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Guilt and passive aggression

Passive aggression: using the assumption of rights or privileges to force someone else into a situation of guilt, or feeling they owe another person something in order to comply with social rules.

“Hey man, my car just broke down, and I see you’ve got ten bucks there with which you were going to buy lunch. I work as a teacher of orphaned minority poor retards, and I need money to get back to the city. For all I’ve given society, you wouldn’t cut me out of ten bucks, would you?”

Here’s another instance:

Don’t make it a whacking huge deal if you say something racist, or something others perceive as racist. Apologize, move on, and consider the criticism seriously so that you can improve your thinking, if need be.


So you should apologize, which is akin to admitting fault, even if you weren’t at fault.

Sounds like collective guilt to me.

It’s also passive aggression since it assumes that you agree with this weird social dogma. Many of us get by simply on politeness, avoid racial humor or comments, but know from reading history that diversity is a racket and a precursor to civilization failure.

We don’t feel the guilt, so why would we apologize?

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