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Living for the weekend

The weekend, a wonderful time for all the insects to crawl out of the woodwork and onto the streets of Britain – loud noise and lots of excitement as an entire generation prepares to burn its meaninglessness out in a brainless boozed, cumfest of a culture.

Most of the weekends for my generation start off like this, speaking from common experience the story is the same everywhere in the urban west.

So basically it’s friday night in the great multicultural utopia called Britain and the weekend has just begun, tonight after a long week of boring stuff like college and work we’re going to hit the town and party till we puke. We gather up and meet our mates to chill out with a few beers down the pub before the night ahead and bicker about some socialized nonsense, who is cool and why that guy over there looks funny, constantly talking about other people, hipster music, how interesting our lives obviously are.

We drink down our beers and head out a few hours before midnight, laughing and mocking random underlings who aren’t as cool as us on our way. Next stop, the club – outside a couple of ogre-like security guards stand outside the door aggressively demanding ID to filter out the preteens and body searches for any weapons to prevent anyone getting stabbed. Massive ques span halfway down the street filled with popularly dressed hipster whores and stereotypical clubbers all eager to feel just that tiniest sensation that they actually exist. Lost inside and frustrated with the 9-5 they await the entry, where they get ready to destroy themselves to escape from the harsh, empty reality that is our mundane society.

We’re in… slightly tipsy we enter this dark labyrinth and the ugly machinery blurts music to our ears resounding the latest ghetto hip-hop and techno thrills, albeit the fiftieth remix of a ten year old pop song with added squeaky voices for overall ‘originality’. We meet up with various other people we have never seen in our lives and present ourselves as extrovert without a care in the world, the life of the party because, well, we’re cool right?

Drowning in a few more beers our frontal lobes begin to bubble in toxicity, that region of the brain responsible for social awareness and behavioural restraint now defenseless – a room full of brainless zombies now appears before us.

The strobe machines mockingly flare at our faces as the smoke from the DJ stand fills the room with fake air – we’re on fire, burning all our energy like an animal freed from its little cage, burning out to the latest tunes desperately after some attention toward ourselves that might actually hint toward our existence beyond our own subjectivity. The decadent mechanization collapsed in upon itself, parasitizing the living with domestic noise and lasers – all fuel to psyche-up the monkey clubbers as the tough-guys come in and start throwing random fists and beating the living crap out of each other in the mosh pit.

Drunk and knowing no restraint, fights break out consistently with security throwing them off the premises. Out into the streets, where, if the police didn’t find them, they follow any individual that comes close to their drunken social ‘territory’ thus provoking more outbreaks of violence for no apparent reason.

Back in the club, there many people just lay around the edges of the dance area, just being excluded in general from anyone else in the room, sitting around in a near-suicidal trance with their 3-5 friends inclusive groups not really doing much – so much for their idea of ‘a good night out’. These people in general lie to themselves that they actually enjoy this filth, only the so called ‘elites’ of the social world; the pop tarts have a shallow enough conscience to actually manoeuvre this void of empty beings. Driven by lust and desires, they pick a few aesthetically pleasing shag-rags and burn out their frustrations, only to run away from it in the morning as they realise their beer brains picked up something quite unlike first anticipated.

Our multiethnic domestic ‘culture’ is a complete failure of existence. All this cheap tacky music filling the void of meaningless, culturally defunct masses, filling their heads in sync with averaged, popular songs containing unconscious memes about the pains of being a ghetto whore and how, no matter how hard they try, they cannot, they just cannot maintain any relationships because they throw their feelings around like they mean nothing.

Aside from those who are over 16 and are out fucking the night away, or pretending that they are, we can now look at those preteens who arn’t old enough – so what do these guys do?

Get pissed on the street corner, in the parks, they get lost in the bushes in the middle of the night with each other with massive bottles of cheap cider. All smoking, shouting, swearing, pissing, puking, in their swarms of about 50 guys sitting in the pitch black with a few lighters and mobile phones glowing and blurting out hipster music.

These are, like, losers dude – some actually have houses to go to, and in them they smash up the house with a hundred zombies they have never talked to in their life, like, ever! OMG

The alcohol cabinet from the middle class parents is emptied in an hour, the bath tub is full of drunk people, and the stereo and ipods have been stolen along with beer on the carpets and on the walls with the telly now officially smashed by some chavs who have just invited themselves in to crash the ‘party’.

Just a harmless night out? Rightttttt LOL! (hipsterdom intended)

Anyways, simply put, if this fire is not stopped, it will burn itself out – possibly in the form of nuclear fallout as pissed off foreign cultures render the west useless and hostile to intelligent life. The west is being stabbed from within through this drunken stupidity, the west is spiritually exhausted and must embrace the natural reality to kill this social-taint parasite before it kills all the remaining sense.

And as I was saying to some of these guys - WHERE IS OUR CULTURE? our common sense, our sense of future? A will to make something better than this! And of course, alienated, they ignored and didn’t give a shit – hardly anyone does.

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