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Lysenko Teaches Math For Amerika

Teach For Amerika thinks Western Math is dehumanizing. They have a point. Knowledge and truth are not about humanization. But then again, once you “humanize” something, you generally restrict that item to people or cultures that you legitimately consider human. So how and why does math enslave the poor humans? Treacle For Amerika explains below:

“In western mathematics, our ways of knowing include formalized reasoning or proof, decontextualization, and algorithmic thinking, leaving little room for those having non-western mathematical skills and thinking processes,” the training course claims. It continues: “Mathematical ethics recognizes that, for centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool… mathematics formulae also differentiate between the classifications of a war or a genocide and have been used to trick indigenous peoples out of land and property.”

Purging “inhumane” aspects out of our scientific database has a sad and dishonorable tradition in Western Culture. Other nations who have adopted more “humanized” curriculums include Germany while it Hitlarped and The Late and Unlemented CCCP. The American Thinker describes why Axis rather than Allied nations got A-bombed in WWII.

You see, Germans refused to accept any Math, Chemistry or Physics that had too large a contribution from (((The Banksters))). That pretty much knocked German Physics back to the level of The Bohr-Summerfeld Atom. Meanwhile, work by guys like (((Oppenheimer))), (((Einstein)))*, (((Berkemeier))), and I could go on all day long with many others, was vital to making the A-Bomb go Boom!. The Manhattan Project was big. A lot of very smart Jewish scientists worked on it. They helped the US military get miles ahead of Heisenberg and his compatriots in Nazi Germany. The Germans didn’t necessarily have to say “Mazel Tov!” to the Jewish scientific community to at least make intelligent use of the numerous facts they had unearthed. They were too Politically Correct to win.

The Inernational Socialists were not any better at mathing or sciencing than were the National ones. If you ever wondered why the couragious Socialist Paladins who served in the Soviet Army under Gorbachev had to go on emergency deployment to harvest the Soviet potato crop, you need to read up on the scientific consensus that grew up around the charlatanism of Trofim Lysenko.

Between 1948 and 1953, when he was the total autocrat of Soviet biology, he claimed that wheat plants raised in the appropriate environment produce seeds of rye, which is equivalent to saying that dogs living in the wild give birth to foxes. His fundamental, continuing argument was that theoretical biology must be fused with Soviet agricultural practice. After Stalin’s death, this principle caused Lysenko some embarrassment, for efforts to improve Soviet agriculture brought the abandonment of measures to which his name and fame were tied. His “grassland” system of crop rotation was abandoned in favour of cultivation with mineral fertilizers, and a hybrid corn program based on the U.S. example was pursued (Lysenko halted the program in the mid-1930s, for he was opposed to the inbreeding with which it must begin).

In essence, modern Amerikan educrats are now proponents of the worst theories of how to educate people. Social Justice Warriors never want you to learn anything that doesn’t support their dogma. As the SJW grows more dogmatic, that resembles actual ground truth less and less frequently. SJWs always double down. They will always have to exclude more and more factual information. Reality evades them. They evade reality. They cannot educate anyone. I’m not sure what Teach For Amerika thinks its accomplishing with this course, but it certainly comes closer to Soviet or Nazi indoctrination than it does to actual teaching. That happens when you are teaching STEM subjects from The Nye Quadrant and care more about “humanizing” math than teaching it as a rigorous discipline.

* — 1914 to 1932 Directed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Germany.

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