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Meme Watch: 13/52

From Channel 4 news in the UK, a “FactCheck” on the 13-52 meme, which asserts that thirteen percent of the American population commits fifty-two percent of its violent crime:

It’s true that around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau.

And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than “murder” but let’s not split hairs.

Blacks were disproportionately likely to commit homicide and to be the victims. In 2008 the offending rate for blacks was seven times higher than for whites and the victimisation rate was six times higher.

As we found yesterday, 93 per cent of black victims were killed by blacks and 84 per cent of white victims were killed by whites.

Alternative statistics from the FBI are more up to date but include many crimes where the killer’s race is not recorded. These numbers tell a similar story.

In 2013, the FBI has black criminals carrying out 38 per cent of murders, compared to 31.1 per cent for whites. The offender’s race was “unknown” in 29.1 per cent of cases.

What about violent crime more generally? FBI arrest rates are one way into this. Over the last three years of data – 2011 to 2013 – 38.5 per cent of people arrested for murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault were black.

The bigger question is why we would expect anything different. Populations have different behaviors, and what works for Nordid-Cromagnid Europeans will not work for Africans, Asians, Semites, or mixed-Whites like Southern, Irish, and Eastern Europeans.

Even more, tropical cultures have a different adaptation strategy. There, life is easier but shorter, since diseases flourish in the abundance as well. Reproduction by any means is more important than long-term planning.

Further, Blacks in America constitute an underclass, which means that most are poor and lower in IQ. Those who have less in the way of intelligence and wealth tend to commit more crimes in all populations.

The problem with “13-52” is that it redirects blame. Instead of pointing to democracy and equality for ending up with a diverse tyranny as they always do, this points the finger at Blacks, when the problem is more accurately bad decisions made by White voters.

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