healing process that is needed.


Neo-Nazis are racial Marxists, or devotees of the exact ideology their parent ideology was designed to prevent.

Keep negative thinking in all forms out of politics. It’s fine to say multiculturalism and pluralism don’t work; it’s stupid to veer off into bigotry, racism, hatred and negativity.

Lock up all the neo-Nazis, and anyone else who thinks in such negative, dead-end, hopeless, violently exclusive terms.


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