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Letter To A Journalist

Sometimes it pays to leave seeds that can later give rise to chaos and from that, growth. Even if one thinks that a certain group is the enemy, the dialogue with them — including the ultimately inevitable choice to separate — starts with clear ideas and expressions of choice of alternate futures.

A journalist who covered us in the past came up in the news again, so this missive went out to him:

I wanted to reach out and mention that I feel the far-Right is misrepresented by too much focus on National Socialists and the like.

If you want an actual far-Right, it is not libertarians or socialists, but those who follow the Evolan command:

“My principles are only those that, before the French Revolution, every well-born person considered sane and normal.”

As liberal democracy winds down in a legacy of failure, we are here and gaining in strength, and look forward to replacing the failed systems of equality, individualism, diversity, democracy, and utilitarianism.

The big point here is that we all recognize that the Establishment (“Deep State”) is failing because liberal democracy is failing; it cannot handle even minor crises and has created a permanently divided population. It turns out that equality, democracy, and diversity break down social order.

This means in turn that change is coming. Our old system failed, and it is now time for something new, unburdened by the ideological baggage of liberal democracy, such as a belief in human equality and pluralism. For a change, we are going to try unity, and that means splitting up the status quo.

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