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Marx Was Just The Stepped Leader

The burning arc of lightning illuminates a torpid night sky with a coruscating brilliance. That awe-inspiring view that burns into the human retina is the least physically potent aspect of an entire flash of lightning. You see the initial stroke that barely makes it to ground to hook up the circuit. What we see of a lightning flash is just the stepped leader.

A typical flash of cloud-to-ground lightning is initiated by electrical breakdown between the small positive charge region near the base of the cloud and the negative charge region in the middle of the cloud. The preliminary breakdown creates channels of air that have undergone partial ionization—the conversion of neutral atoms and molecules to electrically charged ones.

The actual damage and atmospheric overpressure leading to the boom of thunder come from the electrical firefight between a recurring series of return strokes and dart leaders that dissipate the electrical charge of an ionized air mass.

The same is currently true of how Leftism is vying to establish unrivaled dominance over the dying Amerikan culture. Marx and The Big Red Menace were the stepped leader of Postmodern Leftist Borgism. Marx is but a milepost on the Hegelian trek towards the end of history. Robber Baron Capitalism was a thesis, Marxism an anti-Thesis. From approximately 1915 to about 1950, these two competing memes met in a slow-motion train wreck.

Marxian Socialism, with a few begrudging nods to Capitalism, became the new thesis. Political strongmen such as Evil Amerikan Emperor – FDR, Winston Churchill, Charles De Gaulle, Mao, Stalin, and various other delusional egomaniacs made various chunks of the Earth their own personal slum projects. It worked as a thesis until people grew tired of living in places like Civil Rights Detroit or Selma. Today only LARPers and desperate people running from the dead and decaying Alabama town cross The Pettis Bridge. The problem with a world being someone’s slum project is that nobody with two IQ points to rub together enjoys life in the slum.

So failing doctrinaire Marxism, as espoused by lickspittle dotards like Mondale and Chernenko was the decaying thesis. Civic Nationalism was the new Anti-Thesis. This meant that a Leftist synthesis would have to ditch Marx and defang Civic Nationalism with some form of ideological ju-jitsu. This led us to Globalism buttressed with Crowdism so that we could all become homogenous in our terrific diversity.

For Globalist Crowdism to evolve, it has to meet resistance. A thesis successful in becoming an absorbing state would have no need to ever divert from stasis.

If the probability in row i and column i, pii, is 1, then state Si is an absorbing state.

So how did Crowdism evolve and metastasize into a more pernicious tumor known as Borgism?

Borgism, which I shamelessly borrow from Star Trek, is an ideological movement that must not only subsume all opponents but also assimilate them. When assimilated, they stripped of their individual characteristics to the point where they can no longer oppose anything. Borgism is Crowdism on Barry Bonds Juice. Crowdism was Proto-Borgism without the science and malignancy to make the great leap forward. The dominator had to convince, cajole, or threaten you into practicing Crowdism.

Perhaps The Alt-Right served as an antithesis to drive Crowdism’s malignant evolution into Borgism. I am not quite high enough on my own narcisstic supply to buy that one. If Crowdism was an unsuccessful thesis that had to evolve into Borgism, what then provided the force to knock Crowdism off the perch as a dominant equilibrium?

The Alt-Right tried to rage against the machine Mencius Leftbug dubbed The Cathedral. It miserably failed in its Ludditism. Ludditism always fails. It also attracts lots of attention. The weak and twisted stepped leader moves slowly enough so that the average human pair of eyes can actually see a lightning flash. The Alt-Right did enough to piss Globalism off, but not enough to make it slam down hard on discontented dissent.

When you hear the thunder and feel enough voltage to make your hair stand on end from a lightning flash a few miles away that current flies on the subsequent strokes that sometimes moves at 1/3 the canonical speed of light. So again, what force carried the real voltage here? Globalism isn’t killed when you rage against the machine. However, it sucks wind and suffers heart palpitations when you lounge against the machine.

People that back away from the demonic hedonic treadmill, take away Globalism’s power source. Aggregate Demand, roided up via what Marx termed Commodity Fetishism, gives Globalism the money, acceptance, and power. Globalism’s Sauronic ring of power is everybody’s desire to keep up with the Joneses. Stop caring about the Joneses one way or the other, and you are no longer George Soros’ beeyotch. Stop trying to get the latest I-Phone or have the coolest Instagram Page, and you start controlling your own time and money.

The individual choice to leave the crowd renders Crowdism impotent. Freedom and liberty roam far from the madding crowds. Globalism needs you back in that ongoing drunken mosh pit. If Crowdism cannot keep you there, the enforced Crowdism known as Borgism is the harsher and more desperate measure. The simple and contented individualism that Globalism is too arrogant to understand must be destroyed.

The Left, like a lightning flash, is pouring all of its power into this totalistic effort to neutralize all human potential in the name of equality. Equality can only occur at the zero. The zero can only occur when all potential and true diversity is neutered or murdered. Thus, Leftism can only lead to death. Borgism is the ultimate effort to make this fundamental absorbing state of Leftism into an undeath. Leftism will die, or you will suffer assimilation. Leftism continues to fight desperately to silence that Hegelian Dialectic that now threatens to consign it to the dung pile of history alongside Karl Marx.

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