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Liberalism and revolution are always revenge

…revenge against the majority: a power grab — and profit grab — designed as moral balancing.

Breen made his motion at the Brandon University Students’ Union (BUSU) annual meeting last month. One elected council member set the tone of debate, scoffing that Breen’s group would be nothing but a “pornography and cigar club.” As a man, he huffed, he didn’t require representation. Other speakers were miffed and simply couldn’t see the need. The motion was defeated.

At another forum, a female professor could barely tolerate hearing Breen’s reasons for starting a Men’s Collective. “She was saying that men do not have need of representation, that we have historically been the oppressors, that we have no position of disadvantage,” the fourth-year geology student recalled.

But Breen isn’t forming another group to compete for victim status. He questions why everyone thinks a group should be “disadvantaged” to have an advocacy group.

“Men have issues just like everyone else,” he maintained.


First, you’ve busted into a comfy subsidy. Claim you’re a victim, get all sorts of stuff given to you, courtesy of The Majority. Second, you’re finding out that liberalism and The Revolution are basically just revenge against the majority. Didn’t fit in? Don’t have the gumption to do something else or go somewhere else? Whine, complain, demand rights, and when you breed or import enough of you, take your revenge.

That at least is how history views such things, and if you look at the history of revolutions, you’ll see they leave ruined nations behind.

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